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World Qualities
Rat Market:
The Rat Market is: Open, based on the timestamp: Mon, 18 Oct 2021 05:45:29 +0000

Last updated on: 11:01, 15 Oct 2021 (UTC)

The Rat Market is a periodic, dynamic piece of content released in September 1899 (2021). Its mechanics make heavy use of World Qualities. According to the announcement post, one of the goals of the Rat Market is to introduce a regular source of variation, so that players are encouraged to experience more of the available content.

Every week, the Rat Market is only open for three days spanning the weekend. It opens at 11am UTC on Friday, and closes at 11am UTC on Monday. Check your local time zone to see when it's accessible for you, and beware of Daylight Savings Time.

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The most important to know up-front is that you cannot save Rat-Shillings. At the end of the weekend (72 hours after you first enter the Rat Market), any Rat-Shillings you have left will be converted to an equivalent amount of Rostygold.

The second-most important thing to know about is The Rat Market (Bazaar). In some cases, this may be the purpose of your visit. In other cases, this may be an outlet of Rat-Shillings that would otherwise become Rostygold.

World Qualities[edit]

What can be sold for Rat-Shillings, and what can be bought with Rat-Shillings, changes with a variety of different World Qualities on a weekly basis. The Rat Season cycles one season every week and determines which items you can sell for Rat-Shillings. The Rat-Wind and Rat-Moon change randomly every week to a new value. Each of these qualities unlock an array of items to buy, and their conjunction unlocks a Most Valuable or otherwise hard-to-get items. These are not regular economic items, and are either at a more substantial discount or are otherwise difficult to obtain. The False-Season follows real-world seasons and serves to unlock a unique piece of buyable equipment, for a total of 4 different pieces of equipment.

Cryptic Clues[edit]

While the market is only available on weekends, the clues to next weekend's items are revealed earlier with this action. The Rat-Season clue is linked to one of the items that can be exchanged that week, while the Rat-Moon and Rat-Wind hint at some items that can be gained that season.

For reference: East - "The unseen Rat-Wind is in the east; time is shorter this season! Look to your wrists!"

This refers to the Ratwork Watch

Soft - "However, the hidden Rat-Moon is soft, they say. Soft as skin and pink as a gentlerat's paw."

This refers to the Lenguals

Kifer-Caitiff - This is to be expected in the secret Rat-Season of Kifer-Caitiff. Sing your sorrow, but quietly. You never know who's listening. The tunnels have ears still unclogged!

This might be referring to Captivating Ballads

The Goods[edit]

Selling Items for Rat-Shillings[edit]

What items you can sell for Rat-Shillings depends on The Rat-Season: World Quality. As of now, all items are available in a range of values for this quality. This makes for somewhat less volatility for players wishing to stock up on exchangeable items.

By all indications, the option to sell a Fourth-City Echo is always available. This item has no other repeatable uses at this moment, and can be farmed in L.B. Industries at a competitive rate. The other options are not as easy to obtain efficiently, except for players with an advantage for obtaining Cartographer's Hoards.

Rat-Season Abbreviations:

  • WW: Wine-Whisper
  • RaR: Rise-and-Rake
  • NK: Nitre-Knife
  • KC: Kifer-Caitiff
  • SS: Skitter-Scatter
  • DD: Dimmest-Dark
  • FaF: Freeze-and-Fall
  • LL: Lying-Longing
Item Tier Shillings (bonus) The Rat-Season:
WW RaR NK KC SS DD FaF LL ?? ?? ?? ??

( 12.5[1])

200  (+60%)

5 for 700  (+12%)

Fourth-City Echo
Tier 5

( 12.50)

250  (+100%)

5 for 900  (+44%)

??? Unlawful Device Uncanny Incunabulum ??? ???
Tier 6

( 62.50)

850  (+36%) ??? Captivating Ballad Night-Whisper ??? ???
Tier 7

( 312.50)

4000  (+28%) Cartographer's Hoard Parabolan Parable ??? ???

Buying Items with Rat-Shillings[edit]

Items can be purchased with Rat-Shillings from two shops in the Bazaar tab, or two storylets which do not cost actions. A single Rat-Shilling is assumed to have a value of ten pennies ( 0.10). The actual exchange rate varies by good, but that's an easy value by which to compare.

