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Game Mechanics[edit]


Guides that explain how the game works.

Basic Gameplay[edit]

Guide Description
Beginner's Guide An introduction to Fallen London gameplay.
Stories and Storylets Explanations of these basic gameplay units.
Cards All about the Opportunity Deck.
Fate The currency to buy premium content and storylines.
Social Actions Playing the game with your Contacts.
Second Chances Using and getting Advantage.
Game-mechanics FAQ Some frequently asked questions.
Profile All about your player profile
Living Stories Information about Living Stories
Endgame Content for players with high stats.

Attributes and Leveling[edit]

Guides which focus on main attributes, menaces and advanced stats.

Guide Description
Leveling How to raise your Attributes.
Raising Attribute Caps Overcapping stats (beyond 200 for Main Attributes, 7 for other skills).
Bizarre, Dreaded, Respectable Acquisition and uses of these secondary Attributes.
Advanced Skills A Player of Chess, Artisan of the Red Science, Glasswork, Kataleptic Toxicology, Mithridacy, Monstrous Anatomy, Shapeling Arts, Steward of the Discordance, Zeefaring.
Equipment Recommended equipment for varying levels of progress in the game.
Menaces Nightmares, Scandal, Suspicion, Wounds, and other temporary burdens.
Quirks Austere, Daring, Forceful, Heartless, Hedonist, Magnanimous, Melancholy, Ruthless, Steadfast, Subtle.


Guides related to the Factions and Favours systems.

Guide Description
Factions Overview of Factions.
Raising Favours How to gain Favours from London's Factions.
Calling in Favours What to use your Favours for.
Raising Connections How to raise Connections from London's Factions.
Calling in Connections What to use your Connections for.

Opportunity Deck[edit]

Guide Description
Card Frequency A description of card frequency in the opportunity deck
Location-specific cards in London Cards found in specific areas of London.
Location-specific cards in the Hinterlands Cards found in specific areas in the Hinterlands
Lodgings Cards Cards generated by various lodgings
Opportunity Items Cards generated by various items.

Technical Details[edit]

Some information about the inner workings of the game.

Guide Description
Settings How various locations are defined in the game.
Airs Information about Airs randomizers
Broad difficulty How broad difficulty challenges are calculated.
Narrow difficulty How narrow difficulty challenges are calculated.
Luck How the luck attribute works.
Rounding How the game handles rounding of computed values.
Logistic Scaling How diminishing return payouts are calculated.
Overflow payouts Explanation of carousels that pay out in primary and secondary rewards.
Scrapbook Value How to find the value of various qualities.



How to raise qualities used by various carousels, and what they can be cashed in for.

Guide Uses
Casing Theft-related ventures including A Big Score, Heists, Thefts of a Particular Character, Highway Robbery, and Grand Larcenies.
Deciphering Code breaking ventures, available only in the Cabinet Noir.
Disappearing Used for eliminating suspicion in the Cabinet Noir and for escaping the Clay Highwayman.
Dramatic Tension Doing Business in Wilmot's End, Fighting a War of Assassins, and Searching Out a Missing Woman.
Fascinating Social entanglements at the Empress's Court, Helicon House, and seducing the Clay Highwayman
The Hunt is On! Hunting Dangerous Prey and Acquiring Exhibits for the Labyrinth of Tigers.
Inspired Commissions in Veilgarden, Carving Out a Reputation at Court, and Helicon House.
Investigating... The Melancholy Curate and his sister, A Name Whispered in Darkness, investigating the Correspondence Stones, Featuring in the Tales of the University, learning about the Clay Highwayman, Following Up Rumours of Cornelius, and unlocking areas of Helicon House.
Running Battle A Sorrow-Spider infestation, Jack of Smiles, Duelling the Black Ribbon, and the Big Rat.
Seeking... A Name Whispered in Darkness.
Someone Is Coming Various storylets throughout the game.
Term Passing... The University.



Guides for content that takes place primarily or entirely in a particular location.

