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Discord is a freemium proprietary chat room program available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. There is also a web version. A Discord server contains both text and voice channels used for real-time discussions and to share other forms of media between the members of that server.

An official Discord server exists for this wiki, which can be joined by clicking the link below. It is moderated by community members, and members are expected to follow the server rules, a copy of which is provided below. Note that the server is meant exclusively for discussion of Fallen London as it relates to the wiki, and of the wiki itself. It does not provide help with general Fallen London questions.

Join the Server



The following is a copy of the official server rules, provided here for convenience. Note that in case of any discrepancies the Discord version is leading.

  • - Be kind to one another!
  • - Keep things safe for work.
  • - Do not spam, troll, self-promote or advertise, or post hate speech or anything similar.
  • - Do not violate the Discord Terms of Service; so no discussing illegal activity or anything else that violates the Terms in any capacity.
  • - Please avoid discussing politics or engaging in political debates, we do not currently have the resources to moderate these at the moment.
  • - Do not excessively ping or harass the moderators or any other user.
  • - Do not share content dumps of Fate-locked content. Documentation of Fate-locked content is not allowed on the Fallen London Wiki and this restriction applies to the server as well. However, incidental discussion in this server is permitted, preferably under a ||spoiler tag||
  • - Do not publicly discuss or share documentation for Ambition: Enigma, Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold, or the endings to Seeking Mr Eaten's Name, as per request by Failbetter Games
  • - Don't share information about unreleased game content. Datamining has its uses for the wiki, such as for tracking hidden qualities, but any methods or discussions that uncover unreleased content are strictly prohibited.
  • - This is a server for the Fallen London Wiki, not Fallen London in general. Please keep discussions focused on or related to the wiki and its content, rather than just the game.

Channel List[edit]

Server info
  • #announcements: wiki related announcements
  • #rules-and-info: the rules, and some more info about the server
  • #assign-roles: self explanatory
Wiki discussion
  • #general: general chat about the wiki
  • #wiki-feedback: give feedback about the wiki here
Wiki editing
  • #bulk-edits: requests and help with making mass changes
  • #api-and-scripting: discussion and help with scripting/api usage related to the wiki
  • #code-hell: discussions about code
  • #technical-details: technical details about the wiki
  • #template-discussion: discussion about, requests for, and help with the various templates the wiki uses
  • #to-do: long term to do tasks
  • #wikitext-help: help with wikitext, the language the wiki is written in
Data collection
  • #text-submissions: submit echoes, screenshots and data missing from the wiki
  • #formula-calculation: help with and discussion about the underlying formulas of the game

Group mentions[edit]

If you need immediate help from one of the following groups you can tag them by including the mention in your message. Please only use this in cases of immediate need.

  • @Wiki Admin: alert the administrators of the wiki
  • @Moderator: alert the server moderators