Forget what you have planned for your (coin description) coins and begin again

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From: The Resolution of a Debt

This is the wrong direction: you should propose something else.

Game Instructions: This will remove all the currency choices you've made and let you start over. You will not get your Conceptual Breakthroughs back. Be sure that it is what you intend!

Unlocked with New-Minted Currency (any)

Locked with Started minting (hidden)

Wiki note: Coin description varies with New-Minted Currency.

New-Minted CurrencyCoin description
3story-backed and lacre-imbued
5soul-tied and story-backed
6soul-tied and lacre-imbued
7soul-tied, story-backed, and lacre-imbued
9Evenlode-aligned and story-backed
10Evenlode-aligned and lacre-imbued
11Evenlode-aligned, story-backed, and lacre-imbued
12Evenlode-aligned and soul-tied
13Evenlode-aligned, soul-tied, and story-backed
14Evenlode-aligned, soul-tied, and lacre-imbued
15Evenlode-aligned, soul-tied, story-backed, and lacre-imbued


Remaking old plans

You crumple up the designs you had laid out, and start again. The Board Secretary protests weakly: he put real effort into the meticulous penmanship of that plan.