Ask it about the Hillchanger Tower (Furnace Abandoned)

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From: A Conversation with Mr Fires

Action Cost: 0

Does it go where it is bid? Where did it come from?

Unlocked with Furnace's Fate Revealed exactly 2



[…] "In the Neath, even the mountains can be active. You should know: you've been driving your railway over the faces of old powers […]

[…] "Hillchanger is of that lineage. […] It goes where it wishes. […] I don't control it, but I am sometimes able to predict it."

Description summary:
After commenting on the Tower, Fires goes on to discuss the GHR in general. The Justificande Coins used in the railway steel apologise to the powers over which your track run. Fires permitted the recipe to find its way into your hands intentionally.

Fires proceeds to reveal that it had considered competing with the GHR initially, but permitted the player to "conduct [its] experiment" on its behalf, explaining that the Bazaar owes an onerous debt to a Creditor in the west, which has not yet come due. Fires had hoped that using Justificande Coins to lay expensive tracks would either serve as repayment or coerce the Creditor into silence. Fires states that there has been no sign from the Sleeper, and wonders whether the player will "find it" once they build past Burrow-Infra-Mump.

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