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Draft list of items which can be used to gain Favours through the opportunity deck.

 LosesUsesFrom Card/StoryletUses
Buy a round at the Rusty TrampPiece of RostygoldPiece of Rostygold (Unlock, 10 x)
Favours: The Docks (Lock, 7 x)
By the River's Side: the Docks
Find a hard-working home for your Mark of Credit PageCounting the Days
Mark of Credit Page
Mark of Credit Page (Unlock, 1 x)
Closest To - (Unlock, Bohemians, The Great Game, The Docks or Urchins)
Secrets and SpendingSpending Secrets (Unlock, 4)
Counting the Days (Unlock, 14)
Intervene to help the dockerCryptic ClueCryptic Clue (Unlock, 10 x)A tavern dust-upConnected Pet (Lock, 1 x)
A Clandestine Rendezvous at Watchmaker's Hill (Lock, 1 x)
Share a tale of your travelsZee-ZtoryMoulin Commemorative Development (Unlock, exactly 22 (Put up a statue honouring a Legendary Zee-Captain, that is, Yourself))
Zeefaring (Unlock, 1)
Zee-Ztory (Unlock, 1)
Favours: The Docks (Lock, 7)
Under the Statue at MoulinMoulin Commemorative Development (Text, ?)
Moulin Commemorative Development (Unlock, 1)
Throw the Amanuensis out on his oily little earNightmares
Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals
Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar
Favours: Hell
Favours: Society
Notability (Unlock, 3)
Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals (Unlock, 1)
A visit from Slowcake's AmanuensisA Person of Some Importance - (Unlock, 1)
Obscurity (Lock, 3)
Tip off the ship's captainAn Agent of the CheesemongerA mission from the CheesemongerAn Agent of the Cheesemonger (Unlock, 4-5)
Dangerous (Unlock, 40)