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A damp fog fills London’s streets. Londoners of all stripes lurk in its concealment: masked, cloaked, triply hidden. It is the season of Hallowmas, of the commission and purging of sin. Londoners seek out the Attendants – the masked representatives of the Bazaar – to be shriven.

Hallowmas is Fallen London's annual feast of masks and confessions. Hallowmas starts roughly a week before Halloween and ends a week afterwards.

During the festival, you can:


Masks visage.png

At Hallowmas, Londoners wear masks. Those in the know will wish to pick a very particular mask. Three have particular import.

Each year, three different Masks are available to wear. This year's are The Demon, The Infant, and The Moth. They grant stat bonuses and can cause an opportunity card to appear while worn. Masks will become tattered and useless (except as a memento) by the end of the festival, unless you choose to purchase a gilded one.

Each mask grants you free entry to one of the Hallowmas Masques via an opportunity card. While attending a Masque, and wearing its associated Mask, a particularly lucrative option will be available to raise the associated Menace: Scandal, Wounds, or Nightmares. When the Menace reaches 7, it can be relinquished to The Fool's Apostate in exchange for Spirit of Hallowmas.

The Masks of Hallowmas 1899 II (2022)
The Demon The Infant The Moth
Masque Saint Dunstan's Sacristy The Roof Below The Pavilion of Butterflies
Card The Devil's Gambit The Squall of Infants The Flight of Moths
Menace Scandal Wounds Nightmares

Note: Suspicion cannot be submitted to the Fool's Apostate this year.

The main reason to choose a particular Mask is to make it easier to raise a particular Menace, due to the privileges the Mask grants at its affiliated Masque. Changing your Mask costs 10 x Spirit of Hallowmas — though if you have any of the Fate-locked gilded masks, you can swap between them and your temporary mask whenever you wish.

Temporary Mask Gilded Mask (30 FATE)
The Demon The Violant Demon
The Infant The Ephebe, Manifold
The Moth The Gant Moth

Not available this year: The Crown / The Cosmogone Crown.


The Fool's Apostate is the arbiter of Hallowmas. He judges whether Londoners have adequately entered the spirit of the festival.

Three Menaces are part of the Hallowmas festivities every year. This year's Menaces are Scandal, Wounds, and Nightmares. ( Suspicion cannot be turned in this year!)

Menaces can be raised at Hallowmas Masques, or in any of the usual ways. See Menaces (Guide) for Menace-raising strategies.

When one of this year's Menaces reaches level 7, a storylet will appear: The Fool's Judgement, where you can trade all of that Menace to The Fool's Apostate and receive Spirit of Hallowmas. This can be traded in at the end of the festival for rewards of valuable items. Additionally, the Menace you turn in the most of will grant you a particular Affiliation.

Note: The Fool's Judgement is not an autofire storylet; you will have to leave any storylet you are currently in, and then click on The Fool's Judgement. Don't get distracted and overshoot, as you will be sent to the associated Menace area if it reaches 8! (This isn't as punishing as it would otherwise be, as during Hallowmas there are cards which let you return to London with 5 levels of menace remaining.)

You can track your Spirit of Hallowmas on the Myself page, under Stories. The quantity of individual Menaces you turn in are tracked by hidden qualities.


Bring Confessions to the Attendants to upgrade certain Companions, improving their stat bonuses.

Confessions are released throughout the festival: seven at the beginning, and seven more a week later. You will get a random assortment of the available Confessions: Curiosity, Guile, Impropriety, Pride, Violence, and Whimsy. Different combinations of Confessions can be traded to the Attendants in order to upgrade certain Companions. Different companions are upgradeable each year.


At the end of Hallowmas, you can turn in leftover Confessions at The Fool's Justice. Any Confessions you hold onto after Hallowmas will disappear when next Hallowmas begins; they cannot be saved from year to year.


During Hallowmas, three Balls will be held in different locations across London. Attendance is by invitation only.

The Masques appear as storylets, with a Favour required for entry. At each Masque, different options are available depending on Airs of the Hallowmas Season (which changes randomly with each action you take). These allow you to obtain small rewards, raise that Masque's associated Menace, and swap certain Confessions for others.

