Await the Parabolan Quarry at its Lair

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From: Pursuing the Parabolan Quarry

You will have to get ahead of it. Move quickly! And be sure you know where it is going!

Game Instructions: This will involve further travel to find its lair.

Wiki note: The name of this branch depends on the Parabolan Quarry.

LevelParabolan QuarryLair
10Focused AlbatrossEyrie
20Seven-Throated WarblerTerraced Nest
100Honey-Mazed BearCave
110Carnivorous AurochsGrassy Plain
200Pinewood SharkPool
300Iron-Toothed Terror BirdClearing
400Ushabti-VesselHiding Place
1000Curator Mr VeilsHowling and Windy Home


You flank the creature and move ahead

It doesn't see you pass. You take a shortcut across the open terrain.
  • Parrotsmall.png You have tracked your quarry halfway to its lair. (Sets Partly Pursued to 1 - You have tracked your quarry halfway to its lair.)

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