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Personal wiki TODO list, though third-party edits are welcome where noted.

Cross-links to Make[edit]

(Third-party additions to this list are welcome.)

Inspired by the Laboratory research project cross-linking (e.g. Create a Mirthless Compendium of Statistical Observations links to Finish assembling your statistical tables via {{Conclusion}} and the later links back to the former via a link by the Experimental Object unlock.

Arguments to Start Proposals to Write/Flesh out[edit]

  • {{Use}} / {{Unlock}} for locks
  • More intentional handling of Settings (and possibly also of Child Areas)

Mass Edits[edit]


Modules and templates[edit]


  • Finish sorting out/confirming the contents of Category:Hidden vs Category:Hidden qualities
  • Modify makeCollapsible.js to allow for some handy use cases: custom toggles with changeable text; allow tables like {{Nostalgia}} to be collapsible without the weird interactions with the existing collapsible rows - Enabled on prod as of 2 June 2021
    • Figure out how to make a decent expand all/collapse all button
    • Custom toggle styling
    • Collapsing tables ideally shouldn't change width
    • Toggle shouldn't bunch right up next to the table header when there's plenty of room for the table to be wider
  • A lot of things need {{disambig}}s: Disambiguations - In progress
  • A lot of tables need to be converted to {{Variant table}}s, especially ones that need the character length enforcement. - In progress and nearing completion
  • Deprecate Source categories and move all to Gain - Done
  • Show appropriate borders around page images for Cards and Storylets - Gadget now defaults to on