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Starting Locations[edit]

Early Game Locations in London[edit]

Mid-game Locations in London[edit]

London sub-areas[edit]

Other Locations accessed in London[edit]

Prison-header.png Adamsway-header.png
Tutorial Prison Arbor, of the Roses
Wolfstack-header.png Veilgarden-header.png
Beneath the Silken Chapel Veilgarden (Party)
Gamekeeper cottage-header.png Sidestreets.png
Hearts' Parlour The Alleyways of London
Delirium-header.png Lodgings-header.png
The Mind of a Long-Dead God After the Case RETIRED
Gamekeeper cottage-header.png
The Gamekeeper's Cottage RETIRED

Menace Locations[edit]

Zee Areas[edit]

Overzee Locations[edit]

Major Storyline Locations[edit]

Ambition: Nemesis Locations[edit]

Ambition: Bag a Legend! Locations[edit]

Ambition: Light Fingers! Locations[edit]

SMEN Locations[edit]

Destiny Locations[edit]

Parabolan Locations[edit]

See Concept:In Parabola for a way to query these locations via SMW.

Hinterlands Locations[edit]

Hinterlands sub-areas[edit]