Work far into the night, trying to solve the puzzle of the Quarter

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From: Find the Forgotten Quarter

Laundry piles up. Friends are neglected. Your walls are webbed with half-mad scrawlings. All that matters is finding a way in!

Unlocked with Watchful 8

Challenge information

Broad, Watchful 15

  • 11 - very chancy (44%)
  • 13 - chancy (52%)
  • 16 - modest (64%)
  • 18 - very modest (72%)
  • 21 - low-risk (84%)
  • 23 - straightforward (92%)
  • 25 - straightforward (100%)


It's starting to make sense...

As your notes and diagrams become more intricate, you think you're beginning to see a way through the labyrinth of the city...


Nothing! Nothing makes sense!

You tear down a great swathe of wallpaper in a fit of rage. You thought you were so close!