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This is a guide to the special extended inventory items available to Persons of Some Importance. Most of these must be crafted from components which are expensive and sometimes difficult to obtain. The first section of the guide lists the items along with their components and effects; the second lists the best ways to acquire those components.


Business. Pleasure.

(Note: You must choose between owning a Salon or an Orphanage; you cannot have both! However; you may have all the other affiliations at the same time, although only one can be equipped.)

A Salon[edit]

An Orphanage[edit]

(Watchful +1, Respectable +4)

Gang of Hoodlums[edit]

(Shadowy +1, Dreaded +2)

Final Step:

Membership of God's Editors[edit]

(Persuasive +1, Respectable +4)

OR you could substitute the above requirements with one of the following (you do not lose the copy):

Final Step:


(Persuasive +1, Watchful +1)

Final Steps (your choice of candidates for each department):

*(You do not lose these "ingredients" if you opt to use them!)
Publication Storyline:

(Note: Every time you wish to publish, a contraption is needed to start the printing presses. Though if you're content with owning a newspaper that never publishes anything, you won't need to sacrifice your contraptions!)

Other Affiliations[edit]

Many other affiliations exist that cant be crafted on the Bazaar Side Streets. Please see Affiliations for a list of Seasonal, Fate-locked and other affiliations.


Lie back and enjoy the ride. ...Unless you're atop a velocipede. Then pedal like blazes!


Clay Sedan Chair[edit]

Respectable Landau[edit]

(Respectable +2)

OR you could substitute the above requirements with the following items:

Other Vehicles[edit]

Many other transports exist that can't be crafted on the Bazaar Side Streets. Please see Transports for a list of Seasonal, Fate-locked and other transports.

Home Comfort[edit]

Bring bling to your home.

Formidable Basalt Gymnasium[edit]

(Dangerous +3)

Voluminous Library[edit]

(Watchful +3)
You can either fight for your distant relative's case of books in court:
Your legal case is a luck challenge. Every time you battle in court and lose, you lose 50 x Cryptic Clues.

OR you could assemble an esoteric collection of your research from Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery 4:

Other Home Comforts[edit]

Many other home comforts exist that cant be crafted on the Bazaar Side Streets. Please see Home Comforts for a list of Seasonal, Fate-locked and other home comforts.


Your zee-faring vessel leads you to fascinating new lands and their unique stories. By the decree of the Masters, you may only own one ship, but you're able to sell one and buy another at any time.

The first steps are the same for each ship:

These are only required for your very first ship. Parting with a ship to buy a different one only incurrs the direct cost of the ship of your choice. The costs for each ship are listed beneath their names as follows:

Rusty Tramp Steamer[edit]

Swift Zee-Clipper[edit]


OR you could substitute the above requirements with the following item:

Final Step (This is a Dangerous challenge. If you lose, you spend 1 x Use of Villains.):


Majestic Pleasure Yacht[edit]

(Respectable +2)

Final Step:

This is a triple challenge. You must succeed at all the challenges to claim the yacht: Persuasive, Watchful, and luck. If you lose, you forfeit the following items:

If you win, the yacht is yours but you must surrender the following items:


Marriage bestows the Committed: quality. You may only bond yourself to one spouse a time. You can divorce them as you please and wed another, but the divorce process is quite costly.

Celebrated Artist's Model[edit]

(Watchful +1)
Step 1. A variety of ways to woo her. (You need 14 CP i.e. 5 successes as all give 3 CP. Option 2 is an automatic success, all others have main stat challenges associated.):

  1. 1 x Strong-Backed Labour
  2. 2 x Night on the Town
  3. 1 x Night on the Town
  4. 1 x Personal Recommendation
  5. 1 x Whirring Contraption

Step 2. (Use one choice to progress!):



Step 3.