Attending the Masques[edit]

This year, three Masques are in swing; click their titles to see all the actions available there.

The Pavilion of Butterflies — Veilgarden

Options to raise Nightmares. The Moth allows free entry via the opportunity card The Flight of Moths; otherwise you can spend a favour from Society, the Great Game, or Revolutionaries. You can trade confessions of Impropriety for Curiosity, Violence for Whimsy, or Whimsy for Pride.

The Roof Below — Mrs Plenty's Carnival

Options to raise Wounds. The Infant allows free entry via the opportunity card The Squall of Infants; otherwise you can spend a favour from Rubbery Men, Constables, or Criminals. You can trade confessions of Whimsy for Guile, or Curiosity for Pride.

Saint Dunstan's Sacristy — Spite

Options to raise Scandal. The Demon allows free entry via the opportunity card The Devil's Gambit; otherwise you can spend a favour from Hell, the Church, or Bohemians. You can trade confessions of Impropriety for Violence, Pride for Impropriety, or Guile for Violence.

Not available this year: The Wreck of the St Elmo, associated with Suspicion. (This also means Suspicion cannot be traded to The Fool's Apostate!)

Exchanging Confessions[edit]

All exchanges require Airs of the Hallowmas Season 34–66; this can be cycled using the other options at the Masque.

Hallowmas confession cycles.png
Location Required Confession Gained Confession
The Roof Below (Mrs Plenty's Carnival) Whimsy Guile
Curiosity Pride
The Pavilion of Butterflies (Veilgarden) Impropriety Curiosity
Violence Whimsy
Whimsy Pride
Saint Dunstan's Sacristy (Spite) Impropriety Violence
Pride Impropriety
Guile Violence

(Confessions can also be exchanged via social actions: Trade confessions with another player who has the one you need.)

What to do with all these Confessions? Seek out the Attendants, and hand in your Confessions to upgrade certain Companions you may have acquired.

Companions and Items[edit]

At Hallowmas, specific combinations of the Confessions can be brought to the Attendants. If you have a certain Companion, these Confession combinations can be used to upgrade that Companion to a superior, Hallowmas version of that Companion.

Obtaining Companions[edit]

When Hallowmas begins each year, a new Companion joins you. This year, you'll meet the Weary Wayfinder, who can also be upgraded this year using Confessions. You can also obtain the Rubbery Newcomer from last Hallowmas, though he is not upgradeable this year; and other past companions can be acquired for Fate.

This year's freely available companions:

The many, many companions from Hallowmases past, available this year for Fate, may be perused at Let Slivvy Speak.

Upgrading Companions[edit]

If you have certain Companions already, the right combination of Confessions will allow you to upgrade them. There is also an Acquaintance who can be upgraded to a Companion this year.

Note: The information under Uses will be filled in as uses for the new Companions are discovered.

Hallowmas Companions available this year
Original Confessions Upgraded Companion Stats Uses
Weary Wayfinder Epistemological Mapmaker
Navigator-Elect of the Sea of Spines
Reprehensible Lizard Reptilian Darling of the Beau Monde
Genre Painter Prescient Automatist Helicon House entry (equivalent to Genre Painter)
Cloistered Diatomist Monastic Diatomist
Inquisitive Lamp-cat Feline Pariah A Cub's Education
Efficient Commissioner (FATE) Efficient Plenipotentiary
Alluring Accomplice Fabulous Accomplice Entering Helicon House; Spouse option
Rubbery Bellringer Rubbery Herald Fitting in at Helicon House (with Rubbery Campanologist)
Rubbery Campanologist Fitting in at Helicon House (with Rubbery Herald)
Working Rat Minacious Union-Rat Introduce to Furnace (text-only)
Acquaintance: The Precocious Engineer The Precocious Engineer


When the Hallowmas revelries come to an end, you will encounter a universal storylet named Hallowmas: The Fool's Justice. Here, your Spirit of Hallowmas may be traded in for a variety of rewards, and you will receive a gift from one of the leaders of the Masques depending on which Menace you submitted most often.

Spirit of Hallowmas[edit]

Each reward costs a certain number of Spirit of Hallowmas. You can spend your Spirit however you want—take the highest-tier reward, and then smaller rewards to spend whatever you have remaining, or opt for more of the smaller rewards. For example, 1600 Spirit could be spent as 1000 + 500 + 100, or 3(500) + 100, or 16(100), etc.