Location Area Guide
Adulterine Castle Hinterlands Hurling (Guide)
A boat trip Special Menace Locations (Guide)
A state of some confusion Special Menace Locations (Guide)
A Trade in Reputations London A Trade in Reputations (Guide)
Aeschaven Across the Zee Pilgrimages in Godfall (Guide)
Apis Meet Across the Zee Apis Meet (Guide)
Arbor, of the Roses London Arbor (Guide)
Balmoral Hinterlands Deciphering (Guide)
Balmoral Hinterlands Disappearing (guide)
Balmoral Hinterlands Cover Identities (Guide)
Balmoral Hinterlands Moonlit Woods (Guide)
Balmoral Hinterlands Painting in Balmoral (Guide)
The Blind Helmsman London Brawling with Dockers (Guide)
The Blind Helmsman London L. B. Industries (Guide)
The Bone Market London Assembling a Skeleton (Guide)
Burrow-Infra-Mump Hinterlands A Church in the Wild (Guide)
Cave of the Nadir London Cave of the Nadir (Guide)
The Chessboard Parabola The Chessboard (Guide)
Concord Square London Riding the Savage Cobbles (Guide)
The Crowds of Spite London The Crowds of Spite (Guide)
Disgraced exile in the Tomb-Colonies Special Menace Locations (Guide)
Dept. of Menace Eradication London Department of Menace Eradication (Guide)
The Dolorous Pavilion Parabola Parabolan War (Guide)
The Dome of Scales Parabola A Cub's Education (Guide)
Doubt Street London Publishing a Newspaper (Guide)
The Empress' Court London Artistry in the Empress' Court (Guide)
The Foreign Office London Working toward a Foreign Posting (Guide)
The Forgotten Quarter London Forgotten Quarter Expeditions (Guide)
The Forgotten Quarter London Fighting a War of Assassins (Guide)
The Forgotten Quarter London Upwards (Guide)
The Flit London Fighting a War of Assassins (Guide)
The Flit London Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion (Guide)
Flute Street London Flute Street (Guide)
Gaider's Mourn Across the Zee Piracy (Guide)
Heartscross House Across the Zee Port Carnelian (Guide)
Helicon House Hinterlands Helicon House (Guide)
The House of Chimes London House of Chimes (Guide)
Hunter's Keep Across the Zee Time Passing at Hunter's Keep (Guide)
The Hurlers Hinterlands The Hurlers (Guide)
The Hurlers Hinterlands Digging in the Hurlers (Guide)
The Hurlers Hinterlands Discordant Studies - Costs and Rewards (Guide)
The Hurlers Hinterlands Deeper Discordant Studies (Guide)
Irem Across the Zee Irem (Guide)
Iron Republic Streets Across the Zee Iron Republic Street Map
Jericho Locks Hinterlands Jericho Library (Guide)
Jericho Locks Hinterlands Canal Cruising in Jericho Locks (Guide)
Khan's Heart Across the Zee Khaganian Intrigue (Guide)
The Labyrinth of Tigers London Breeding Monsters (Guide)
Ladybones Road London Cat and Mouse (Guide)
Ladybones Road London Sinning Jenny's Finishing School (Guide)
The Magistracy of the Evenlode Hinterlands Diving in the Magistracy (Guide)
Mahogany Hall London Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion (Guide)
Mahogany Hall London Tales of Mahogany Hall (Guide)
Mahogany Hall London Master-Classes in Etiquette (Guide)
Marigold Station Hinterlands Marigold Station (Guide)
Mangrove College Across the Zee Philosofruits (Guide)
The Maze-Garden Across the Zee The Maze-Garden (Guide)
The Mind of a Long-Dead God London The Mind of a Long-Dead God (Guide)
The Mirror-Marches Special Menace Locations (Guide)
Moloch Street London Engaged in a Case (Guide)
Moloch Street London Railway Board (Guide)
Moloch Street London The Sunken Embassy (Guide)
Moulin Hinterlands Moulin Expeditions (Guide)
Moulin Hinterlands Writing a Monograph (Guide)
The Museum of Prelapsarian History London The Prelapsarian Museum (Guide)
Mutton Island Across the Zee Time Passing on Mutton Island (Guide)
New Newgate Prison - again! Special Menace Locations (Guide)
On a Heist London On a Heist (Guide)
Parabolan Base-Camp Parabola Parabola (Guide)
Parabolan Base-Camp Parabola Parabolan Hunting (Guide)
Polythreme Streets Across the Zee Polythremic Promenade (Guide)
Port Cecil Across the Zee Port Cecil (Guide)
The Rat Market London The Rat Market (Guide)
The Singing Mandrake London The Spider Symposium (Guide)
Spite London A Boxful of Intrigue (Guide)
Spite London Underclay (Guide)
Spite London The Season in Soup (Guide)
Station VIII Hinterlands A Kitchen for Artists (Guide)
Station VIII Hinterlands Alchemy at Station VIII (Guide)
The tomb-colony of Tanah-Chook Across the Zee Tanah-Chook (Guide)
The Temple Club London The Temple Club (Guide)
University Laboratory London University Laboratory (Guide)
The University London Featuring in the Tales of the University (Guide)
The University London Hunting Bees in Old Newgate (Guide)
The University London Term Passing... (Guide)
Veilgarden (Party) London Attending a Party (Guide)
The tomb-colony of Venderbight Across the Zee Venderbight (Guide)
Viric Jungle Parabola Oneiropomp (Guide)
Watchmaker's Hill London Shroom-Hopping (Guide)
Watchmaker's Hill London Hearts' Game (Guide)
Wilmot's End London Searching out a Missing Woman (Guide)
Wilmot's End London Doing Business in Wilmot's End (Guide)
Your Activities London Short Stories (Guide)
Your Activities London Flash Lays (Guide)
Your Activities London Professional Activities (Guide)
Your Social Engagements London Social Actions (Guide)
Your Social Engagements London Marriage (Guide)
The Waswood Parabola The Sacroboscan Calendar (Guide)
Wolfstack Docks London Cat and Mouse (Guide)
Zailing the Unterzee Across the Zee Zailing (Guide)
Zailing the Unterzee Across the Zee Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery (Guide)
Zailing the Unterzee Across the Zee Hunting the Beasts of the Zee (Guide)

