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There are a number of activities available once a week that are either reset by Time, the Healer or through other living stories. There are also a number of world qualities that change week to week, and this guide is meant to be a quick reference guide to those, to ensure that any you are interested in are not missed.

Time, the Healer[edit]

Time, the Healer is a living story that triggers one week from when you first create your account, and then every week thereafter at the same time. This is where the majority of the weekly resets happen.

Scars Heal, Memory Fades[edit]

These changes occur with every arrival of Time, the Healer (TtH), and do not require qualities from later stories.

Menace Reduction[edit]

TtH reduces Wounds by 2 change points, and the other common Menaces (Nightmares, Suspicion, Scandal) by 1 point each.

Favourable Circumstance[edit]

Every week, you gain a Favourable Circumstance. You can use this from Send a Message to a Contact to immediately draw particular opportunity cards; the various faction cards, A Presumptuous Little Opportunity, An Unsigned Message, or The Lady in Lilac (during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose).

  • You will not gain another if:

A Beneficence[edit]

Each week a card appears in your opportunity deck called An Invitation to Linger, refreshing 10 actions. Make sure you've cycled through your opportunity deck enough each week to have drawn it.

  • This is still available if:

Mired in Mail[edit]

When reading letters from other players, you become Mired in Mail, gradually decreasing the stat bonus from of reading these letters. Each week, the quality resets. See Social Actions (Guide) for details.

  • You will no longer receive maximum bonuses after:

Free Evenings[edit]

Every week, you have 5 Free Evenings which may be spent in social activities with other players. The most common of these is proabably Share a pot of tea at Beatrice's Tea Shop for Persuasive, Making Waves, and Menace reduction; this does not use up an evening until accepted by the recipient. Tier 2 Persons of Some Importance can instead offer patronage in their specialised attribute; both sending the invitation and attending the lesson cost 1x Free Evening. See Social Actions (Guide) for details.

  • This is still available if:
    • You still have Free Evenings in the Curiosities section of your inventory.

Making Waves and Notability[edit]

If your Making Waves is lower than your Notability, you will lose 1 point of Notability. Your Making Waves is then halved, whether or not you lost Notability.

Backstage at Mrs Chapman's[edit]

You can use Whispers Behind Mrs Chapman's to explore Behind Closed Doors at Horatia's and eventually to Speak to Mrs Chapman for a reward. This story can be advanced once each week. See The Season in Soup (Guide) for details.

A Fair Week's Pay[edit]

If you have a Profession when Time, the Healer comes, you will be granted An Earnest of Payment. You can then trade this anywhere in London using 4 actions on A Professional Reward to receive the rewards of your labour. See Professions (Guide) for details.

Your payment also includes a Professional Perk, of which you can have up to 4. You can exchange 1 for a complete set of Second Chances, use 2 to lose half of a Menace, or spend all 4 for a Trade Secret.

  • You will not gain another if:

The Merry Gentleman's Walls[edit]

With Nightmares at 5 or greater, you may encounter an eight-fingered fellow via a Ubiquitous card in London or the Upper River. There are several ways to interact with him, some exclusive to the Hinterland, but the simplest, most polite, and riskiest is to simply greet him. This is a Watchful challenge that drastically increases in difficulty with your own base Watchful and eventually becomes almost impossible. Failure gives the Burden The Walls are Wrong, which increases Watchful by 1 but also increases Nightmares build-up. On success, you instead gain the Boon The Walls are Right, decreasing Nightmares buildup and again increasing Watchful by 1. Either of these dismiss the Merry Gentleman from your deck while active, and fade away once Time, the Healer comes.

Not to be Trifled With[edit]

The Boon Not to be Trifled With grants +1 Dreaded, making it very helpful for advancing to higher levels of Notability. It can be gained once per week by hiring a killer to retaliate against another player character, or by riding Your Very Own Miniature Hellworm, Saddled and Bridled in the Upper River.


After a trip to the Cave of the Nadir, you will gain Irrigo. Time, the Healer gives Fleeting Recollections, which unlocks a storylet of the same name available anywhere in London. Playing it will clear your Irrigo and allow you to return to the Nadir. See Cave of the Nadir (Guide) for details.

War in Parabola[edit]

Each week, you will lose 10 x Ravages of Parabolan Warfare. This must be at 0 to select a Cause of War and begin a new Parabolan campaign. See Parabolan War (Guide) for details.

Rewards of Ambition[edit]

Once you've completed your Ambition and become A True Denizen of the Neath, you'll gain the quality A Consequence of your Ambition –, which increases by 1 every week. Once it reaches 4, you may collect The Rewards of Ambition anywhere in London, resetting it to 1.

Bone Market[edit]

Every week, Bone Market Exhaustion will decrease by 4. When this is less than 4, you can once again access multiplicative rewards in The Bone Market. See Bone Market (Guide) for details.

Railway Board Meetings[edit]

Each week in Moloch Street, you can Convene a Board Meeting of the Great Hellbound Railway to vote on topics such as expanding the railroad or paying dividends. You can do this a second time if you have yet to complete the railroad. See Railway Board (Guide) for details.

Infernal Tourism[edit]

Regardless of others' curses, you may only go to Hell once a week, from Marigold Station. Doing so allows you to work toward gaining The Flower from Hell that Grows Under Your Skin. See Marigold Station (Guide) for details.

  • This is still available if:

The Starved Embassy[edit]

You may exchange gifts with the Starved Men once a week in Watchmaker's Hill.


If you are currently Seeking, you may end up with Marsh-Mired in Dreams of Sustenance from the Unaccountably Peckish cards. Each week you can take one of those actions again.


These qualities recur with Time, the Healer during seasonal events, mainly Christmas.


Snow will prevent you from being able to reach your lodgings during Christmas time. Each week you will need to clear it with the storylet SNOWBOUND!, and as a consequence also gain an Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow.

Christmas Cards[edit]

During Christmas you will gain 7 x Potential Christmas Card each week to send out. If you Send a Christmas Card your friend will get a stat boost, 3 Second Chances, and lose 8 CP of the related menace.

Living Stories[edit]

Some later stories are not tied to Time, the Healer, instead resetting one week from when they were activated. This can lead to the collection date shifting slightly as you play.

Sacroboscan Histories[edit]

When you visit The Waswood and choose to replay a prior event with Search out the lost histories of London, you will receive the quality A Jaunt in the Waswood, preventing you from replaying the story again. See The Sacroboscan Calendar (Guide) for more details.

Castellan's Gifts[edit]

Once you have appointed someone as Balmoral's Castellan, you can receive an item worth 125 Scrip if you travel to Balmoral, Seek admittance to the castle and Accept a gift from Balmoral's Castellan.

Waters of the Wellspring[edit]

In Moulin, you can undergo an expedition to The Wellspring of the Waste. Once there, you can Bathe in the waters for a temporary Boon that increases Mithridacy. Owners of a Crooked-Cross don't need the boon, and can instead anoint the tool of their trade for various rewards. Both actions grant Glowing Viric, and the subsequent option to Collect some Wellspring water increases it; you cannot benefit again from the Wellspring for a week.

  • This is still available if:

Reports from Khan's Heart[edit]

After acquiring An Agent of No Consequence in Khan's Heart, you can receive a weekly reward of 5 x Emetic Revelation when you Receive the latest 'reports' from your 'agent'. See Khaganian Intrigue (Guide) for details.

World Qualities[edit]

Some world qualities change weekly on a rotating or random basis.