Any Spirit of Hallowmas above 2500 will be converted into CP for the The Knight of Hallowmas vanity quality at a ratio of 20:1 (in other words, plug the result of (Spirit of Hallowmas - 2500) / 20 into the CP Calculator as your CP gain). Obtaining this quality sets your Spirit to 2499, which you can then spend as you wish on the other rewards.

Turn-in Cost Rewards E (Sell)
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for a morsel of gossip 1 2 x Appalling Secret 0.30
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for a seasonally apropos story 5 3 x Tale of Terror!! 1.50
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for a gift from the Bazaar 50 1 x Muscaria Brandy, 1 x Bazaar Permit 15.00
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for the Fool's Favour 100 1 x Favour in High Places, 1 x Cellar of Wine, 3 x Stolen Kiss 32.50
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for an evening with the Fool 250 3 x Cellar of Wine, 2 x Vital Intelligence 62.50
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for Silent Souls 500 10 x Silent Soul 125.00
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for a pair of Night Whispers 1000 4 x Night-Whisper 250.00
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for elements of light 1500 3 x Element of Dawn[1], 3 x Mountain-sherd 375.00
Exchange your Spirit of Hallowmas for a Fool's Error 2000 7 x Direful Reflection, 1 x Searing Enigma, 1 x Vial of Tears of the Bazaar 462.50
  1. This is currently the only non-FATE and non-Ambition source of Element of Dawn, aside from turning in Officially Recognised Valorous Deed gained from the Lifeberg events


These are awarded depending on which Menace you submitted to the Fool's Apostate the most. If you already received the Affiliation associated with that Menace in a previous year, you will get the repeat reward instead, a non-unique but high-value item.

Menace First Reward (Affiliation) Repeat Rewards
Nightmares A Member of the Order of Those Who Will Not Be Caught Red-Handed 1 x Night-Whisper
Wounds Inducted into the Inverted Stalactite Society 1 x Primaeval Hint
Scandal A Seat at the Bishop's Table 1 x Primaeval Hint

Not available this year: A Member of the Crew of the St Elmo (the Suspicion Affiliation) or its repeat reward of 1 x Bottle of Fourth City Airag: Year of the Tortoise.

Each of the affiliations you can gain has an associated Opportunity Card, with options to gain items or Favours. These cards can appear year-round, as long as you have the Affiliation equipped when drawing from your deck.

A Member of the Order...A Shrouded Soiree with the Order of Those Who Will Not Be Caught Red-Handed

A Seat at the Bishop's TableAttend a dinner at St Fiacre's

Inducted into the Inverted Stalactite SocietyMeetings of the Initiates of the Society of the Inverted Stalactite

Not available this year (but if you already have the Affiliation, you can continue to draw its card):

A Member of the Crew of the St ElmoDrink with the Crew of the St Elmo


Any leftover Confessions can be traded to the Fool for item rewards. Note that any Confessions kept after Hallowmas will disappear when next Hallowmas commences; they cannot be saved from year to year.

Confession Reward
Curiosity Extraordinary Implication
Guile An Identity Uncovered!
Impropriety Touching Love Story
Pride Sworn Statement
Violence Aeolian Scream
Whimsy Bottle of Broken Giant 1844


A smaller activity that can be done is attracting a visitor. Most of the actions are rather unremarkable, trading an action and some low value items for nightmares and making waves, which are consequently you need 5 of both to draw the Visitors at Hallowmas card. The option Open a window to the night air cycles the airs for an action. There are however 2 options here that are of note:

Strategies and Analysis[edit]

Early-Game Players[edit]

While certain aspects of Hallowmas may be out of reach for early-game players (namely, upgrading Companions you haven't had access to, or using the options at Masques that require pricier items), there are several aspects of the event these players can take advantage of.

Removal of Menaces

Menaces can be particularly frustrating for early-game players—with relatively low stats, you often find yourself failing at challenges that inflict Menaces. Hallowmas is a time when this can actually work to your advantage, allowing you to play through sections of the game you're finding challenging without having to worry about keeping Menaces down.

