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If you are new to the game check out the Beginner's Guide. There are also some other fabulous guides! These are also two great resources: Broad Difficulty, Narrow Difficulty

It's easy to edit the wiki: if you're unsure how to do something, look at our source code (Quicklist or a similar page), then pat your own back for being a wonderful human being. If you see anything broken and can't fix it right away, just tag it! For bigger changes or problems, please contact an active admin.

If you're still wary about editing the wiki, don't worry! Just add what you know as a comment and all manner of thing shall be well.

Please read the Editing Guidelines, before making any changes to the wiki.

We have a Fate policy, if it can't be seen without paying fate, then we can't record any narrative content on the wiki, but mechanical rewards may be shown in guides.
Per FBG's word, this also applies to conversational content.


Show Card Borders
(created by Mzs on 07:46, 12 June 2021)
For Everyone
We're experimenting with showing the coloured borders arounded icons on Card and Storylet pages! This is being rolled out to Card pages for opted-in users as I type. If you'd like to opt in to the experiment, simply enable the Card Borders gadget in your preferences.
If you have any […]
Better handling of edit conflicts
(created by Alan on 20:34, 3 June 2021)
The default MediaWiki edit conflict interface is easy to overlook, and a bit unwieldy besides.
A new extension has been installed ("Paragraph-based Edit Conflict Interface") that should improve the process of resolving edit conflicts. You can opt out, if desired, from Special:Preferences.
Proposal: Move the Guides section to the second sidebar slot
(created by Asarta on 16:08, 30 May 2021)
Currently the Guides section of the sidebar is the very bottom part of the "main" sidebar (the part we can easily control via Mediawiki:Sidebar. I'd like to propose to move it instead to the second slot, which is currently occupied by Stories, and as a result of that move the rest all down one […]