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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

This Guide is about how to best make Echoes; if you're more interested in Hinterand Scrip check Hinterland Scrip-Making


The game is best thought of as a means to read a story. To that end, until you are approaching the high level (all stats at or near cap and so forth), the best sources of Echoes are the content you're seeing. There is very little that may be considered truly "profitable" before the player becomes a Diamond.png A Person of Some Importance (PoSI), given both content locks and stat requirements. Even then, many money-making grinds require significant investment in capital or end-game leveled stats in order to be completed reliably and efficiently,

The Grinds[edit]

The short version, for those looking for a TL/DR:

  • If you have progressed far enough in Parabolan War and have high Dangerous, repeat 5-stage campaigns (up to 5.04 EPA with Yourself campaign)[i].
  • With sufficiently high Bear.png Dangerous and access to The Hurlers, holding your breath can be used to great effect (4 - 5.08 EPA) (It pays out in Currency3 copper.png Hinterland Scrip, via ham-conversion.)[i].
  • If you have a fully upgraded University.png Lab and have also completed your Ambition, use one of the high-end lab grinds (3 - 3.78 EPA)[i].
  • The Wilmotsend.png Wilmot's End/Doubtstreet.png Doubt Street Newspaper grind is profitable and has fairly easy skill checks for a high level character (3.73 EPA)[i].
  • Station.png Helicon House gives access to a number of useful grinds, especially if you have free access (3.21-4.14 EPA)[i].
  • Otherwise you'd probably want to either break down skeletons at the Bone Market (3.125 EPA if your Bear.png Dangerous is at least 250), or to send the Struggling Artist out for honey (2.5 EPA with Fox.png Persuasive 292).

You can also go the route of Hinterland Scrip-making and convert Currency3 copper.png Hinterland Scrip to Question.png Tinned Hams (125 scrips for 63.5 echoes when sold at the bazaar, for 0.508 echoes/scrip).

Other good grinds include excavating the Tomb of the Silken Thread in the Forgotten Quarter (2.27 EPA), or trading Urchinblond.png Orphans to Carneliancoast.png The Court of the Wakeful Eye in exchange for Tigerstripes.png Tribute (up to 2.22 EPA).


  • Fate-locked selling your soul (28.15 EPA, increasing amounts of Fate required)
  • Fate-locked expeditions (7 Fate for 5.3 EPA [under correct conditions])
  • Tanah-Chook, unlocked by the "All Things Must End" Exceptional story (1.8 EPA)
  • Fate-locked selling your soul (1.8 EPA, easily locked out of)
  • Fate-locked Soul Trade (via Unfinished Business 1.75 EPA, with access to the Spa in Ealing Gardens up to 3.21 EPA)

Regular Grinds[edit]

The following can be done only with skill-checks.

Parabolan War[edit]

For maximum efficiency, you need access to Yourself campaign, high stats (Dangerous 292, Persuasive 167, Watchful 167) and Parabolan Commander (on a level that lets you get at least 6 Campaign Morale at the start). Actions (0-action branches aren't counted):

62 actions for an item worth 312.5 echoes, a total of 5.04 EPA

A sufficiently skilled player may follow another, slightly more complex order, for higher EPA depending on their stats. This differs by having you perform either of the following checks one time, in place of three usages of Hold a feast, bringing its total uses to 9:

Each check requires airs, so in the unlikely event you fail to see one in stage 1, you may wait for a later opportunity. If all else fails, the last stage also provides an opportunity to gain morale, returning you to the normal strategy.