This is a great time to play through the Making Your Name stories A Name Scrawled in Blood (Dangerous; often results in Wounds), A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets (Watchful; often results in Nightmares), and A Name Signed with a Flourish (Persuasive; often results in Scandal), so you can turn in those Menaces to the Fool's Apostate.

Remember that Suspicion isn't a Hallowmas Menace this year, so this won't help with A Name Whispered in Darkness. Also keep in mind that reaching a Menace level of 8 will send you to the associated Menace area unless you are wearing sufficient Menace-reducing gear. Any storylets that automatically send you to a Menace area (like the end of the Persuasive storyline) will also bypass The Fool's Judgement.


Some of the companions upgradeable this year are obtainable by early-game players and provide useful stat bonuses.

Additionally, last year's Rubbery Newcomer is also obtainable for free from The Streets of Hallowmas, though he is not upgradeable this year.

Obtaining all of the above upgrades costs 12 Confessions, comfortably within the free allotment given to every player.

Menace Gain[edit]


The Pavilion of Butterflies[edit]

If you have the Moth mask and are willing to spend Bottles of Strangling Willow Absinthe, then this masque will provide an average of 4.33 menace CP/action. If you have the mask and want to more-or-less break even on absinthe, it'll average ~3.26 menace CP/action. If you don't have the mask and are willing to spend Partial Maps, Scraps of Incendiary Gossip and absinthe, it'll average 2.33 menace CP/action - worse than the non-masque Listen to the silence even at Steward of the Discordance 7.

Circumstances Turn-in Level Average Masque Length SoH/action
Moth mask, willing to spend absinthe 9 13 3.21
10 15 3.44
Moth mask, wanting to break even on absinthe 9 16 2.65
10 19 2.75
Listen to the silence[edit]

Failing the Steward of the Discordance 9 check of Listen to the silence in the Underclay gives +5 CP. As you can freely leave and reenter the Underclay at no cost provided you don't cash out, this is a pretty good source.

Turn-in level SotD 4 or less SotD 5 SotD 6 SotD 7
7 3.65 3.29 2.93 2.55
8 3.64 3.27 2.90 2.51
9 4.09 3.67 3.25 2.81
10 4.16 3.73 3.29 2.84
Attend and speak of...terrible things[edit]

This option in The Shuttered Palace gives +4 CP of Nightmares and +1 CP Scandal, making it very good in years when both of those menaces may be turned in.

Turn-in level SoH/action
7 4.24
8 4.36
9 4.24
10 4.45
Explore the woods[edit]

This option in Balmoral gives +5 CP of Nightmares and +1 Extraordinary Implication. While this is significantly more profitable than all other options (especially if upconversion and selling to Rat Market is involved), the need to travel to London for each cash-in brings the Spirit gain down. To access this you need to have both unlocked Balmoral but not yet having met the Unyielding Highlander. Since each cash out basically takes 3 actions (though providing +2 Rumour of the Upper River), achieving as high of an unmodified level as possible is significantly more important here. In case you're cashing out at level 8 or 11, putting on any item that increases Nightmares then removing it at the start each loop will save you an action (difference in efficiency noted below):

Turn-in level SoH/action
7 3.11
8 3.27-3.6
9 3.75
10 3.92
11 3.88-4.12
How to go from 0 to 7+ Nightmares with only one action[edit]

The following process takes several card draws, but only one action. If you don't have the Starveling Cat or other needed items / qualities, there are still some neat tricks you can use.

  1. Put on any item that increases Nightmares then remove it. This will increase unmodified nightmares from 0 to 1. (This works for Suspicion and Scandal also.)
  2. Wait for the Grubby Kitten card and Introduce her to the Starveling Cat. One action will add 10 CP to Nightmares AND Wounds. Your are now at 4 Nightmares (+ 1 CP).
  3. Put on two items that increase Nightmares. You are now at 6 modified Nightmares (required for cards in next step).
  4. Assuming you have the correct level of Dreams, patiently wait for the following red-bordered cards: A dream about a calm sea, A dream about a corridor lined with brass mirrors 2, A dream about a market-place crowded with dead men (Red card), or A dream about a burning river 3. If you play these red-bordered cards when you have no actions, they will not use an action. Each will add 3 CP of Nightmares.
  5. Continue to wait for red-bordered cards, taking off items as needed to prevent getting to 8 Nightmares, and possibly equipping items that decrease Nightmares if you have them. Cash out with Nightmares: The Fool's Judgement at 6 or 7 Nightmares (or even more, depending on how many Nightmare decreasing items you have).
How to go from 0 to 8 Nightmares with only two actions[edit]

The following process takes several card draws, but only two actions. Requires having several Nightmare-affecting items - 1 increasing and 3 decreasing.

