User:Yestarhumeler/Sandbox/Calculators/ParaWar Progress (Stage 4)

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This grind might consume the following materials:

This grind is a source of:

This grind might cause:

This grind might have inaccurate data on challenge difficulty for Mount a cavalry charge and Palimpsest Scrap loss on failure for Disseminate Falsehood.

Grind definition[edit]

Depending on Airs (1-100):


template = GrindAnalyse
name = 
form = form-maincalc
result = result-maincalc
param = 1||User:Yestarhumeler/Sandbox/Calculators/ParaWar Progress (Stage 4)|hidden
param = Template||#RPA# per action (#EFFECT#):<p>#OPTIMAL#</p>|hidden
param = Resource|Optimise for:||select|Trace of Viric;Campaign Morale;Advance!;Solacefruit;Nothing
param = RPA||per action|hidden
param = maingroup|Main stats||group|Watchful,Shadowy,Dangerous,Persuasive
param = Dangerous|Dangerous|100|int|0-500
param = Watchful|Watchful|100|int|0-500
param = Persuasive|Persuasive|100|int|0-500
param = advgroup|Advanced skills||group|Kataleptic Toxicology,Monstrous Anatomy,A Player of Chess,Glasswork,Shapeling Arts,Artisan of the Red Science,Mithridacy,Steward of the Discordance,Zeefaring
param = Mithridacy|Mithridacy|0|int|0-20
param = menacegroup|Menace costs (in actions per point)||group|Menace:Wounds,Menace:Scandal,Menace:Suspicion,Menace:Nightmares,Menace:A Turncoat,Menace:Irrigo,Menace:Plagued by a Popular Song,Menace:Unaccountably Peckish,Menace:Ravages of Parabolan Warfare
param = Menace:Ravages of Parabolan Warfare|Ravages of Parabolan Warfare|0|float|0-
param = materialgroup|Material costs (in actions per point)||group|Material:Silvered Cat's Claw,Material:Palimpsest Scrap
param = Material:Silvered Cat's Claw|Silvered Cat's Claw|0.2|float|0-
param = Material:Palimpsest Scrap|Palimpsest Scrap|0.2|float|0-
param = Snake General|Snake General|0|buttonselect|0,5,10,15
param = Chess General|Chess General|0|buttonselect|0,5,10,15
param = Connected: Fingerkings|Connected: Fingerkings|0|float