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Game Mechanics Guides[edit]


Guides that explain how the game works

Attributes and Leveling[edit]

Guides which focus on main attributes, menaces and advanced stats


Guides related to factions

Progress Guides[edit]

Guides which focus on progress qualities

Guides Linked to a Specific Location[edit]

Location Guide Name
Adulterine Castle Hurling (Guide)
A Trade in Reputations A Trade in Reputations (Guide)
Arbor, of the Roses Arbor (Guide)
Balmoral Cover Identities (Guide)
Balmoral Moonlit Woods (Guide)
Balmoral Painting in Balmoral (Guide)
The Blind Helmsman Brawling with Dockers (Guide)
The Blind Helmsman L. B. Industries (Guide)
The Bone Market Assembling a Skeleton (Guide)
Burrow-Infra-Mump A Church in the Wild (Guide)
Cave of the Nadir Cave of the Nadir (Guide)
The Chessboard The Chessboard (Guide)
Concord Square Riding the Savage Cobbles (Guide)
The Crowds of Spite The Crowds of Spite (Guide)
Doubt Street Publishing a Newspaper (Guide)
The Empress' Court Carving out a Reputation at Court (Guide)
The Forgotten Quarter Forgotten Quarter Expeditions (Guide)
The Forgotten Quarter Fighting a War of Assassins (Guide)
The Forgotten Quarter Upwards (Guide)
The Flit Fighting a War of Assassins (Guide)
The Flit Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion (Guide)
Flute Street Flute Street (Guide)
Heartscross House Port Carnelian (Guide)
Helicon House Helicon House (Guide)
The Hurlers Discordant Studies - Costs and Rewards (Guide)
Iron Republic Streets Iron Republic Street Map
Jericho Locks Jericho Library (Guide)
Jericho Locks Canal Cruising in Jericho Locks (Guide)
Khan's Heart Khaganian Intrigue (Guide)
The Labyrinth of Tigers Breeding Monsters (Guide)
Ladybones Road Cat and Mouse (Guide)
Mahogany Hall Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion (Guide)
Moloch Street The Sunken Embassy (Guide)
Moulin Moulin Expeditions (Guide)
Moulin Writing a Monograph (Guide)
Mutton Island Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago
On a Heist On a Heist (Guide)
Parabolan Base-Camp Parabola (Guide)
Parabolan Base-Camp Parabolan Hunting (Guide)
Parabolan Base-Camp Parabolan War (Guide)
Polythreme Streets Polythreme Streets (Guide)
The Rat Market The Rat Market (Guide)
The Singing Mandrake The Spider Symposium (Guide)
Spite A Boxful of Intrigue (Guide)
Spite Underclay (Guide)
Station VIII A Kitchen for Artists (Guide)
University Laboratory University Laboratory (Guide)
The University Featuring in the Tales of the University (Guide)
The University Hunting Bees in Old Newgate (Guide)
The University Term Passing... (Guide)
Veilgarden (Party) Attending a Party (Guide)
The tomb-colony of Venderbight Venderbight (Guide)
Wilmot's End Searching out a Missing Woman (Guide)
Wilmot's End Doing Business in Wilmot's End (Guide)
The Foreign Office Working toward a Foreign Posting
Your Activities Short Stories (Guide)
Your Activities Flash Lays (A Guide)
Wolfstack Docks Cat and Mouse (Guide)
Zailing the Unterzee Zailing (Guide)
Zailing the Unterzee Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery (Guide)

Guides linked to the railway[edit]

Story Guides[edit]


Guides related to storylines not linked to specific areas

A Person of Some Importance[edit]


Story guides relevant once you become a Person of Some Importance

Item acquisition and handling[edit]


Guides primarily focused on acquiring and converting items

Seasonal Content[edit]


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Wiki Guides[edit]


Guides related to the wiki and editing

Desired Guides[edit]


If you're looking for a guide to some aspect of the game and it doesn't exist yet, feel free to list it here. If you see a missing guide listed here and you think you can create one, please do! Any contribution is appreciated!

Existing Guides Needing Work[edit]

If you find that one of the existing guides could use some editing attention, feel free to add {{GuideNeedsWork}} to it. Please also list a reason here..

See also: Category:Guides needing work

Guides which permanently need watching to ensure they stay up to date[edit]

If a Guide is about a subject which constantly changes list it here.

Retired Guides[edit]

Guides that no longer are relevant or are permanently out-of date