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You enter a dark room. There is no one in sight, but a voice slips from the shadows. "Hello. My name is Tenebris Umbra. I have stolen that which cannot be stolen, and seen that which should not be seen. Can you say the same?"

You feel as though you have been asked, rather unkindly, to leave. As you exit, you see a person leaning on the wall outside. "My brother making you feel unwelcome? He has that effect." The figure, you notice, is leaning on the hilt razor-sharp blade. "Look. If you can help me, I can, perhaps, train you. What do I need help with? If you can't figure that out, you can't help me." The figure smirks. "Now, I heard that there's a group of Rattus Faber that have taken over the home of a dead Black Ribbon. May it have been Vendrick? Hmm. Perhaps it's my fault." As they leave, you notice a book, tied shut with two black ribbons, sticking out of their pack. A page falls out. It looks like the title. 'How to Kill a Spider-Council'. Odd.