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Ambitions are massive stories spanning the entirety of the game. Each will start easy but grow harder as it goes on until it becomes nigh impossible for all but the most prepared players.

A Quick Note beforehand[edit]

This Guide is meant to be a spoiler-free introduction to the concept of Ambitions and give a quick overview of the premise of each. It will not describe every step of every Ambition.



Ambitions are the reason your character is in Fallen London. Each Ambition provides a reason why your character descended to the city. There are four Ambitions. Before choosing an Ambition, consider carefully which you want as, once chosen, you currently can't change it without paying Fate (except at one point during Light Fingers).

Every Ambition makes use of all four Main Attributes, but each Ambition focuses on two attributes in particular, in both mechanics and narrative.

Light Fingers! Heart's Desire! Nemesis! Bag a Legend!
Nemesis.png Bagalegend.png

Bag a Legend![edit]


[…] the monster-hunters […] brag about the beasts they've bagged - the Cantigaster, the Eater-of-Chains, the Spider Council, Jack-of-Smiles […]. But no-one tells […] about the Vake: […] for whose head […] a standing reward of four million Echoes.[…]

When the Vake is mentioned, everyone goes quiet. No-one has any boastful stories. Why?

Ambition: Bag a Legend! is about hunting a mythical monster and is therefore suitable for those of Dangerous persuasion. As the Vake is mysterious and cunning, catching it will also require significant Watchful-ness. The story remains true to its roots as a story of an epic monster hunt. It can be started in Watchmaker's Hill through Ambition: Bag a Legend! 0.

Refer to Ambition: Bag a Legend (Guide) for a more complete walkthrough of this Ambition.

Heart's Desire![edit]


They say that once every nine years there's a card game where you can gamble your soul and win your heart's desire. That sounds like tremendous fun.

The bit about gambling your soul is bound to be an exaggeration. Surely.

Ambition: Heart's Desire! is an Ambition about trying to win a card game to receive your Heart's Desire. First though you'll have to make sure the game takes place! Along the way you'll meet a colorful cast of characters and locations. It focuses primarily on Persuasive and Watchful. It can be started in Veilgarden through Ambition: Heart's Desire! 0.

Refer to Ambition: Heart's Desire (Guide) for a more complete walkthrough of this Ambition.

Light Fingers![edit]


Before you came down here, you heard through a contact here that she had a line on a diamond 'the size of a cow'. She did tend to exaggerate. But even if it's only the size of, say, a pig, or even a kitten, it's worth your time.

Of course, by the time you got out of New Newgate she'd disappeared. No-one seems to know how, or where, or they're not prepared to admit it.

Ambition: Light Fingers! is an Ambition about trying to steal an immense diamond. However, partway through it shifts to a horror story. In case players don't like the new plot points or the change in premise, the game does allow players to choose a different Ambition instead. As a heist story, Light Fingers! of course focuses on Persuasive and Shadowy. It can be started in Spite through Ambition: Light Fingers! 0.

Refer to Ambition: Light_Fingers (Guide) for a more complete walkthrough.



Someone you loved is dead. You swore you'd scour the world for the killer. Your search brought you under the world.

You have crossed oceans and spent your whole inheritance to find this man. You even had yourself sent to New Newgate, as the quickest route down here to the Neath. Surely the hardest parts are behind you?

Ambition: Nemesis is a tale of murder and revenge. A loved one is dead and you will not rest until you've repaid their murderer in kind. Travel across London to find out who did it and exact a horrible revenge. It focuses on the Dangerous and Watchful you need to locate and punish the killer. It can be started in Ladybones Road through Ambition: Nemesis 0.

The Rewards of Ambition[edit]


Completing an Ambition gives you immense rewards in the form of powerful items, and every four weeks, via The Rewards of Ambition. It also awards you A True Denizen of the Neath to signify that you've finished the reason you descended and that the Neath is now your home.

And one last thing[edit]


Whether you've read this Guide to figure out what an Ambition is, as an experienced player looking for a quick refresher, or as A True Denizen of the Neath reminiscing about old times:

Good luck, delicious friend! May all be well.