To succeed on this check with consistency its recommended to have at least a 75% chance, requiring modified Watchful, Dangerous, or Persuasive levels of 313. Due to failure having a consequence of a lost action as well as adding Ravages, it is also recommended to acquire Second Chances in one or both skills, as it mitigates risk while still achieving a higher than standard EPA and may ultimately end up higher EPA depending on the circumstance. This is estimated to peak around 5.3 EPA, though any given player isn't likely to achieve that high of a number

Holding your breath in the Hurlers[edit]

Requires high Bear.png Dangerous, and access to The Hurlers, the eighth station of the Railway. Relies on Black.png Hurlers: Darkness manipulation and holding your breath underwater, plus requires Scrawl1.png Correspondence Plaques. Generates large amounts of Oxygen.png Final Breath for ham-conversion. (Source)

  1. Start with Stoking the Stove 1 and 7 Darkness (this is the state immediately after bringing the stove back to the station).
  2. Add more plaques to the stove 9 times (this drops Darkness to 1 + 0 CP and raises Stoking the Stove to 4 + 0 CP). This costs 9 actions and 63 Correspondence Plaques.
  3. Hold your breath underwater. This costs 1 action and gains ~29 Final Breaths. (holding your breath underwater gives 32-34 Final Breaths, reduced by 4*Darkness)
  4. Add more plaques to the stove again (drops Darkness to 0, raises Stoking the Stove to 4 + 1 CP). This costs 1 action and 7 Plaques.
  5. Perform the following loop 8 times:
    1. Hold your breath underwater twice. The first time gets you ~33 Final Breaths (0 Darkness), the second gets you ~29. This costs 2 actions and gains ~62 Final Breaths (it also raises Darkness to 2 + 1 CP)
    2. Add more plaques to the stove (drops Darkness to 1 + 0 CP, raises Stoking the Stove by 1 CP). This costs 1 action and 7 Plaques.
    3. Hold your breath underwater (raises Darkness to 2 + 0 CP). This costs 1 action and gains ~29 Breaths.
    4. Add more plaques to the stove (drops Darkness to 0, raises Stoking the Stove by 1 CP). This costs 1 action and 7 Plaques.
  6. Each iteration of the loop costs 5 actions and 14 Plaques, raises Stoking the Stove by 2 CP, and gains ~91 Breaths. So, performing 8 iterations costs 40 actions and 112 Plaques, raises Stoking the Stove to 6 + 6 CP and gains ~728 Breaths.
  7. Hold your breath underwater twice, then add more plaques to the stove (same as in steps 5.1 and 5.2 - costs 3 actions and 7 Plaques, sets Darkness to 1 + 0 CP and Stoking the Stove to 7, gets ~62 Final Breaths)
  8. Hold your breath underwater 10 times.
    1. The first time gives ~29 Final Breaths (1 Darkness)
    2. The second and third give ~25 Breaths (2 Darkness)
    3. The fourth and fifth give ~21 Breaths (3 Darkness)
    4. The sixth and seventh give ~17 Breaths (4 Darkness)
    5. The eighth to tenth give ~13 Breaths (5 Darkness)
  9. In total, this costs 10 actions and gains ~181 Breaths.
  10. Add more plaques to the stove. Since you now have Stoking the Stove 7, this sets Darkness to 7 and Stoking the Stove to 8. It also gives 2 CP of Scandal (Tracklayers' Displeasure is ignored, since its effects are insignificant). This costs 1 action and 7 Plaques.
  11. Now you need to hunt the stove down. This is technically card-dependent, but it's a 10x frequency card in a smaller deck so you shouldn't have much trouble. If you succeed all the checks, this costs 4 actions and gets you 5E worth of bats. This returns you to where you started, with 7 Darkness and Stoking the Stove 1.

In total you spend 69 actions and 196 Plaques for 1000 Oxygen.png Final Breaths (which are worth 508E when we convert via Question.png Tinned Ham) and 5E.

In order to make this a self-contained grind, the necessary Scrawl1.png Correspondence Plaques must be obtained from somewhere. The best way to get them is by publishing Salacious newspapers with all of the special options for Bookpurple.png Journals of Infamy (the Conversation.png Scraps of Incendiary Gossip needed for the social action can be obtained by publishing seditious editions: see Publishing a Newspaper (Guide) for more details) and cross-converting them. Doing this gets you ~6.76 Plaques per action, so obtaining the 196 Plaques necessary costs 28.98 actions (97.98 actions total).