The Great Hellbound Railway[edit]


Guides for late-game Railway content.

To add to this table click here.

Guide Description
Railway Overall Railway guide.
Railway Beginning How to prepare for, and begin construction of, the Railway.
Railway Board Conducting board meetings.
Bessemer Steel Ingot Acquiring materials for tracklaying.
Hinterland Scrip-Making How to generate Scrip, the currency of the Hinterlands.
Following up Rumours of Cornelius Unravelling the mystery surrounding a Tomb-Colonist connected to the Tracklayers.
The Tale of the Clay Highwayman Investigating, and eventually encountering, a band of thieves in the Upper River.
Statues at the GHR Stations Building statues along the Railway.
Railway Station Developments Options for developments along the Railway.
Hellworm (Guide) Why you might want a hellworm and how to make the most of it.



Guides related to storylines not linked to specific areas.

Guide Description
Exceptional Stories and other Fate-locked content Exceptional Story overviews and rewards.
Season Conclusions Season Conclusion rewards for various fate locked arcs.
Associating with Radical Academics Including the Dilmun Club and Court of the Wakeful Eye.
The Cheesemonger Entanglements with an agent of the Great Game.
Dreams Acquisition and uses of the Having Recurring Dreams qualities.
Evolution Covers Cline and Associating with a Youthful Naturalist.
Family and Law A Guide to Disputes between family members.
An Intimate of Devils and Selling Your Soul Interactions with agents of Hell who are interested in your soul.
Jack-Of-Smiles All about Jack of Smiles and the case associated with them.
Making Your Name Early-game story and attribute-leveling storylines.
Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion Bats and Cats, the Glass and the Shroud.
The Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor An early-game story.
Mr. Wines' Revels An invitation to Mr Wines' party.
Seeking the Meaning of the Plaster Face Investigating a threat to your rat companions.
Seeking Mr Eaten's Name Pursuing the answer to a question that should not be asked.
Obscurity Some of the consequences to pursuing a question that should not be asked.
Spending Secrets and Counting the Days A carousel of opportunity cards.
Tournament of Lilies A competition of cryptobotanical gardening.
Fidgeting Writer A story involving risk, starting with a Tale of Terror!!
Handsome Townhouse: Schemes A guide to the various schemes you can pursue with your Handsome Townhouse.
Weekly Activity Checklist An overview of the different activities that are time dependent.
Ambition: Enigma (Guide) A guide to one of the more cryptic storylines in Fallen London.

