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For holiday history, see Hallowmas (historical).

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A damp fog fills London’s streets. Londoners of all stripes lurk in its concealment: masked, cloaked, triply hidden. It is the season of Hallowmas, of the commission and purging of sin. Londoners seek out the Attendants – the masked representatives of the Bazaar – to be shriven.

Hallowmas is Fallen London's annual feast of masks and confessions. Hallowmas starts roughly an week before Halloween and ending an week afterwards. The feast is composed of two separate parts; gaining Hallowmass.png Spirit of Hallowmas and upgrading companions.

Spirit of Hallowmas[edit]


At the beginning of the event, you will be asked to choose a mask to don. There are three masks to choose from: Crown2.png The Crown (suspicion), Hellgate.png The Demon (scandal) and Keepermoth.png The Moth (nightmares). Regardless of which mask you choose, you may change it during the event at the cost of 10 Hallowmass.png Spirit of Hallowmas via the story Change Your Mask. Each mask will allow you free access to one of the three special Hallowmas locations for free and is linked to a specific menace and factions. Something else to take into account when choosing masks, is the opportunity card that you'll be getting for the rest of the year. Read below for more info.

Special Locations[edit]

During Hallowmas, three new places will be available to visit and enter regardless of which mask players are donning. In these places, players can increase their menaces by spending actions and items. It is possible to get to 7 by just spending actions, but it's slow. It's much quicker to spend items (each place will ask for different items). Once you reach 7 of a menace during your visit, you'll be prompted to get out. You can get free access to your current mask's related location via opportunity card, or you can go to where each of them is located in and use the story to enter. You'll have to pay one of the related factions' favour as a fee, though. It's also possible to trade specific confessions in each of the places.

The Pavilion of Butterflies is located in Veilgarden and is tied to Keepermoth.png The Moth/nightmares. Related factions are: Society, The Great Game and Revolutionaries. Its opportunity card (The Flight of Moths), will allow you to either enter for free, or refuse free entry and get 1x Partial Map. Once inside, you'll be able to exchange Confessions of Impropriety for Confessions of Curiosity and viceversa, and also gain nightmares. Faster nightmare gains require 5x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip, 1x Partial Map or 5x Strangling Willow Absinthe (that last one requires you to be donning Keepermoth.png The Moth).

Saint Dunstan's Sacristy is in Spite and is tied to Hellgate.png The Demon/scandal. Related factions are: Hell, The Church and Bohemians. Its opportunity card (The Devil's Gambit), will allow you to either enter for free, or refuse free entry and get 1x Touching Love Story. Once inside, you'll be able to exchange Confessions of Curiosity for Confessions of Pride and viceversa, and also gain scandal. Faster scandal gains require 1x Muscaria Brandy, 1x Mourning Candle (this option gives 1x Moves in the Great Game), 1x Touching Love Story (that last one requires you to be donning Hellgate.png The Demon and also rewards 1x An Identity Uncovered!).

The Wreck of St. Elmo is found in Watchmaker's Hill and is tied to Crown2.png The Crown/suspicion. Related factions are: The Docks, Tomb-Colonies and Urchins. Its opportunity card (The Crown's Splendour), will allow you to either enter for free, or refuse free entry and get 1x Volume of Collated Research. Once inside, you'll be able to exchange Confessions of Pride for Confessions of Impropriety, Confessions of Guile for Confessions of Violence and Confessions of Impropriety for Confessions of Violence, and also gain suspicion. Each basic action (no items spent) when donning no mask, rewards 1-4 x Inkling of Identity. Faster suspicion gains require 5x Tale of Terror!! (no item gains), x1 Presbyterate Pharaphrase, x1 Knob of Scintillack 1x Volume of Collated Research (that last one requires Crown2.png The Crown).

Gaining menaces[edit]

Aside from the Masques explained above, you can gain menaces via traditional methods. Notable methods include social action dupe requests and Attend and speak of...terrible things.