However, this grind involves a number of difficult Bear.png Dangerous checks. Hold your breath underwater has difficulty 190 (needs 317 Bear.png Dangerous to 100%), and bringing the stove back requires succeeding a difficulty 280 check 3 times (impossible to 100%), though this can be substituted with a difficulty 310 Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy check (not considered here). The final EPA is calculated for two different Bear.png Dangerous values: 317 (minimum to 100% the Hold your breath underwater check - technically obtainable, but out of reach for most characters) and 288 (maximum obtainable without mood/fate/ambition/profession/destiny/spouse/club items). Menaces must also be taken into account - it is assumed here that all menaces are cleared at 6 CP per action using social actions.

With 317 Bear.png Dangerous, the difficulty 190 check on Hold your breath underwater never fails, and the difficulty 280 check on Challenge it with your fists succeeds 67% of the time. Since you need three successes, the expected number of failures is 1.478. Each failure incurs 3 CP of Wounds and each success incurs 1 CP, so the expected amount of Wounds incurred is 7.432 CP. You also get 2 CP of Scandal when the stove escapes, so in total the expected number of actions spent clearing menaces is 1.572. The final action cost is therefore 101.03, for 5.08 EPA.

With 288 Bear.png Dangerous, the Hold your breath underwater check has a 90% success chance, and the Challenge it with your fists check has a 61% success chance. You need 37 successes when holding your breath, so the expected number of failures is 4.111 (incurring 8.222 CP of Wounds). You need 3 successes when bringing the stove back, so the expected number of failures is 1.918 (incurring 5.754 CP of Wounds from failures, and 3 CP from successes). The expected number of actions spent on menace reduction is 3.163, and the final action cost is 107.17, for 4.79 EPA.

Larcenies with Parabolan Casing[edit]

Requires Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy Gains 6 and Mask.png A Marauder of the Clay Highwayman, and for maximum efficiency you need to have modified Mirror.png Glasswork 12 and Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy 300.

Full cycle at maximum efficiency is items worth ~200 echoes for 43 actions, which means ~4.65 EPA minus the actions and honey spent on travel/selling Teachipped.png Jasmine Leaves (since those and Mask.png Casing... can be stockpiled indefinitely, the more time you spend on it the closer this comes to 4.65 EPA).

The Newspaper grind[edit]

For maximum efficiency you need to have modified Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy 217, modified 200 in either Owl.png Watchful or Fox.png Persuasive, and at least one of the six things required to reach 104 of any type of copy (see the 'Publishing a newspaper guide' for details).

A full cycle is items worth 138 echoes for 37 actions, a total of 3.73 EPA.

If you have big and/or active enough social circle (i.e. your acquaintances are numerous enough that you won't run out before earning the required amount of echoes and/or they hire assassins equally fast or faster than you slight them):

A full cycle is items worth 148.8 echoes for 38.73 actions, a total of 3.84 EPA.

Climbing the Dome of Scales[edit]

If you have access to Snakehead.png the Dome of Scales and at least Mirror.png Glasswork 12, you can 100% the check on Climb the dome itself, which gives 5 Whispered secret.png Incisive Observations and Mirror.png Glasswork-dependent amount of Jade.png Jade Fragments. Depending on exact Mirror.png Glasswork level, EPA varies from 2.98 at 12 to 3.11 at 15.

Ealing Gardens Spa Grind[edit]

If you've made it out to Handstop.png Ealing Gardens and set up a spa, you can continuously attend for a treatment and average out at 2.875 EPA (or 3.28 EPA for Spirifers), presuming both successes appear equally. The downside is that there's a large amount of effort required to get out to Ealing and build the spa. Until then, this grind is gated. Once unlocked, it is a very reliable grind, since it doesn't require any skill-checks (the journey to Handstop.png Ealing Gardens and back aside).

Train rides[edit]

Each travel back and forth between Handstop.png Ealing Gardens and Water.png Jericho Locks gives 1 x Whisperedsecret.png Rumour of the Upper River, which is 2.5 EPA.

The Tomb of the Silken Thread[edit]

For maximum efficacy, this option requires 267 Watchful to 100% a Buccaneering Approach. As Bazaar gear is only sufficient to get 254 without a Mood or overcapping, this necessarily requires at least some Renown, Fate, or Profession items.

