Ambition: Nemesis (Broad Guide)

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This is meant to be a spoiler-minimal guide to Ambition: Nemesis. It will not feature a step by step walk-through, so if you are stuck don't look here. Instead, the point is to give you a hint what to grind in preparation for the next step. Anything which can be gained within 20 actions (without cards) is generally not listed here.

Hints on what materials to bring along will only be given for hard to access storylets like sea voyages.

Beginning (Ambition: Nemesis 1-30)[edit]

In order:

Oversea Location (Ambition: Nemesis 31-36)[edit]

To unlock, you will need:

Once you have 3x Mark of Credit Page, you do not need to spend another CtD carousel to gain the access item, instead, use FIND NEW STORIES: Chat with the Local Gossip

Before you start your voyage, you will also want to have:

London (Ambition: Nemesis 37-90)[edit]

If you want to go past level 7, you may want to avoid being Banished from the Court - before hitting your desired level, so you can write Somewhat challenging music to increase it profitably.

Level 8 is recommended, since that is the breakpoint for saving one of the Searing Enigmas



Guessing/Deduction (Independent from above):[edit]


After that, you will need:[edit]

Remembering Something (Nemesis 100-150)[edit]

Something about some book (Ambition: Nemesis 160-190)[edit]

The following subsections can be done in any order

Something about some sin[edit]

Something about a little something, and something whole[edit]

  • some 10000 x Echo, plus up to 2700 more if you have bad luck

Instead of soley relying on the Bazaar, you can also buy the needed item from the The Rat Market, which may increase your effective EPA. Certain professions may be of use here. For example, when The Rat Market is buying Uncanny Incanabula, Silverers can sell their weekly pay for Rat-Shillings.

The above will probably take some 2500 actions at 3.8 EPA, which is almost 11 days if you do not waste any actions, and probably at least a month if you need to sleep or work.

You will need to farm up and pass a check for a certain quality. This quality is discrete, so one level is one level, no CP nonsense.

Companion Challenge Difficulty Success Failure
Sulky Bat 100 5 x Quality 3 x Quality

-1 x Sulky Bat

Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider 75 10 x Quality 5 x Quality

-1 x Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider

Complaisant Frost-Moth 250 You're done 15 x Quality

-1 x Complaisant Frost-Moth

Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief 200 You're done 5 x Quality

-1 x Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief

Alternatively can finish without a check if you have The Minister of State Affairs, The Minister of War, The Minister of Culture, The Minister of Enigmas and 50 x Quality

Final steps (Ambition: Nemesis 200-4500)[edit]

Before going, consider packing:

All of these are optional and probably not worth from a mechanical point of view. Bring a few second chances and be prepared to lose a level of some of your attributes (like in the Nadir), and you will be fine.

Afterwards, there is a choice which will get you your secondary ambition item. The former choice (something something unchain) eventually gives you an Affiliation item with

The latter choice gives you a Home Comfort

After a few steps, you get to make another choice. One will give you an item of type Clothing with

The other will give you an item whose type will become apparent by then with

And that is it. Congratulations on achieving your Ambition.