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If you are new to the game check out the Beginner's Guide. There are also some other fabulous guides! These are also two great resources: Broad Difficulty, Narrow Difficulty

It's easy to edit the wiki: if you're unsure how to do something, look at our source code (Quicklist or a similar page), then pat your own back for being a wonderful human being. If you see anything broken and can't fix it right away, just tag it! For bigger changes or problems, please contact an active admin.

If you're still wary about editing the wiki, don't worry! Just add what you know as a comment and all manner of thing shall be well.

Please read the Editing Guidelines, before making any changes to the wiki.

We have a Fate policy, if it can't be seen without paying fate, then we can't record any narrative content on the wiki, but mechanical rewards may be shown in guides.
Per FBG's word, this also applies to conversational content.


Works in Progress with Semantic Mediawiki
(created by PSGarak on 02:38, 18 April 2021)
Alan has been accommodating enough to humor my request to install Semantic Mediawiki (hereafter SMW) on the dev version of this Wiki, and so far I've managed not to burn the servers down while tinkering with it. After an inordinate amount of experimentation, I think I have a handle on how it works […]
Request for Feedback: Non-Standard Gain Messages
(created by Mzs on 23:57, 9 April 2021)
THE STAIRS HAVE YOU NOW (Sets Transformed by Stairs to 10)
THE STAIRS HAVE YOU NOW (Increases Haunted by Stairs by 2 CP)
— Quoted from Follow a dusty set of stairs
It's a pattern on thousands of pages across the wiki: an Action increases a quality—either setting it directly to a value or […]
Module:Check for unknown parameters has been added to this wiki
(created by Asarta on 17:37, 7 April 2021)
Hey everyone!
As was requested a few weeks ago I've added Module:Check for unknown parameters to the wiki and added it to {{Item}}, {{Storylet}}, {{Card}} and {{Action}} (pending sysop action). This means that when you in future add a parameter to any of those templates that isn't defined in the […]