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Research from Regular Cards
Research Source Requirements Challenge Failure Success Note

Work with your Equipment

Look closely at your current project Equipment for Scientific Experimentation Watchful 200 4 + Equipment 5 + (( Equipment) x 1.5, rounded down)

Direct Your Own Research

Begin your work with research in the Correspondence Correspondent 30 + Equipment Only as first action (Research 0)
Work Alone Workers 0 Watchful 205 1 3 4? on rare success
Exchange ideas with your team Workers 1+ Persuasive 200 Workers Workers * 3
Put a few clues together 5 x Incisive Observation Watchful 205 10 1-15?
Mechanical ( Experimental Object 301-400)
Take apart your Whirring Contraption, apply its lessons to this work Whirring Contraption 75
Monstrous ( Experimental Object 401-479)
Apply your understanding of monsters Monstrous Anatomy Monstrous Anatomy 6 See Notes See Notes Gives Research depending on Monstrous Anatomy, see page for details
Chemical ( Experimental Object 901-1000)
Apply your chemical knowledge Kataleptic Toxicology Kataleptic Toxicology 6 See Notes See Notes Gives Research depending on Kataleptic Toxicology, see page for details
Mathematical ( Experimental Object 1001-1200)
Relate this problem to past enigmas Searing Enigma Watchful 200 500 525
Read your Uncanny Incunabula for guidance Uncanny Incunabulum Watchful 200 100 105
Use what you know of the unknowable Artisan of the Red Science Artisan of the Red Science 6 See Notes See Notes Gives Research depending on Artisan of the Red Science, see page for details
Toxicological Focus
Use what you know of the Second City 30 x Expertise of the Second City 25
Use your Cantigaster Venom in the process of studying Vial of Cantigaster Venom Kataleptic Toxicology 6 FATE Doesn't consume venom