  1. Put on Nightmare-increasing item. This will increase unmodified nightmares from 0 to 1. (This works for Suspicion and Scandal also.)
  2. Go to Mrs Plenty's Carnival and Gaze into Dream's Mirror in The House of Mirrors.
  3. Take off Nightmare-increasing item and put on 3 Nightmare-decreasing items.
  4. Draw cards until getting A friendly visage.
  5. Play it and take off 2 Nightmare-decreasing items, then cash out with Nightmares: The Fool's Judgement.
So hungry[edit]

1 action for +1-20 CP Nightmares, +1 CP Wounds, -50 CP Watchful, and very rarely +1 x Night-Whisper. Requires SMEN at least as far as St Cerise's Candle, and its efficiency depends on (a) using Nightmares-reducing gear (preferably at least -2) to avoid high rolls sending you to the Mirror-Marches, (b) addressing your Watchful loss after Hallowmas ends, and (c) Wounds being available for turn-ins that year. Note that the values below are for turning in safely, i.e. turning in as soon as you reach a point where a high roll could send you to the Mirror-Marches.

Reduction Nightmares Turn-In SoH/action
  • -3
  • -1
9 +1 CP 8.68
  • -2
  • -1
7 +7 CP 8.23
  • -4
10 +3 CP 8.88
  • -3
9 +1 CP 8.62
  • -2
7 +7 CP 8.18


Note: Suspicion cannot be relinquished to the Fool's Apostate this year (1899 II/ 2022). This information is included in the guide for future reference.

The Wreck of the St Elmo[edit]

If you have the Crown mask and are willing to spend Volumes of Collated Research and Knobs of Scintillack, then this masque will provide an average of 5 menace CP/action. If you have the mask and are only willing to spend one of these (replacing the other with either Tales of Terror!! or Presbyterate Passphrases, respectively), it'll provide 3.67 per action; if you aren't willing to spend either, or don't have the mask, it'll provide 2.33.

Circumstances Turn-in Level Average Masque Length SoH/action
Crown mask, willing to spend both research and scintillack 8 10 3.27
9 11 3.75
Crown mask, only willing to spend one 8 12 2.77
9 15 2.81
No mask/unwilling to spend 8 18 1.89
9 22 1.96
Cover Identities[edit]

Failures at Develop your cover identity more deeply, Endow your cover identity with eccentricities, Make sure your cover identity has been observed in the right quarters and Credential your cover identity give +3 CP. With sufficiently low BDR and A Player of Chess, the odds of failure can reach 98-99% for the latter three, meaning that a single cover identity's development can be made to last (on average) about 1950 actions. Thus, the main inconvenience here is travelling back and forth to Balmoral rather than starting and selling the identities themselves.

Turn-in level SoH/action
7 2.14
8 2.38
9 2.48


Saint Dunstan's Sacristy[edit]

If you have the Demon mask and are willing to spend Touching Love Stories, then this masque will provide an average of 4.33 menace CP/action. If you have the mask and would rather spend Mourning Candles, it'll provide 3 per action. If you don't have the mask and are willing to spend Mourning Candles, it'll average 2.33 menace CP/action.

Circumstances Turn-in Level Average Masque Length SoH/action
Demon mask, willing to spend love stories 7 9 2.8
Demon mask, spending mourning candles 7 12 2.15
No mask 7 14 1.87
Attend a Shrouded Soirée from the Wrong Side of the Mirror[edit]

With Glasswork 6 or below, this gives +1.8 CP on average, working out to 1.59 SoH/action.

Bottle of Black Wings Absinthe[edit]

Normally pretty worthless, this is the best time to drink it, for +5 CP / bottle, plus an additional 1 CP of Wounds.


