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This Guide is about how to best make Hinterland Scrip; if you're more interested in Echoes check Money-Making


Once the player established the Great Hellbound Railway, they can access the Hinterlands where Echoes are replaced by Currency3 copper.png Hinterland Scrip as a currency. Instead of the Bazaar, they will have access to shops at the Upper River Exchange to buy and sell certain items. Scrip is also (extensively) needed to develop the stations along the railway.

Scrip cannot be bought directly, but going by items that can be sold at both the Bazaar and the Upper River Exchange, the value of 1 Scrip is roughly equal to 0.5 Echoes. To convert Scrip to Echoes, the player can simply buy Zzoupcan.png Tin of Zzoup or Question.png Tinned Ham and sell them back the Bazaar. Converting Echoes to Scrip tends to involve much more work and actions, with one notable partial exception: The licentiate bone market grind (the best of the non--Fate-locked grinds listed below) can be modified to primarily (>80%) convert echoes to Scrip, and only secondarily (<20%) grind actions into scrip. Even there, it is not possible to convert an arbitrary number of echoes per action. Thus, for non-licentiates, it is much more efficient to either farm Scrip directly, or farm items that can then be sold for Scrip at the Upper River Exchange; licenciates may do this, or follow a mixed path.

(In the following, we will use SPA to denote Scrip per action.)

Many of the below grinds are outdated as of June 17th, 2021 and the calculations will be inaccurate until otherwise specified. Impacted grinds include: Hurlers Breaths, Impossible Theorem and any other Lab grind using an Adv Stat check, Larcenies in the Clay Highwayman Camp, and Mammoth Ranching

Holding your breath in the Hurlers[edit]

Wiki note: Numbers have been updated post-nerf, but the overall cycle has not been reviewed to see if there is a more optimal path.

Requires high Bear.png Dangerous, and access to The Hurlers, the eighth station of the Railway. Relies on Black.png Hurlers: Darkness manipulation and holding your breath underwater, plus requires Scrawl1.png Correspondence Plaques. Generates large amounts of Oxygen.png Final Breath. (Source)

  1. Start with Stoking the Stove 1 and 7 Darkness (this is the state immediately after bringing the stove back to the station).
  2. Add more plaques to the stove 9 times (this drops Darkness to 1 + 0 CP and raises Stoking the Stove to 4 + 0 CP). This costs 9 actions and 63 Correspondence Plaques.
  3. Hold your breath underwater. This costs 1 action and gains 22 Final Breaths.
  4. Add more plaques to the stove again (drops Darkness to 0, raises Stoking the Stove to 4 + 1 CP). This costs 1 action and 7 Plaques.
  5. Perform the following loop 8 times:
    1. Hold your breath underwater twice. The first time gets you 23 Final Breaths (0 Darkness), the second gets you 22. This costs 2 actions and gains 45 Final Breaths and raises Darkness to 2 + 1 CP)
    2. Add more plaques to the stove (drops Darkness to 1 + 0 CP, raises Stoking the Stove by 1 CP). This costs 1 action and 7 Plaques.
    3. Hold your breath underwater (raises Darkness to 2 + 0 CP). This costs 1 action and gains 22 Breaths.
    4. Add more plaques to the stove (drops Darkness to 0, raises Stoking the Stove by 1 CP). This costs 1 action and 7 Plaques.
  6. Each iteration of the loop costs 5 actions and 14 Plaques, raises Stoking the Stove by 2 CP, and gains 67 Breaths. So, performing 8 iterations costs 40 actions and 112 Plaques, raises Stoking the Stove to 6 + 6 CP and gains 536 Breaths.
  7. Hold your breath underwater twice, then add more plaques to the stove (same as in steps 5.1 and 5.2 - costs 3 actions and 7 Plaques, sets Darkness to 1 + 0 CP and Stoking the Stove to 7, gets 45 Final Breaths)
  8. Hold your breath underwater 10 times.
    1. The first time gives 22 Final Breaths (1 Darkness)
    2. The second and third give 21 Breaths (2 Darkness)
    3. The fourth and fifth give 19 Breaths (3 Darkness)
    4. The sixth and seventh give 16 Breaths (4 Darkness)
    5. The eighth to tenth give 12 Breaths (5 Darkness)
  9. In total, this costs 10 actions and gains 170 Breaths.
  10. Add more plaques to the stove. Since you now have Stoking the Stove 7, this sets Darkness to 7 and Stoking the Stove to 8. It also gives 2 CP of Scandal (Tracklayers' Displeasure is ignored, since its effects are insignificant). This costs 1 action and 7 Plaques.
  11. Now you need to hunt the stove down. This is technically card-dependent, but it's a 10x frequency card in a smaller deck so you shouldn't have much trouble. If you succeed all the checks, this costs 4 actions and gets you 5E worth of bats. This returns you to where you started, with 7 Darkness and Stoking the Stove 1.