Turning Menaces in[edit]

Once you have a total of 7 of either nightmares, scandal or suspicion, The Fool's Judgement story will appear and it will allow you to reset your menace in exchange for a number of Hallowmass.png Spirit of Hallowmas CP equal to 14 less than six times the unmodified menace level. Bonuses given by items do not count, but using these to alter your turn-in point may be more efficient. If you're sourcing menaces outside the Masques, then up to 4 CP an action the optimal turn-in level is technically 6, but the difference between this and 7 is only ~0.05 Spirit per action. If you are sourcing menaces from within the Masques, then the optimal turn-in level depends on how easy it is for you to get into the Masques - and as entry is dependent on favours and opportunity cards, this becomes fairly complicated.

Bear in mind that while you can turn in any menace except wounds, some of the options/rewards you get at the end of the event will change depending on which menace you turned in the most.


When the Hallowmas revelries come to an end, you will encounter a universal storylet named Hallowmas: The Fool's Justice. Here, your Spirit of Hallowmas may be traded in for a variety of rewards, and you will receive a gift from one of the leaders of the Masques depending on which menace you submitted most often and whether you have received a gift from them in a previous year.

Any Spirit of Hallowmas above 2500 will be converted into CP for the The Knight of Hallowmas vanity quality at a ratio of 20:1.

Menace First Reward Later Rewards
Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares Bloodhand.png A Member of the Order of Those Who Will Not Be Caught Red-Handed Scaryeye.png 1 x Night-Whisper
Sidebarscandal.png Scandal Bishopofstfiacres.png A Seat at the Bishop's Table Mountainglow.png 1 x Primaeval Hint
Sidebarsuspicion.png Suspicion Lordship.png A Member of the Crew of the St Elmo Bottlehorse.png 1 x Bottle of Fourth City Airag: Year of the Tortoise
Turn-in Spirit Cost Rewards
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for a morsel of gossip Hallowmass.png x 1  Appallingsecret.png 2 x Appalling Secret
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for a seasonally apropos story Hallowmass.png x 5  Scaryeye.png 3 x Tale of Terror!!
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for a gift from the Bazaar Hallowmass.png x 50  Bottlegreen.png 1 x Muscaria Brandy, Document.png 1 x Bazaar Permit
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for the Fool's Favour Hallowmass.png x 100  Baldman.png 1 x Favour in High Places, Wineglass.png 1 x Cellar of Wine, Lips.png 3 x Stolen Kiss
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for an evening with the Fool Hallowmass.png x 250  Wineglass.png 3 x Cellar of Wine, Surmise.png 2 x Vital Intelligence
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for Silent Souls Hallowmass.png x 500  Bottledsoulwhite.png 10 x Silent Soul
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for a pair of Night Whispers Hallowmass.png x 1000  Scaryeye.png 4 x Night-Whisper
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for elements of light Hallowmass.png x 1500  Dawnmachine.png 3 x Element of Dawn[1], Diamondblue.png 3 x Mountain-sherd
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for a Fool's Error Hallowmass.png x 2000  Mirrormonster.png 7 x Direful Reflection, Enigma.png 1 x Searing Enigma, Bazaartears.png 1 x Vial of Tears of the Bazaar

Each of the affiliations you can gain has an associated opportunity card which will appear when you have it equipped. Bloodhand.png A Member of the Order of Those Who Will Not Be Caught Red-Handed unlocks A Shrouded Soiree with the Order of Those Who Will Not Be Caught Red-Handed, allowing you to either gain Mirror.png 2 x Memory of Light and Honeymazed.png 1-5 x Maniac's Prayer, or exchange Scrap3.png 5 x Surface-Silk Scrap for Bohogirl1.png 1 x Favours: Bohemians. Bishopofstfiacres.png A Seat at the Bishop's Table unlocks Attend a dinner at St Fiacre's, allowing you to either gain Conversation.png 1-2 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip and Silhouetteman.png 1-5 x Inkling of Identity, or exchange Heart.png 5 x Romantic Notion for Clergy.png 1 x Favours: The Church. Lordship.png A Member of the Crew of the St Elmo unlocks Drink with the Crew of the St Elmo, allowing you to either gain Wake.png 2 x Memory of Distant Shores and Bottlemorelways.png 1-5 x Bottle of Morelways 1872, or exchange Bottlemorelways.png 5 x Bottle of Morelways 1872 for Manacles.png 1 x Favours: Criminals.


