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If you are new to the game check out the Beginner's Guide. There are also some other fabulous guides! These are also two great resources: Broad Difficulty, Narrow Difficulty

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VisualEditor Enabled
(created by Alan on 06:40, 16 October 2021)
I've enabled VisualEditor as an option on the wiki, coexisting with the old source editor. This should make it easier to create freeform tables when necessary. It's still highly recommended to use the source editor to work with templates, as source editing likely remains significantly more […]
Dynamic World Quality content with Semantic MediaWiki
(created by PSGarak on 18:52, 30 September 2021)
Hi all,
I'm doing an experiment to see if we can make the Wiki reactive to World Quality changes in a way that's helpful. The current changes are in place for some Rat Market pages. These things use Semantic MediaWiki under the hood, to let other content query the current value of World Qualities […]
Idle thoughts on item sources, wikitext export and parsing
(created by Naoh on 04:48, 27 September 2021)
The item pages list item sources, which are helpful if you need to grind items. Category:Cartographer's Hoard Gain is very helpful: it lists the two actions which give out that item.
For Whispered Hints, there are some 234 actions yielding them. The anatomy of a secret is helpfully listed on the […]