In total you spend 69 actions and 196 Plaques for 773 Oxygen.png Final Breaths (worth 773 scrip) and 5E.

In order to make this a self-contained grind, the necessary Scrawl1.png Correspondence Plaques must be obtained from somewhere. The best way to get them is by publishing Salacious newspapers with all of the special options for Bookpurple.png Journals of Infamy (the Conversation.png Scraps of Incendiary Gossip needed for the social action can be obtained by publishing seditious editions: see Publishing a Newspaper (Guide) for more details) and cross-converting them. Doing this gets you ~6.76 Plaques per action, so obtaining the 196 Plaques necessary costs 28.98 actions (97.98 actions total).

However, this grind involves a number of difficult Bear.png Dangerous checks. Hold your breath underwater has difficulty 190 (needs 317 Bear.png Dangerous to 100%), and bringing the stove back requires succeeding a difficulty 280 check 3 times (impossible to 100%), though this can be substituted with a difficulty 310 Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy check (not considered here). The final EPA is calculated for two different Bear.png Dangerous values: 317 (minimum to 100% the Hold your breath underwater check - technically obtainable, but out of reach for most characters) and 288 (maximum obtainable without mood/fate/ambition/profession/destiny/spouse/club items). Menaces must also be taken into account - it is assumed here that all menaces are cleared at 6 CP per action using social actions.

With 317 Bear.png Dangerous, the difficulty 190 check on Hold your breath underwater never fails, and the difficulty 280 check on Challenge it with your fists succeeds 67% of the time. Since you need three successes, the expected number of failures is 1.478. Each failure incurs 3 CP of Wounds and each success incurs 1 CP, so the expected amount of Wounds incurred is 7.432 CP. You also get 2 CP of Scandal when the stove escapes, so in total the expected number of actions spent clearing menaces is 1.572. The final action cost is therefore 101.03, for 7.65 SPA.

With 288 Bear.png Dangerous, the Hold your breath underwater check has a 90% success chance, and the Challenge it with your fists check has a 61% success chance. You need 37 successes when holding your breath, so the expected number of failures is 4.111 (incurring 8.222 CP of Wounds). You need 3 successes when bringing the stove back, so the expected number of failures is 1.918 (incurring 5.754 CP of Wounds from failures, and 3 CP from successes). The expected number of actions spent on menace reduction is 3.163, and the final action cost is 107.17, for 7.21 SPA.

Grinds at Helicon House[edit]

Last Updated: 16th July Fate-free Casing...-based grind:

  • 2nd Phase:
  • Alternate between the two phases
  • Gives a total of 635 Scrip per 106 actions, i.e. 5.99 SPA (plus 0.14 EPA on average, depending on entrance method)

By using Join in with a Rubbery Euphonium 2 or another 3 Fitting in action instead, you reach 6.27 SPA.

Fate-free Casing...-based grind (with the Catrubbery hallowmas.png Morally and Physically Flexible Rubbery Cat):

  • 2nd Phase:
  • Gives a total of 680 Scrip per 112 actions, i.e. 6.07 SPA (plus 0.16 EPA on average, depending on entrance method)

By using Join in with a Rubbery Euphonium 2 or another 3 Fitting in action instead, you reach 6.34 SPA.

FATE-locked Door.png Fitting In-based grind

International Intrigues[edit]

This grind mostly revolves around Cover Identities and Khaganian Intrigues. Thematically, all of the core components of the cycle involve sneaking or subterfuge. Mechanically, it makes use of high values of Chesspiece.png A Player of Chess, Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy, and the BDR qualities, and to a lesser extent Mirror.png Glasswork.