The Roof Below[edit]

If you have the Infant mask and Shapeling Arts 3, this will provide an average of 4.33 menace CP/action. With the mask, no Shapeling Arts 3, and a willingness to spend Unearthly Fossils, it gives 4.33 CP/action; if you'd rather spend London Street Signs it gives 3. If you don't have the mask and are willing to spend Strong-Backed Labours and London Street Signs, it gives 2.33.

Currently, to continue past Wounds level 7 you must remove your Infant mask to equip Tracklayer's Helmet. This prevents access to the mask-specific actions, dropping your average menace CP/action to 2.33 for the last level.

Circumstances Turn-in Level Average Masque Length SoH/action
Infant mask, SA 3/willing to spend fossils 7 9 2.8
8 12 2.83
Infant mask, spending signs 7 12 2.15
8 14 2.4
No mask 7 14 1.87
8 18 1.89
Have a taste of the Toxicology Exhibit[edit]

This option in The Prelapsarian Exhibition gives an average of +2.4 CP. As it locks with Wounds 6, this can only be used to go from 0 to The Fool's Judgement if you have a Tracklayer's Helmet, in which case it gives 2.21 SoH per action.

Discordant Missive[edit]

Sending a discordant missive gives +1-7 CP Suspicion. Reading one gives +1-9 CP Wounds and +2-14 CP Nightmares, as well as some random changes to the four main stats. If you have friends to trade with, and it's the one year in four where all three of those menaces can be turned in, then this is an exceptionally good method.

Reduction Nightmares Turn-In SoH/action
7 +3 CP 36.0
7 +3 CP 45.0
7 +3 CP 36.0
  • -3
8 +5 CP 28.0
  • -3
  • -1
8 +5 CP 36.0
  • -3
  • -1
8 +5 CP 36.0
  • -3
  • -1
  • -1
8 +5 CP 36.0
  • -4
9 +7 CP 28.0
9 +7 CP 36.0

Turning in Menaces[edit]

Once you have 7 levels of either Nightmares, Wounds or Scandal, The Fool's Judgement story will appear, and it will allow you to reset that Menace in exchange for an amount of Spirit of Hallowmas equal to the CP required to reach your unmodified Menace level—i.e., n (n + 1) / 2 for n = the unmodified Menace level. Bonuses given by items do not count, but using these to alter your turn-in point may be more efficient.

It is important to note that if your modified Menaces rise to level 8, you will be sent away from London to the relevant Menace location. In order to turn in Menace levels above 7, you must equip Menace-reducing items to keep your modified level below 8.

An analysis of when to cash in Menaces for Spirit shows that it is (almost) always better to turn in Menaces with as high a level as possible, but the difference between cashing out at 8 vs. 10 is usually less than 4% because of diminishing returns. Only when you gain 5 Menace CP per action does cashing out at 9 instead of 8 make a significant difference of 11–12%.

From a monetary perspective, each Spirit of Hallowmas will get you E 0.25 of items at the end, for a total of up to E 625 at 2500 SoH. As you effectivly gain about 2/3 of your Menace CP as SoH, Menace CP might be valued at 17p. Of course, some of the rewards consist of stuff which is otherwise hard to come by.

Hallowmases Past[edit]

For more detailed information about past Hallowmas festivals, consult Hallowmas (historical).

1899 I (2021)[edit]


Base Companion Stats Required Confessions New Companion Stats
Rubbery Newcomer Liquid Debutante
Squirming Reprobate
The Pirate-Poet The Pirate-Poet, Inscribed Anew
Metaphysically Educated Rattus Faber Persuasive +6 Rodentine Panegyrist
Starry-Eyed Scoundrel Stormy-Eyed Scoundrel
Ex-Privateer Charter Clerk Watchful +4 Ex-Privateer Illuminator
The Chap on the Corner Consummate Wallflower
Rubbery Feline Morally and Physically Flexible Rubbery Cat
Cheerful Goldfish Nightmares -1 Haunted Goldfish Dreaded +2


Item Required Confessions Extra Item/Companion Stats
Misplaced Ring Recalcitrant Sculptress (Companion)
Incognito Princess (FATE) The Captivating Princess' Third-Best Tiara (Hat)
Grubby Urchin Relict Catapult (Weapon)

Previous years[edit]

You can also get the upgraded companions/items from previous years' Hallowmas by paying a FATE price between 10 FATE and 30 FATE in the storylet Let Slivvy Speak, accessed from The Streets of London: Hallowmas.