Gaining Confessions[edit]

There are six types of confessions: curiosity, impropriety, pride, guile, whimsy and violence. Each player will get a total of 14 confessions that will be given available through Collect Another Mysterious Confession. This story will be automatically enabled twice during the event, and will give two sets of seven confessions each time. Confessions of curiosity, impropriety and pride will be obtainable the first week, while confessions of guile, whimsy and violence will be acquirable on the second week.

From the beginning of the event, players will be able to trade confessions via social action as many times as they wish.

The only way to get more than 14 confessions is to pay FATE for extra random ones.

Acquiring Companions[edit]

Companions can be gained under Unburden Yourself to an Attendant storylet (which can be accessed through the main hub via Seek out the Attendants) by paying the right confessions + an un-upgraded version of that companion.
You can only get one of each upgraded companion, but as long as you have the base companion + confessions you can gain each variant of the upgraded companion. The available companions change each year making old ones impossible or FATE-locked.

Last Year's Companions (2020)[edit]

Base Companion New Companion
Countessofthorns.png Countess of Thorns (FATE) Roseateantagonist.png Roseate Antagonist
Honeymazedbear.png Honey-Mazed Bear Honeyconnoisseur.png Ursine Honey Connoisseur
Bat.png Sulky Bat Cryptographicchiropteran.png Cryptographic Chiropteran
Dashingdebunker.png Dashing Debunker (FATE) Regretfulsceptic.png Regretful Sceptic
Tracklayeruntried.png Untried Tracklayer Tracklayernocturnal.png Nocturnal Tracklayer
Tracklayertough.png Tough Tracklayer
Tracklayerobstinate.png Obstinate Tracklayer
Debonairrepaleontologist.png Debonair Palaeontologist Buccaneeringpaleontologist.png Buccaneering Palaeontologist
Bell.png Rubbery Bellringer Rubberyyesman.png Rubbery Yes-Man
Rat.png Talkative Rattus Faber Formerlytalkativebearer.png Formerly Talkative Bearer of the Sausage About Which Nobody Complains
Albatross.png Storm-bird Wingedcreature.png Winged Creature of Considerable Speed
Warbler.png Forty-Nine-Voiced Warbler Portablefingerkingmoot.png Portable Fingerking Moot

Previous Years' Companions[edit]

You can also get the upgraded companions from last years Hallowmas by paying an FATE price between 10 FATE and 25 FATE.


It is useful to know what your deadlines are. As of 2020, the timing of different events is recorded below. Past events are no guarantee of future behavior. All switch-overs happened around noon-ish GMT.

  • First Monday: All main-event storylets are opened, except for trading storylets related to unavailable confessions. First batch of 7 free Confessions is opened. Available confessions are Pride, Curiosity, Guile, and Impropriety. Unavailable confessions are Violence and Whimsey.
  • First Friday: Second batch of 7 free Confessions is available. All confession types are available.
  • Second Friday: All main-event storylets are closed, and post-event turn-ins become available. Upgrading Companions is closed. Unused confessions can only be turned in for Spirit, not companion upgrades.

Third Monday(?): Post-event turn-ins are closed. ???: Remaining spirit and confessions are wiped by Time, the Healer.

  1. This is currently the only non-FATE source of Dawnmachine.png Element of Dawn