Expanding your Network in the Khanate is an extremely efficient Infiltration, acquiring items worth Icon-echo.png 62.5 in 15 actions (4.17 EPA). The problem is that the reward is random, and some of them cannot be effectively converted into Echoes, much less Hinterland Scrip, so making money adds an action tax in the form of cycling Khansheart port.png Airs of the Khanate. This grind tries to reduce overhead by finding Scrip conversions for as many rewards as possible. Currently, conversions are available for rewards from 4/10 of the potential recruits, although more time is actually spent converting the rewards than collecting them.


Maximum efficiency requires the following. Lower stats will take slightly longer, and sometimes incur Menaces.

The Grind[edit]

Most progress can be accrued indefinitely, so travel costs can be amortized, and are ignored in these calculations. The except is entering and leaving the Clay Highwayman's camp, as the Cover Identity is consumed on completing the larceny. Travel to the Khanate is time-consuming, so this grind should only be considered for the long terms.

Step 1: Khanate Acquire items by expanding your Network on Khansheart port.png Airs values of 10-19 (Naive Dissident), 40-59 (Shapeless Aristocrat, Bandaged Naval Officer), or 90-100 (Idle Soldier), and re-rolling Airs on other values. The first of those values gives a Pawnred.png Stalemate which can simply be sold in the Upper River for Currency3 copper.png 125. The other three grant a Whispered secret TC.png Mortification of a Great Power, which is used for Cover Identities. On average, you will need 1.5 re-rolls per successful Intrigue, so each Intrigue costs 16.5 actions.

If your Deathmachine.png Methods of a Khaganian Front is Subversion (Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy), then you may also consider playing Airs 20-29 (Immaculate Tailor) and 70-79 (Lovelorn Engineer). These grant a Black.png Much-Needed Gap for 15 actions, and can then be exploited to save 14 actions on larger Infiltrations. Since they pay back the only resources they cost (actions), they are effectively "free." If you believe this line of reasoning, then there are only 8 non-Gap Recruits to consider, of which 4 are recruited and 4 are re-rolled, reducing the re-roll tax to 1 action.

Step 2: Cabinet Noir Construct a Cover Identity with Mask.png Elaboration 10, Whispered secret.png Witnesses 5, Envelope.png Credentials 5, and 80 points of Maskpurple.png Backstory. Maximum profitability assumes being able 100% the checks for Witnesses and Credentials. It is not currently possible to always 100% the checks for Elaboration up to 10, and a player with 300 Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy will incur about 1.16 failures along the way (see Cover Identities (Guide)#Elaboration for details).

You can get 78 points of Backstory from Whispered secret TC.png 3 x Mortification of a Great Power, and the last two points can covered by a handful of Well-Placed Pawns. These are given as spare change on various interactions, so they are glossed over in the calculations.

Step 3: Crimes! Each Larceny uses 55 CP of Mask.png Casing.... Trying to find the weakness in an opponent's defences twice obtains 56 CP in 8 actions. Remember that the Casing is spent, not wiped, so it can be obtained in bulk to save travel costs.

Enter the Clay Highwayman's camp and Con a Seasoned Smuggler for one Diamondpurple.png Fabulous Diamond. Take the train up to the Hurlers and trade one Fabulous Diamond to the Calculating Lapidary for Currency3 copper.png 625, plus Lips.png 2 x Stolen Kiss.

A variation is to instead Con a Palaeontological Yank for a Bone5.png Prismatic Frame. This reward is also worth Currency3 copper.png 625 when used to build a skeleton for the right buyer. While assembling the skeleton takes extra actions and materials, its value can sometimes benefit from Bone1.png Zoological Mania, and it does not require access to the Hurlers. Note the required Cover Identity uses Ridiculoushat.png Nuance (Sidebarbizarre.png Bizarre) in place of Whispered secret.png Witnesses (Sidebardreaded.png Dreaded).

Cycling cards in the Clay Highwayman's camp shouldn't take very log, but sometimes it does. This would be another reason to con the Yank instead of the Smuggler.