Statue Qualities[edit]

Guides surrounding the 4 statue qualities.

Guide Description
A Scholar of the Correspondence Researching a mysterious language.
Defender of Public Safety Hunting beast to keep London safe.
Poet-Laureate Becoming the artist of the court.
Twilit Smugger Become the best smuggler in the Neath.

Seasonal Content[edit]


Recurring events. See also: Category:Historical events.

Guide Description
Preparing for Seasonal Events Year-Round
Living World Events Angler Crab Hunts, the Urchin Wars, the Ravenous Lifeberg, Crate Commotion, Midnight Whale
Destinies Available at Fruits of the Zee, Hallowmas, and Christmas.
Feast of the Rose February
Whitsun May
Estival July-August
Fruits of the Zee Festival September
Hallowmas October
Christmas December
12 Days of Mr Sacks December
Noman Tattoo December to May


St mountains.png

Guides related to the extensive Ambition storylines.

Note: the main Ambitions guide is spoiler-free; the individual Ambition guides are extensive walkthroughs that contain spoilers.

Guide Description
Ambitions A review of all the Ambitions.
Ambition: Bag a Legend Hunting a Mysterious Monster
Ambition: Heart's Desire Playing a Marvelous Card Game
Ambition: Light Fingers Stealing a Massive Diamond
Ambition: Nemesis A Tale of Revenge

A Person of Some Importance[edit]


Story guides for mid- and late-game content connected to PoSI status.

Guide Description
A Person of Some Importance A quality that opens up most mid-game content.
PoSI Item Crafting Affiliations, Transport, Home Comforts, Ships, Spouses, Clubs, and upper-tier Lodgings.
Clubs Associations that raise BDR.
Making Waves Used to raise Notability as a Person of Some Importance.
Bizarre, Dreaded, Respectable (BDR) Various qualities of your person. Useful for raising Notability
Paramount Presence The ultimate achievement of importance in London.

Items and Equipment[edit]


Guides primarily focused on acquiring and converting items.


Guide Description
Items (Guide) Overall guide.
Item Grinding Notable repeatable sources for items.
The Rat Market A weekend market at which items and Rat-Shillings are traded.
Assembling a Skeleton An overall guide to skeletons and the Bone Market. Also includes: Table of Buyers, Skeleton Types, Table of Bones, List of Recipes
Treasures of the Neath Endgame items that are particularly difficult or time-consuming to acquire.
Bessemer Steel Ingots Primarily useful in the Railway. Includes efficiency calculations.
Bundle of Oddities Maximising your chances of getting particular rewards from this randomiser.
Uncovering an Unpredictable Treasure Reward randomiser for Forgotten Quarter expeditions.
Certifiable Scraps Obtaining Scraps and trading them to the Relickers.
Cover Identities Creating identities in the Cabinet Noir at Balmoral.
Inventory Catalogue A dynamically generated list of all items in the game, by category.
Large Single Item Expenditures A list of uses of a single item all at once.
Active Access Codes List of active access codes to gain items.
Mr Chimes' Lost & Found (Guide) Review of items available from Mr Chimes' Lost & Found
Exceptional Stories and other Fate-locked content (Guide)/Rewards Comparison Review of items and opportunities available from misc fate locked content.
Whitsun (Guide)/Item Comparison Review of items available during WHITSUN
Estival (Guide)/Item Comparison Review of items purchasable with Estival Token during SUMMER festivals
Fruits of the Zee Festival (Guide)/Item Comparison Review of items obtainable during during FRUITS OF THE ZEE.
Hallowmas (Guide)/Item Comparison Review of items obtainable during during HALLOWMAS.
Christmas (Guide)/Item Comparison Review of items obtainable during during CHRISTMAS.