Strong-Backed Labour at Wilmot's End[edit]

Grinding Strong-Backed Labour at Wilmot's End and then using that to buy expedition supplies gives 2.569 EPA if you also sell the Attacker.png Use of Villains thrown in as a bonus at Wilmotsend.png Wilmot's End.

Reach towards the shore[edit]

Reaching towards the shore (1 and 2) requires only access to The Waswood and gives an average of 2.325 EPA per average with Airs of Parabola 0-49 if you can convert Scrip to echoes and 2.075 if you can't. With Airs 50-100 you can achieve an average of 2.775 EPA excluding rare successes. Airs 50-100 has a rare success of unknown chance that gives 62.5 echoes, most likely raising the EPA to over 3 and airs 0-49 has a rare success that grants no echoes at all, lessening the EPA slightly. Note that Airs can be shuffled at no action cost by leaving and returning to the Waswood, so it is not necessary to take the less profitable option.

The Court of the Wakeful Eye tributes[edit]

The Court of the Wakeful Eye lets you buy Urchinblond.png Winsome Dispossessed Orphans from the Bazaar, exchange them for Tigerstripes.png Tribute, and turn that Tribute into more echoes than you spent (2.22 EPA minus the actions of zailing). The more orphans you invest in to begin with, the closer this comes to 2.22 EPA.

University investigations[edit]

Investigations in the university and cashing in the Flit (~1.78 EPA)

Boxful of Intrigue[edit]

The Waves2.png Boxful of Intrigue carousel, provided that players side with the Revolutionaries and intercept Correspondence Plaques along the way, as well as using the cash-in to obtain Mourning Candles. (1.64 EPA)

  • This option requires the player to have advanced the Box2.png Affair of the Box story to at least Level 12, which itself requires access to Mahoganyhall.png Mahogany Hall. The carousel is composed of Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy 120 challenges.

Lab-based Grinds[edit]

For those with very high Owl.png Watchful, a host of new grinds have opened up by acquiring your own Lab at the University. There are a lot of steps to get to the point that these grinds are helpful, and some are dependent on your character having completed a specific Ambition.

Some of these grinds have been extremely profitable until February 2021 when they were significantly nerfed, reducing EPA to be more in line with what can be generally achieved by other means.

Of note: the Lab is still new content and the specifics are still being hashed out. More grinds are being discovered in this content regularly, and Failbetter is continuing to add even more content. Keep your eye on this space!

  • Investigating Chambersoftheheart.png Impossible Theorems via Red Science. The Theorem is extremely hard to research requiring 12 000 Library.png Research and 550 Parabola.png Parabolan Research.
    • Requires Dawnmachine.png Artisan of the Red Science of at least 10 to have 100% success on Use what you know of the unknowable Action. 15 (the maximum level possible as of May 2021) will make the grind more profitable.
      • Reaching AotRS of 10 requires increasing cap to 7 by gaining Dawnmachine.png Artisan Studies 2 from Dream Up A New Experiment, which becomes available after progressing on the Railway content. The remaining +3 bonus can be obtained only by equipping items, some of which are tied to specific Ambitions, Professions or Seasonal Events. See Artisan of the Red Science Items for a list of all possible items and where to get them.
      • AotRS of 10 will allow to complete the non-Parabolan piece of Research in 429 actions (28 Research per Action), AotRS of 15 will result in 325 actions at 37 RPA.
    • Parabola.png Parabolan Research can be gained from different sources. The below calculations assume you have Mirror1.png Glass Studies of 2.
    • Depending on the options you have available and considering 2 actions to start and finish, the Project will take from 471 (429+2+40) to as little as 354 (324+27+2) actions to complete, resulting in 3.32 EPA to 4.41 EPA
      Note: Actually getting the Chambersoftheheart.png Impossible Theorem is a very difficult Owl.png Watchful challenge (level 500). Even with max Owl.png Watchful stat and gear it will likely take about 3 attempts to succeed (and failure gives Sidebarwounds.png Wounds). So this grind will effectively consume a few extra actions on average (either for directly repeating the challenge or for getting Second Chances to use). The impact on EPA should be negligible.
  • Investigating Redhoneyjar.png Queenly Attar via Honeyjar.png Kataleptic Toxicology: This works in the same way as the Chambersoftheheart.png Impossible Theorem-grind explained above, only substituting branches based on Dawnmachine.png Artisan of the Red Science with branches based on Honeyjar.png Kataleptic Toxicology. Assuming that the player has a modified Honeyjar.png Kataleptic Toxicology-level of 9, the Library.png Laboratory Research can be built in 16 actions. With Toxicology-level of 10, you'll only need 15 actions. With Fate (and the right profession and Ambition), a max of 12 Toxicology is possible, which requires only 13 actions. Raising the Parabola.png Parabolan Research can be done in a single action if you use the Esurient Smith or Hephaesta, or two actions otherwise. As usual, note the Honey cost of entering Parabola.
    So with 10 Toxicology and no Smith/Hephaesta: (62.5 (reward) - 2 (honey cost)) / (15 (research) + 2 (Parabolan research) + 2 (start and finish)) = 3.18 EPA
    With 10 Toxicology and with the Smith/Hephaesta: (62.5 - 2) / (14 + 1 + 2) = 3.56 EPA
    The max possible (Toxicology 12): (62.5 - 2) / (13 + 1 + 2) = 3.78 EPA