Conveniently, there are three Recruits that grant Whispered secret TC.png Mortification of a Great Power, which is how many Mortifications it takes to make the Cover Identity for one Larceny. We therefore assume that one cycle in the Khanate rolls each Recruit one, and one cycle elsewhere is one Cover Identity.

The overall gain is 7.28 SPA.

Khanate Actions Materials
Recruit an Agent (Airs 10-19) 15 Pawnred.png Stalemate (Currency3 copper.png 125)
Recruit an Agent (Airs 40-60, 90-100) 45 Whispered secret TC.png 3 x Mortification of a Great Power
Re-roll agents 6 N/A
Cabinet Noir Actions Materials
Mask.png Cover Identity: Elaboration 11 Sidebarsuspicion.png +3 CP Suspicion
Whispered secret.png Cover Identity: Witnesses 5
Envelope.png Cover Identity: Credentials 5
Maskpurple.png Cover Identity: Backstory 4 Whispered secret TC.png -3 x Mortification of a Great Power
Pawn TC.png -25 x Well-Placed Pawn
Crimes Actions Materials
Casing in Parabola 8
Larcenies (incl. travel) 3 Diamondpurple.png 1 x Fabulous Diamond
Calculating Lapidary 1 Diamondpurple.png -1 x Fabulous Diamond
Currency3 copper.png 625
Lips.png 2 x Stolen Kiss
Totals 103 Currency3 copper.png 750
Lips.png 2 x Stolen Kiss
Pawn TC.png -25 x Well-Placed Pawn
Sidebarsuspicion.png +3 CP Suspicion

Other grinds[edit]

Alternative ways to gain Hinterland Scrip include:

  • The Licentiate Bone Market grind noted in the Money-Making page can be adapted to get Hinterland Scrip instead of Echoes by selling the Bread.png Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits at the Upper River Exchange instead of at the Bazaar. This yields 7.5 SPA, assuming one discounts the travel cost west. (requires being a Aliaslist.png Licentiate)
    • This can be modified to additionally convert 62.5 echoes to 125 scrip each cycle (on top of the 30 scrip per cycle generated by the unmodified grind), by using a brass skull purchased at the bazaar in place of a victim's skull, and having sufficiently high mithridacy and shadowy. This gives a total of 38.75 SPA (at a cost of 15.625 EPA).
  • Selling Infernal Sharpshooter Rifles at the Souvenir-Shop in Jericho Locks: Assuming a fully upgraded Lab and a level 5 Visionary Student, this gives 5.615 SPA (including the journey). The SPA-ratio can be further improved by
    • researching multiple rifles and selling them in bulk
    • having weapon-experts (from ambitions) working in your Lab
    • having a high level of Train Luxuries
    • Note: Buying Sharpshooter Rifles at the Bazaar exchanges Echoes for Scrip at a ratio slightly better than 1:1 (depending on Train Luxuries level.)
  • Brawling for Bread.png Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits and selling them at the Upper River Exchange
    • Brawling for a group gives 5 SPA (including the journey), tending towards 5.5 as you stockpile biscuits.
    • Brawling for yourself (if you can 100% the check) gives 5.33 SPA (including the journey) and 5.7 as you stockpile. Can be better with special dispensation, airs, or other brawling speedups.
  • Selling Map.png Cartographer's Hoards at the Upper River Exchange: Having a fully upgraded Lab and a level 5 Visionary Student, this comes down to 4.8 SPA (including the journey). Also having Hephaesta working in the Lab, increases this to 5.48 SPA.

Getting Scrip before the Railway[edit]

Here are a few sources to get scrip before you reach Ealing Gardens or get access to Helicon House. They are not as efficient, but are good enough to take you to Ealing:

  • Attaching Bright Brass Skull to Headless Skeleton (and then Sell to a Constable) exchanges Echoes for Scrip at a favourable ratio with minimal action expenditure:
    • Buying Headless Skeletons at The Small Stalls gives approximately a 2:1 Scrip to Echoes ratio, converting an investment of 74.5 Echoes ((72.5 on failure) into Currency3 copper.png 155 Hinterland Scrip (145 on failure).
    • Using card-dependent sources for Headless Skeletons improves this, converting a 64.5 Echoes investment (62.5 on failure) into Currency3 copper.png 155 Hinterland Scrip (145 on failure).