An ornate silver snuffbox

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From: Mssr. M 's Marvellous Estate Sale

[…] 'Sterling silver, date unknown. External dimensions three by one by two inches. Internal dimensions incalculable. Keep closed. Neither F.F. Gebrandt nor the Estate of Mssr. M_____ are liable for items or extremities lost to the snuffbox.'

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Game Instructions: This item grants Artisan of the Red Science, Respectable and Shadowy. It goes in your Weapon slot.

Unlocked with 30 x Estival Tokens

Locked with A Hungry Little Snuffbox


Portable void

The attendant wraps the snuffbox in silk, taking great care not to jostle the filigreed lid. […]

Later, you open it – just a crack, just for a moment. It is enough. There are emptinesses that consume space, that eat time and distance and thought […]

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