Final Step:

Master Jewel Thief[edit]

(Persuasive +1)
Preparation: Step 1. A variety of ways to woo him. (You need 14 CP i.e. 5 successes as all give 3 CP. Option 4 is an automatic success, all others have main stat challenges associated.):

  1. 1 x Favour in High Places
  2. 1 x Comprehensive Bribe
  3. 1 x Night on the Town
  4. 1 x Bejewelled Lens, 10 x Flawed Diamond, 1 x Venom-Ruby

Step 2. (Use one choice to progress!):



Step 3.

Final Step:

A Bewildering Procession of Companions, Lovers, Suitors, and Paramours[edit]

(Shadowy +1, Persuasive +1)

You can find them in the storylet Formalise your Relationship, which appears in Your Social Engagements.
Requirements to marry them:

Philosophically Perfect Partnership[edit]

(Watchful +2)
You can only begin the courtship after being Restored to the Court of Her Enduring Majesty. Step 1: Introduce yourself with the card A Meeting at the Ball

Step 2: Go to the University

Step 3: Pull a great many strings

  • requires Connected: Benthic 10
  • costs 1x Favour in High Places

Final Step: Suggest a permanent arrangement

Other Spouses[edit]

Many other spouses exist that cant be crafted on the Bazaar Side Streets. Please see Spouses for a list of Seasonal, Fate-locked and other spouses.


You may only choose one club. After becoming a member, you shall be able to leave your current club and join the other club if you wish.

The Parthenaeum[edit]

(Persuasive +1, Respectable +4)

The Young Stags' Club[edit]

(Shadowy +1, Dreaded +2, Bizarre +2)

The Clay Tailor Club[edit]

(Persuasive +1, Bizarre +4)
Base requirements for any option:

Then you can either gather these resources:

OR you could substitute the above requirements if you have any of the following items:



The 4-card Premises at the Bazaar lodgings has two options for purchase: spending tons of grindable items at Penstock's Land Agency or using certain cards which also give some items in addition to the key.

A guest room at the Brass Embassy[edit]

A Room at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel[edit]

Premises at the Bazaar[edit]

OR (Your just due, requires being a PoSI)


Searching out a Missing Woman (Guide) (SoaMW), Doing Business in Wilmot's End (Guide) (DBiWE) and Fighting a War of Assassins (Guide) (FaWoA) are grindable storylines that take 11 actions to produce 1 CP of Dramatic Tension, assuming no failures. For DBiWE and SoaMW, you can instead take 1 Legal Document or 2 Whirring Contraptions, respectively. Please see the guides for an in depth explanation.

For DBiWe and SoaMW, if you get to the end of the cycle and have Dramatic Tension 1 (if you forget, you can also go do one of the other grinds to get the Dramatic Tension before cashing out), you can cash in to get various items.

For FaWoA, once you get to Dramatic Tension 2 (3 CP), you may choose to cash in and get items from The Treasures of War.

There is no point in raising Dramatic Tension beyond whatever you need, as cashing out with any option that takes Dramatic Tension resets all of it. Also, it doesn't matter where the tension is from. This means you can use FaWoA for grinding Dramatic Tension, and cash it in with a different storyline. Handy if you have some skills you're better in than others, since the storylines use different skills.

The cost of acquiring these components varies. Items are reasonable ($) to obtain if they can be upgraded along their category line, if their components' value is close to their sell price or if the can be reliably grinded at about 1 Echo/action. Expensive ($$$) Items do not have a reliable source and are, well, expensive to craft. Medium ($$) means that while grinding is still cheaper than crafting, it must be done rather inefficiently at less than 0.5 Echo/action. The sell prices of these items are pretty arbitrary but this classification gives a hint at what to pick or hold onto if there are choices available (cf. weekly rewards and the rainbow options)


Note: A Rainbow of Offerings provide several one-time sources for components. See that page for more info.

