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For a guide to getting the items, see Item Grinding (Guide).

There are many items in Fallen London. Many of these have no value and no role in the economy, e.g. Broken Toy. Others will either have a sell value or can be exchanged for other items. This guide focuses on economy items and items that can be exchanged for economy items.

Item Tiers & Currencies[edit]

Many items are sellable for echoes (E ) or pence/pennies (p) in London and some have a value in Hinterland Scrip ( ) when selling them in the Upper River. Some use a different currency altogether, such as Cryptic Clue. Most items fall within certain tiers of sell values:

  • T1: Typical: 2p (1p - 5p)
  • T2: Typical: 10p (10p - 20p)
  • T3: 50p / 1
  • T4: 2.5 E / 5
  • T5: 12.5 E / 25
  • T6: 62.5 E
  • T7: 312.5 E
  • T8: 1560-1562.5 E

Of particular note, many items in T3 can be exchanged in cross-category conversions, and items in tiers 1-4 can often be upconverted to the tier above. These can be seen in the item conversion chart below:

T1 items → T2 items:

  • A) 100:10/50:10 (1 E ) with a 50% chance to get the additional reward (worth ~30p) which has a low chance of being the rare reward (worth 2.50 E )
  • B) 1000:105 (10 E → 10.50 E ) with no chance of additional rewards

T2 items → T3 items:

  • A) 50:10 (5 E ) with a 50% chance to get the additional reward (worth ~40p) which has a low chance of being the rare reward (worth 12.50 E )
  • B) 500:105 (50 E → 52.50 E ) with no chance of additional rewards

T3 items → T3 items: 50:51 (25 E , commonly referred to as "sideverts" or CCC (cross-category conversion))

T3 items → T4 items: 50:10 (25 E ) with a 50% chance to get the additional reward (worth ~1 E ) which has a low chance of being the rare reward (worth 25 E )

T4 items → T5 items: 25:5 (62.50 E ) with a 50% chance to get the additional reward (worth ~2 E ) which has a low chance of being the rare reward (worth 62.50 E ). This step costs a favour or connections.

Item Conversions
Label Tier 1 (2p) Tier 2 (10p) Tier 3 (50p) ↓ Tier 4 (250p) Tier 5 (12.5E) Tier 6 (62.5E)
Academic Foxfire Candle Stub (1p) Flask of Abominable Salts Memory of Distant Shores[1] Volume of Collated Research None None
Infernal Soul Amanita Sherry[2] Brilliant Soul Muscaria Brandy Brass Ring None
Mysteries (see also Whispered Hint) Cryptic Clue Appalling Secret (15p)[3] Tale of Terror!![1][4][5] Extraordinary Implication[1] Uncanny Incunabulum None
Influence Stolen Correspondence (5p) Intriguing Snippet (20p) Compromising Document[1][5] Stolen Kiss[1] Favour in High Places None
Luminosity Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax (1p) Phosphorescent Scarab[2] Memory of Light

( 25 x Cryptic Clue = 50p)

Mourning Candle Patent Scrutinizer None
Cartography Shard of Glim (1p) Map Scrap[2] Zee-Ztory[1][4] Partial Map Puzzling Map Salt Steppe Atlas
Wines Bottle of Greyfields 1882 Bottle of Morelways 1872 Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe Bottle of Broken Giant 1844 Cellar of Wine None
Rag Trade Silk Scrap (1p) Surface-Silk Scrap Whisper-Satin Scrap Thirsty Bombazine Scrap Puzzle-Damask Scrap None
Mysteries (see also Whispered Hint) Cryptic Clue Appalling Secret[3] Journal of Infamy[5] Extraordinary Implication[1] Uncanny Incunabulum None
Wild Words Primordial Shriek Maniac's Prayer[2] Correspondence Plaque[5] Aeolian Scream Storm-Threnody None
Nostalgia Drop of Prisoner's Honey Romantic Notion[1] Vision of the Surface[1][4] Touching Love Story[6] Bazaar Permit None
Elder Jade Fragment (1p) Relic of the Third City Mystery of the Elder Continent Presbyterate Passphrase Antique Mystery Primaeval Hint
Rumour Proscribed Material (4p) Inkling of Identity[2] Scrap of Incendiary Gossip[1][4] An Identity Uncovered! Blackmail Material[7] None
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 Up-converting to next tier gains Making Waves
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 Can be bought on Rat Market for 1 x Rat-Shilling (without markup)
  3. 3.0 3.1 Can be bought on Rat Market for 2 Rat-Shillings (33% markup)
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 Cross-converting (down on the chart) gains Making Waves
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 Can be bought on Rat Market for 7 Rat-Shillings (40% markup)
  6. Can be bought on Rat Market for 50 x Rat-Shillings (100% markup)
  7. Can be bought on Rat Market for 250 x Rat-Shillings (100% markup)
Cartography[1] None Sighting of a Parabolan Landmark[2] None Glass Gazette[3] Vitreous Almanac[4] Oneiromantic Revelation[4]
  1. Parabolan Cartography items cannot be cross-converted.
  2. Can be up-converted directly to Vitreous Almanac as well as Glass Gazette
  3. Cannot be converted
  4. 4.0 4.1 Can be down-converted as well as up-converted

Due to their rarity, many T7 and T8 items are hunted as trophies. Check out Items (Guide)/Most Valuable for a list of these.

Economy Categories[edit]

Economy items are also divided into several categories, such as Rubbery or Infernal.

Many items have item conversions up to tier 5 - usually at a small profit. The lower tiers also have bulk conversion options, which often are more useful, at least later in the game.

Some categories can be gained from the relickers in exchange for Certifiable Scrap that you've accumulated from Lodging cards etc.

Items by category
Category Item conversions? Favours needed Notes
Academic Benthic
Advantage Gives second chances on challenges in main attributes
Book Usually not sellable
Cartography None Zee items have regular item conversions, Parabolan items have separate options
Curiosity Items that don't have a different category appear here
Elder Tomb-Colonies
Epistolary Contains letters from Epistolary Matters
Goods Items often used for bartering
Great Game
Historical Typically used for writing monographs in Moulin
Infernal Hell Relickers
Influence The Great Game
Lodgings Contains keys for all your lodgings
Luminosity Revolutionaries
Nostalgia Bohemians
Osteology Primarily used in The Bone Market
Rag Trade Criminals Relickers
Rubbery Associated with Rubbery Men
Rumour Society Relickers
Sustenance Foodstuffs, often used in Station VIII
Wild Words Urchins Relickers
Wines The Church See also A Presumptuous Little Opportunity

Item rarities[edit]

Many items have one of the following Item rarities, ranked in order of decreasing rarity:

  1. Precious
  2. Rare
  3. Coveted
  4. Scarce
  5. Commonplace

This list can be used as an attempt to show whether an item is easily replaceable or not, but it doesn't actually tell anything about their uses or value. It's also not that accurate, so sometimes it's better to disregard it altogether.

Assumed values[edit]

Some economy items don't have a sell value, but can either be exchanged with an action into something else with a sale value, or is gained by exchanging items worth a value. For ease of information we have given these assumed values. This should not be confused with a sell value, as these items cannot be sold directly for currencies, but the values may be used as an approximation to see how valuable an item is. It should also be noted that many such exchanges require specific qualities or opportunity cards, which may limit how valuable they are in practise.

These assumed values still follow the tier system, so for example Nodule of Warm Amber has an assumed value of 10p, Bessemer Steel Ingot has a value of 50p and Glass Gazettes have a value of 2.5 E . Exchanges will usually add a slight bonus when converting - usually 2.5 E with end game options - so you might end up with more than this value when exchanging the items.