Bone Market-based Grinds[edit]

  • Breaking down skeletons: Start building a new skeleton with a Human Ribcage, then immediately break down the skeleton). This is a Bear.png Dangerous challenge which is 100% straightforward with Dangerous 250. It yields Whispered secret.png 625 x Whispered Hints on success, which means 3.125 EPA. Even if your Dangerous is somewhat lower, failure gets you Boneshard.png 312 x Bone Fragments on failure so on average it's still profitable.

Station.png Helicon House-based Grinds[edit]

Since the winter balance patch, Station.png Helicon House in Handstop.png Ealing Gardens is significantly less efficient, and the grinds fairly straightforward. Best results still require buying the fate locked Pendant of Helicon Amber.


Different companions can be used to improve the above grinds. Unless you need +fitting, simply use the best one you have available and use their option when you can. From best to worst:

Fascination > Own spouse > Casing > Inspired > Fitting > Going alone > Investigating

Cardfan.png Luck-based Grinds[edit]

The following have a range in pay-outs and should only be considered in large batches for an overall EPA.


These aren't grinds, classically, but are here to show you how many echoes you're earning in various repeatable activities:

Unfinished Business[edit]

Most Unfinished Business storylets average 1 Echo per action in a specific type of item. Note that this means they are roughly equivalent to a 2 EPA grind that is used to buy the items directly from the Bazaar. Rare successes and ranged successes alter the overall EPA of Unfinished Business in the following instances:

Unknown EPA[edit]


This section only lists cards with greater than 1.5 EPA.

Rare Frequency Cards:

Grinding (3200) Scraps to trade in with one of the Relickers for a Tier 8 (1562.5e) item is only efficient if an average rate of 3+ Scraps per action is maintained, giving roughly 1.5 EPA. Scraps are generally worth approximately .5e each.

The Nadir[edit]

The Nadir, which is unlocked with the conclusion of the Secular Missionary storyline, is also a notable source of profit. However, players are forcibly ejected from the cave when reaching 10 x Nadirlight.png Irrigo. It is not possible to return until the next visit from Time, the Healer (unless they wish to pay 50 Fate). Accumulating large amounts of Irrigo results in significant reduction of the four main attributes.

The most profitable action in the game is A special delivery? although it is very expensive (in terms of actual money). There are more efficient ways to gain Echoes via Fate, see the section on Fate-locked grinds at the top of the page.



Some grinds have been nerfed so much are simply become unavailable that they are not mentioned on this page anymore. These grinds are preserved here for historical interest but are no longer relevant for Money-Making.