"Truth be told, I wouldn't mind an early game. But I'll need a reason to give you the names of the others..."

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From: Ambition: Heart's Desire (The Bishop of St Fiacre's 3)

The Bishop wants... candles. Lots of candles. He is not specific about the reasons why. When you press him, his eyes glint like coals, in quite an unecclesiastical way. "Candles," he says.

Unlocked with 500 x Foxfire Candle Stub


"That will do very nicely."


"[…] find two more players […] The first is […] in the Flit: the one they call the Topsy King. The second is the manager of the Royal Bethlehem Hotel." […]

"The Marvellous has been played […] back to the First City. The stake was seventy-seven of their coins […]"

Description summary:
He seems to like the candles, and he's directing you to two other players of the game: The Topsy King and The manager of the Royal Bethlehem. The game has been played since the First City, and so the stakes you have to come up with are 77 First City coins.

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