Guides related to equippable items.

Guide Description
Equipment Suggestions on what equipment to shoot for at various stages of the game.
Max Equipment Bonuses A calculator for the max equipment bonus you can get, with various options.
Professions A guide to the various proffessions one might be employed within.
Lodgings A listing of the various lodgings that can be acquired.
PoSI Item Crafting Details about items that can be crafted once you are a PoSI
Renown Item Quirk Changes Renown changes that can be accomplished with various faction items.
Currency1 gold.png


Guides to obtaining Echoes, Scrip, and other currencies.

Guide Description
Currency Conversions Converting among the various currencies
Money-Making Acquiring Echoes.
Hinterland Scrip-Making The currency of the Upper River.
The Rat Market Includes information on Rat-Shillings.

Wiki Guides[edit]


Guides related to the wiki and editing

Guide Description
General wiki editing Description of the process of editing the wiki.
Editing Guidelines The philosophy and rules of editing the wiki.
Trimming Guidelines Trimming descriptions to be less than 250 characters.
Abbreviations and Terms Abbreviations and Terms that may be seen on the wiki.
Templates Various templates that can be used on the wiki.
Lock and Unlock distinctions Defining locking and unlocking conditions.
Calculators How to make calculators.
IDs and Hidden Qualities How to find storylet IDs and hidden qualities.
Sematic Mediawiki How properties are stored and pages are linked dynamically.
Semantic Properties A description of properties on the wiki.
Semantic Data Model Properties which are used on the wiki
Semantic Example Queries How to generate Semantic Queries
Categories How to create categories.
Structural Disparities How the structure of the wiki may differ from the game's internal structure.

Needed Contributions[edit]

Desired Guides[edit]


If you're looking for a guide to some aspect of the game and it doesn't exist yet, feel free to list it here. If you see a missing guide listed here and you think you can create one, please do! Any contribution is appreciated!

Guide Details WIP?
Worst-in-Slot Calculator for worst-in-slot for all the stats that have items which decrease them
Card probabilities Perhaps an update to an existing page can suffice, but something that thoroughly explains the likelihood and time required of drawing a single card, to which one could direct the daily inquirers on the matter, would be appreciated.
A Trade In Souls Guide Some users find it confusing since its done via opportunity cards.
Onboarding Walkthrough the official onboarding content (tutorial + blue frames + onboarding messaging) with links to relevant wiki guides. More targetted/narrow than Beginner's Guide
Guide for Unsanctioned Relicker Items Item comparison; calculations and analysis about grinding needed economic items (especially for Pre~Mid PoSI players)
Item Uses (Guide) See Template:ItemUsesGuide; Academic Uses (Guide) needs restoring. Discussion about making it dynamic with the guides has been happening in the discord.

Existing Guides Needing Work[edit]


If you find that one of the existing guides could use some editing attention, feel free to add {{GuideNeedsWork}} to it. Please also list a reason here.

See also: Category:Guides needing work

Guide Reason
Bessemer Steel Ingot (Guide)/Calculations Needs finishing and tidying up
Hinterland Scrip-Making Extending; "Partially outdated grinds" needs substantial revision
Leveling Has hardly any information about locations/actions above level ~130
Parabolan War Needs section on Parabolan trains
Evolution (Guide) Post-Crash Irem Cleanup.
Large Single Item Expenditures Missing many sections
Second Chances (Guide) Analysis on gaining through weddings.
Treasures of the Neath (Guide) Details about actions/Echo Costs
University Laboratory (Guide) Integrating Experimental Object and University Laboratory (Guide)/Cards
Hearts' Game (Guide) Various tables, and future expansion of the content.
Philosofruits Optimization strategies.
Iron Republic Street Map Writeup to go with chart
Assembling a Skeleton (Guide)/Recipes#Special skeletons Sections about generator skeletons and Khaganian coinage grind need restoring

Existing Guides where storylets are missing data[edit]

A subset of guides that are largely finished, but some underlying storylets are missing data, that once found, needs to be replicated on the guide.

