"Enough! Someone else can deal with you!"

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From: Talk to your Starveling Cat

Perhaps you can persuade someone else to take on the ghastly responsibility of looking after the Starveling Cat.

Game Instructions: Adopt a Starveling Cat

Unlocked with Blackcat.png 1 x Starveling Cat

When Sent

You await their answer

The Starveling Cat watches you, rumbling deep in its throat. Is it plotting your murder? Your impoverishment? Your damnation?

Your friend will receive:

[Friend] wishes you to look after this deranged and monstrous clot of spitting mangy fur.

Once Accepted

You will receive:

You fobbed the thing off on [Friend]! But a weird and nagging hunger remains.

Your friend will receive:

The Starveling Cat has moved into your Lodgings. May God have mercy on our souls.