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Technical and more impactful changes to the wiki's systems and content for more immersed editors.

"For when you don't want to comb the Recent Changes."

The sections are weekly. The current date is 2023-01-28.

Significant changes in the game itself can be found on the Fallen London Timeline.

Changes in 2022 can be found on a subpage.

News format and content guideline → 
What belongs here?

Any major changes of public interest in wiki infrastructure.
Not so good additions:

  • minor things related to one article ("I fixed a typo", "ID")
  • plans for things yet to happen

Good additions (non-exhaustive):

  • "The guide XY has been rewritten and updated for new grinds"
  • "Template Z now has a new parameter, which does the following: ..."
  • "Template/Property A has been created/retired"
  • "We now have completely covered piece of content Aleph"
General format
  • The list isn't updated once per week. Add changes any time!
  • Anyone can add an update. Normally the contributors themselves would record it, but if you feel something's missing feel free to add it!
  • Feel brave to add stuff! It's better to removes things later than to miss potentially important info!
  • The sections use weekly breaks.
  • Simple but informative. Brevity and clarity!
  • It's not necessary to date the changes beyond the weekly section.
  • Naming the contributor also isn't mandatory but is accepted (e.g. if you wish to thank somebody)
  • Sub-headers Technical and Game-related should be self-explanatory. If you find something not fitting in either, don't hesitate to use a more fitting one!

Week of 2023-01-16[edit]

Current week

Week of 2023-01-09[edit]


  • {{Faction}} can now also show Connected sources and uses, code cleaned up.
  • {{GuideNeedsWork}}'s reason can now optionally be collapsed.


Week of 2023-01-02[edit]


  • {{Item}} now has its own Wiki Note parameter.