Guide Reason
Social Actions (Guide) Several Underlying Storylets missing data.
Calling in Favours (Guide) Several Underlying Storylets missing data.
Inspired (Guide) Several Underlying Storylets missing data.
Parabolan War (Guide)/Tables Several Underlying Storylets missing data.
Helicon House (Guide)/Tables Several Underlying Storylets missing data.
Discordant Studies - Costs and Rewards (Guide) Several Underlying Storylets missing data.
A Kitchen for Artists (Guide) Several Underlying Storylets missing data.
Statues at the GHR Stations (Guide) Several Underlying Storylets missing data.
A Scholar of the Correspondence (Guide) An Underlying Storylet missing data.
Menace Locations (Guide) An Underlying Storylet missing data.
Handsome Townhouse: Schemes (Guide) Missing some underlying data on storylets
Noman Tattoo (Guide) Possibly renaming

Existing Guides Needing Fate Documentation[edit]

A subset of guides that need fate documentation due to the change in fate policy allowing mechanical documentation.

Guide Reason
Master-Classes in Etiquette (Guide) Unknown challenge information and failures for fate locked actions.
Shroom-Hopping (Guide) Unknown challenge information and failures for fate locked actions.
University Laboratory (Guide)/Tables Missing Parabolan Research for Fate Locked Assistants
University Laboratory (Guide)/Cards Fate locked cards need documenting
Hurling (Guide) Needs Heptagoat info
Department of Menace Eradication (Guide) Missing some failure/challenge info, especially on fate locked content
The Maze-Garden (Guide) Missing info on fate locked Ostentatious Paisley Suit
Opportunity Items (Guide) Missing Opporutnity cards generated by fate items.
Sinning Jenny's Finishing School (Guide) Missing some failure/challenge info, especially on fate locked content
Railway Board (Guide) Missing info on July
Riding the Savage Cobbles (Guide) Need info on The Spinning of the Wheels
Engaged in a Case (Guide) Need info on fate locked cases
Flash Lays (Guide) Need info on fate locked flashes
Jack-Of-Smiles (Guide) Need info on fate locked sections of the case.
Iron Republic Street Map Missing fate choices

Continually Monitored Guides[edit]


The following Guides need permanent watching to keep them up to date. If a Guide is about a subject which constantly changes, list it here.

Guide Reason
Money-Making To keep up to date with current grinds.
Hinterland Scrip-Making To keep up to date with current grinds.
Exceptional Stories and other Fate-locked content Continually released.
Item Grinding sections To keep up to date with current grinds.
Active Access Codes To keep up to date with new codes and retired codes.

External guides[edit]

External guides not currently located on the wiki.
These guides are not hosted by the wiki, and the wiki isn't responsible for their contents.
More guides may be suggested on Guides/External guides.

  • Vainfire's Guide to London Optimization
This guide describes how to optimize your opportunity deck
  • The Nice and Profitable Grindings of mp, georg
This guide describes a complicated money-making scheme
  • The Great Vanity Guide to the Neath Or: How to Waste Your Echoes and Enjoy it!
This guide describes the most action efficient ways to reach Level 777 for the relevant discrete qualities with special QLDs at that level.
  • Fate-Locked Story Survey (2023 edition)
This page shows how the community rates different Fate-locked stories and material rewards.
  • Masterzora's Fate-Locked story sorting tool
This website allows you to sort Exceptional stories and other fate-locked stories based on categories and community rating
  • Lydie Aielle's item collection sorted by Stat, EPA etc. (Spreadsheet)
This sort-able spreadsheet is a collection of items and their sources in London. Somewhat old, misses some newer options.

Retired Guides[edit]


Guides that no longer are relevant or are permanently out-of date.

Historical Events[edit]

Guides relating to historical events that have since passed