Cost Component Sell Price Reliable Sources
Side-streets crafting
(components' value)
$ Bazaar Permit 12.50

FaWoA (3/34)
Thefts (1/10)
Heists (2/~24)
The Licentiate's Bounty (4)
Item conversion

100 x Romantic Notion
10 x Vision of the Surface
= 15.00

$$$ Bejewelled Lens 12.50 -

1 x Magnificent Diamond
1000 x Moon-Pearl
10 x Ostentatious Diamond
60 x Correspondence Plaque
= 57.50

$$$ Book of Hidden Bodies 6.00 -

6 x An Identity Uncovered!
300 x Inkling of Identity
30 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip
= 60

$ Cellar of Wine 12.50 Sealgrind (3/39)

The Author's reward (1)
The Mystic's reward (1)
Item Conversion

1 x Bottle of Broken Giant 1844
250 x Bottle of Greyfields 1882
50 x Bottle of Morelways 1872
5 x Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe
= 15

$ Volume of Collated Research 2.50

FaWoA (16/34)
DBiWE (10/22)
The Monster-Hunter's Labours (3)

12 x Appalling Secret
2 x Tale of Terror!!
= 2.80

$$ Collection of Curiosities 6.00 See the list on the action page

= 47.75

$ ($$$[1]) Comprehensive Bribe 12.50 Viric Jungle (1/~10)
Fidgeting Writer (1/56.23)

6 x Touching Love Story
300 x Romantic Notion
30 x Vision of the Surface
= 60

$ Favour in High Places 12.50 Arbor (1/4.16)

Sealgrind (3/39)
Talk of the Town (4/~40)[2]
Item conversion
The Campaigner's reward (1)
The Midnighter's Currency (4)

200 x Cryptic Clue
25 x Inkling of Identity
1 x Secluded Address
10 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip
1 x An Identity Uncovered!
= 14.50

$ Legal Document 12.50 DBiWE (1/11)

Underclay via Cave-Aged Code of Honour
Old Newgate via Cave-Aged Code of Honour

6 x Aeolian Scream
300 x Maniac's Prayer
30 x Correspondence Plaque
= 60

$$$ Night on the Town 2.50 The Author's reward (1)

The Journalist's reward (1)

40 x Intriguing Snippet
15 x Compromising Document
20 CP Making Waves (Level 6)
= 15.50

$$$ Personal Recommendation 6.00 Talk of the Town (1/~40)[2]

6 x Stolen Kiss
150 x Intriguing Snippet
30 x Compromising Document
= 60

$$$ Portfolio of Souls 12.50 Sanctuary of the Crimson Petals

1000 x Soul
75 x Infernal Contract
80 x Brilliant Soul
= 75

$ Strong-Backed Labour 2.50 SoaMW (4/22)

The Rat-Catcher's reward (1)
Underclay (3)

350 Penny
= 3.5
Alternatively craftable in the Clay Quarters for:

1 x An Identity Uncovered!
4 x Compromising Document
50 x Piece of Rostygold
50 x Moon-Pearl
= 5.5 for 2 (2.75 each)

$$ Use of Villains 6.00 FaWoA (2/34)

The Enforcer's reward (1)

80 x Appalling Secret
20 x Journal of Infamy
= 22

$ Birdiesmall.png Whirring Contraption 6.00 SoaMW (2/11)

120 x Phosphorescent Scarab
24 x Memory of Light
= 24

  1. with no access to the Viric Jungle
  2. 2.0 2.1 See Attending a Party (Guide)

Special grinds[edit]


  1. Go to zee, get a plated seal
  • 1 seal takes about 13+3 actions for travelling and hunting for ~16 actions in total (1 seal / ~16 actions)
  1. Breed a Hound of Heaven (1 hound / 22 actions and 1 seal)

Also gives some extra favours, and some other things. Works out to around 13 actions / item. See Breeding Monsters (Guide) for a more in depth look.

Viric Jungle[edit]

(requires access the Viric Jungle)

  1. Gain at least Intensity of the Dream 7 with the Bohemian Sculptress and Inspire her to imagine His Amused Lordship as a historical figure. This will either require high Persuasive and/or high Glasswork as well as resources. See Oneiropomp (Guide) for more details.