In the Bazaar tab, cheap economic items can be purchased for a value equal to their Bazaar sell price, while more expensive items have a mark-up, going up to a 100% cost increase for items selling for 2.50 or more. Equipable items can be purchased from the Rat Market for slightly cheaper than they cost in the Echo Bazaar (which is always still greater than the value of selling them back to the Bazaar).

From the Bazaar[edit]

Crow-Crease Cryptics:

Item Sale Value Shillings
Inkling of Identity 0.10 1  (at value)
Maniac's Prayer 0.10 1  (at value)
Appalling Secret 0.15 2  (+33%)
Compromising Document 0.50 7  (+40%)
Correspondence Plaque 0.50 7  (+40%)
Journal of Infamy 0.50 7  (+40%)
Tale of Terror!! 0.50 7  (+40%)
Touching Love Story 2.50 50  (+100%)
Blackmail Material 12.50 250  (+100%)

Extramurine Trading Company:

Item Sale Value Shillings
Royal-Blue Feather 0.50 / 1 8  (+60%)
Solacefruit 0.50 / 1 8  (+60%)
Hand-picked Peppercaps 1 10  (+100%)
Nightsoil of the Bazaar 1 10  (+100%)
Preserved Surface Blooms 2.50 / 3 25  (at value)
Carved Ball of Stygian Ivory 2.50 / 5 45  (+80%)
Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits 2.50 / 5 60  (+140%)

Merry Gun's Exchange:

Item Sale Value Shillings
Buy price at the Bazaar
Amanita Sherry 0.10 1  (at value)
Map Scrap 0.10 1  (at value)
Phosphorescent Scarab 0.10 1  (at value)
Flawed Diamond 0.12 2  (+67%)
Palimpsest Scrap 0.50 7  (+40%)
Rattus Faber Rifle 2.50 50  (+100%)
Skyglass Knife 6.40 120  12.80
Set of Kifers 32.40 640  64.80
Ravenglass Knife 102.40 2000  204.80
Set of Intricate Kifers 312.50 3999  400.00
Ratwork Derringer 250.00 4000  400.00

Nightclaw's Paw-Brokers:

Item Shillings Buy price at the Bazaar
Well-Placed Pawn
Pair of Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin 20  4.00
Antique Constable's Badge 300  30
Copper Cipher Ring 400  40
Red-Feathered Pin 400  40
Tiny Jewelled Reliquary 400  40
Engraved Pewter Tankard 500  50
Old Bone Skeleton Key 600  62.50
Ornate Typewriter 600  60

Direction of the Rat-Wind[edit]

Item Rat-Wind Buy price at the Bazaar Shillings
Rat's-Head Cane North N/A 3200 
Ratwork Pocket Piece West N/A 3200 
Ratwork Watch East 460.00 3200  (-30%)
Poison-tipped Umbrella South 450.00 3200  (-29%)

Phase of the Rat-Moon[edit]

Item Phase of the Rat-Moon: Buy price at the Bazaar Shillings
Runny Soft Hard Blue
Irrigo-filled Mirrorcatch Box N/A 3500 
Mirrorcatch Box
Gant-filled Mirrorcatch Box N/A 3750 
Pair of Lenguals 400 2800  (-30%)
Smock of Four Thousand Three Hundred and Eight Pockets 420 2800  (-33%)
Pair of Vakeskin Boots 320 2800  (-12.5%)

Rat-Wind + Rat-Moon[edit]

Item Rat-Wind Rat-Moon Sale value Shillings
Reported Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell West Soft 1560 15425  (-1.1%)
Eyeless Skull East Hard 62.5[1] 625  (at value)
Starstone Demark East Hard 312.5 3125  (at value)
Coruscating Soul South Blue 312.5 3125  (at value)
Fabulous Diamond North Soft 312.5 3125  (at value)
  1. 1.0 1.1 Assumed value, may not be sold directly

The False-Season[edit]

Item False-Season Shillings
Venge-Rat Waders Autumn 10000 

Unique Items[edit]

A handful of items in the Rat Market have no other sources.

Item Accessibility Shillings Slot Stats
Ratwork Pocket Piece Rat-Wind: West 3200  Weapon Shadowy +4
Dangerous +8
Rat's-Head Cane Rat-Wind: North 3200  Weapon Watchful +4
Persuasive +8
Venge-Rat Waders The False-Season: Autumn 10000  Boots Dangerous +7
Bizarre +1
Kataleptic Toxicology +1