Item Cost Effects  
Portable Fingerking Moot 30 FATE
Esoteric Accomplice 20 FATE
Spider of Silken Marvels 15 FATE
Iconoclastic Cryptanalyst 20 FATE
Obstinate Tracklayer 20 FATE
Well-Scrubbed Urchin 20 FATE
Protective Mandrake 20 FATE
Nimble-fingered Intelligencer 20 FATE
Rodentine Panegyrist 15 FATE
Illuminated Rat 20 FATE
Condolent Monkey 20 FATE
Ursine Honey Connoisseur 15 FATE
Liquid Debutante 20 FATE
Celebrated Weasel 10 FATE
The Scuttering Palace Guard 20 FATE
A Venomous Caricaturist 20 FATE
Buccaneering Palaeontologist 20 FATE
Skullduggerous Urchin 20 FATE
Senatorial Spider 15 FATE
Haunted Goldfish 10 FATE
Stormy-Eyed Scoundrel 20 FATE
Meticulous Henchman 20 FATE
Melancholy Monkey 15 FATE
Cryptographic Chiropteran 20 FATE
Squirming Reprobate 20 FATE
Utterly Livid Bat 15 FATE
The Scuttering Scoundrels 20 FATE
An Enfranchised Anchoress 30 FATE
Rubbery Yes-Man 20 FATE
Pious Henchman 20 FATE
An Assuming Judge 20 FATE
Only-Semi-Retired Privateer Charter Clerk 15 FATE
Regretful Sceptic 30 FATE
Weeping Doll 10 FATE
Relict Catapult 20 FATE
Pernicious Primate 20 FATE
Unforgiving Urchin 15 FATE
The Pirate-Poet, Inscribed Anew 20 FATE
Midnight Matriarch of the Menagerie of Roses 25 FATE
Mandrake Who Sings Haunting Lamentations 20 FATE
A Redoubtable Dame-Harbinger 30 FATE
Formerly Talkative Bearer of the Sausage About Which Nobody Complains 20 FATE
Faustian Henchman 20 FATE
A Very Lenient Judge 20 FATE
Ex-Privateer Illuminator 15 FATE
Nocturnal Tracklayer 20 FATE
Suave Henchman 20 FATE
Dutiful Orphan 15 FATE
Recalcitrant Sculptress 30 FATE
Sister Lydia, At Peace With Herself 20 FATE
Very Well-Behaved Mandrake 20 FATE
A Reactionary Tomb-Colonist 30 FATE
Winged Creature of Considerable Speed 20 FATE
August Feline 15 FATE
Morally and Physically Flexible Rubbery Cat 20 FATE
Tough Tracklayer 20 FATE
Extravagantly-Titled Tigress 25 FATE
Murderous Monkey 20 FATE
Consummate Wallflower 20 FATE
The Captivating Princess' Third-Best Tiara 20 FATE
Princeling of the Wakeful Court 15 FATE
Roseate Antagonist 15 FATE
Rubbery Herald 20 FATE
Rubbery Campanologist 15 FATE
Fabulous Accomplice 20 FATE
Minacious Union-Rat 20 FATE


It is useful to know what your deadlines are. As of 2020, the timing of different events is recorded below. Past events are no guarantee of future behavior. All switch-overs happened around noon-ish GMT.

  • First Monday: All main-event storylets are opened. First batch of 7 free Confessions is available. October 25,2021
  • Second Monday: Second batch of 7 free Confessions is available. November 1,2021
  • Third Monday: All main-event storylets are closed, and post-event turn-ins become available. Unused confessions can be turned in for 2.5 echo items on the storylet Hallowmas: The Fool's Justice. Upgrading Companions is closed. November 8, 2021
  • Fourth Monday: Post-event turn-ins are closed. Remaining spirit and confessions are wiped by Time, the Healer. November 15, 2021