Fruits of the Zee Festival (Guide)

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Diving for Zee Treasures Summary
Setup Progress End
0 A 5 A 2 A


Raise Fivefold Devotion to between 5 and 11. Then go diving.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA 5.01 Raw SPA -

Wiki note: Fruits of the Zee was completely reworked in 2023 (1899 (3)). For the version of the festival in previous years, see Fruits of the Zee Festival (Guide) (Old).

The Fruits of the Zee is an annual festival taking place in the first weeks of September on Mutton Island. The main focus is diving for treasures and exchanging those for rewards, but it's also an opportunity to see some sights, obtain unique items, and discover your Destiny.

Getting to the Festival[edit]

First head to Wolfstack Docks. If you do not have Wolfstack unlocked, you can Pay the urchin in secrets with 10 x Moon-Pearls on Visit the Fruits of the Zee festival! to take you there.

From Wolfstack Docks, if you do not yet have a ship of your own, you may Catch a ferry to the Fruits of the Zee festival for 10 x Moon-Pearl and 5 Actions to get to Mutton Island. From Mutton Island you can Catch the ferry back to London to return at any time.

If you have a Ship already, the ferry will not take you. Fortunately taking your own ship is faster.

Upon arrival, play through the options on Mutton Island, Barren to find out why the festival is not underway. This unlocks the festival storylets, including A Fruits of the Zee Primer.

Going Diving (Week 1)[edit]

The main activity of the first week is building up Fivefold Devotion, which lets you dive for treasure to trade in the next week.

Supplication on the Shore[edit]

Before you can dive for treasure you first need to build up Fivefold Devotion. A minimum of 5 is required in order to go diving, but more lets you dive deeper and longer, obtaining better treasures. The maximum Devotion you can have 11, which is enough to guarantee you can reach the very bottom.

Each option on Supplication on the Shore gives 3 CP of Devotion, and some economy resources which scale off Base Watchful, paying between 0.5 and 4.0 Echoes worth per action. As Fivefold Devotion is a pyramidal quality, reaching the minimum level of 5 takes 15 CP and 5 actions, and reaching the maximum level of 11 takes 66 CP and 22 actions.

Supplication Options
Action Economic Fivefold Devotion Gain
Construct toy boats to scuttle on the reef Zee-Ztory +3 CP
Sacrifice landed victuals to the zee Cryptic Clue +3 CP
Gather flotsam for the King-in-Coral Memory of Distant Shores +3 CP
Perform in a Mutton Island mystery play Maniac's Prayer +3 CP
Assist in the preparation of a well-rite Tale of Terror!! +3 CP


After obtaining at least 5 Fivefold Devotion you can dive from The Fishing Boats, Empty. When diving you draw from a deck of cards, which let you either pick a treasure, or if nothing strikes your fancy, attempt to dive deeper. Succeed and you'll descend a level, while failure will end your dive and provide some Menace increases. Diving itself only takes 2 actions, 1 to leave the boat, and 1 to claim your treasure. Diving deeper is free.

On average, the lower you go, the more valuable the treasure you can obtain. Reaching the bottom reveals a special storylet, Her Fivefold Symmetry, which foregoes an item reward for the Accomplishment Discovered: the Pentamerous Bride. The Bride can be visited up to five times, each time raising the hidden quality Audiences with the Bride which affects the text for each visit. No other uses for any level of Audiences with the Bride have been discovered yet, but the Discovered quality opens the opportunity for unique text and a unique item from the King-in-Coral during Week 2.

Treasures comes in three types:

  1. Pure economy treasure, which can only be traded for Thalassic Favour
  2. Items from Fruits past, duplicates of which can also be traded for Thalassic Favour
  3. Treasures that you can trade for new items in the second week

You can only claim an item reward from one card per dive. Diving deeper gives a greater reward when claiming Thalassic Favour, which appears to be obtained most efficiently by diving deeper with more Fivefold Devotion. When diving for equipment items or coral for equipment trades, it is likely best to begin with 5 Fivefold Devotion until you have obtained all desired items at the starting depth, as diving deeper may not help you to obtain these.

Card Name Depth Total Favour Value Reward
Old Wounds Claim a piece of cast-off coral 1-5 Pedestrian Polyp
Among the Deep-Fish Claim a piece of cast-off coral 1-5 Barnacled Headpiece
A Reef of Wrecks Claim a piece of cast-off coral 1-5 Grasping Coral
A Cabin-Fragment Take what you can 1 50 Witch-Stone
2 100 10 Witch-Stone
3 200 10 Witch-Stone, Collection of Zee-Glass
4 300 Collection of Zee-Glass, Long-Lost Zee Trunk
5 400 10 Witch-Stone, Collection of Zee-Glass, Long-Lost Zee Trunk
Easy Pickings Claim an assortment of cast-off oddments 1 100 Sodden Mass
2-3 150 Sodden Mass, Salt-Smoothed Shiv
4-5 300 Sodden Mass, Salt-Smoothed Shiv
Unlucky Prisoner Rummage through the remains 1 50 Salt-Smoothed Shiv
2 100 Salt-Smoothed Shiv
3 150 Salt-Smoothed Shiv
4 125 Skull in Coral
5 175 Skull in Coral, Salt-Smoothed Shiv
Tangled in the Rigging Liberate the Wrecking Boots 2-3 100 Wrecking Boots
Retrieve a Semi-Automated Mary Lloyd 4-5 200 Semi-Automated Mary Lloyd
Well-Disguised Trinkets Snatch a Cured Jillyfleur Cloak 1-2 100 A Cured Jillyfleur Cloak
Retrieve a Faceted Decanter of Drownie Effluvia 3-5 300 A Faceted Decanter of Drownie Effluvia
A Shattered Prow Dive for a Nuncian Pocket Watch 2-4 150 Nuncian Pocket Watch
Pry free a Scrimshander Carving Knife 5 400 Scrimshander Carving Knife


As a note, players who get 4 EPA grinding devotion will have a marginally higher EPA (5.01 vs 5.00}} by raising Fivefold Devotion to 11 and diving to the bottom, at a cost of a slightly lower Thalassic Favour gain. All other players should use the strategy detailed below for an EPA of between 1.87 and 4.78.

As analyzed in the table below, the optimal strategy is to build up your Fivefold Devotion to 9 and then dive deeper until you see a 300 Favour option, which first appear at Depths 3. At Depths 5, just take the best card available.

Optimum Diving Depths
Depth Fivefold Devotion Level
- 5 (7 Act) 6 (9 Act) 7 (12 Act) 8 (14 Act) 9 (17 Act) 10 (21 Act) 11 (24 Ac)
1 84.3 12.04 84.3 9.37 84.3 7.02 84.3 6.02 84.3 4.96 84.3 4.01 84.3 3.51
2 64.0 9.14 89.6 9.95 115.2 9.60 128.0 9.14 128.0 7.53 128.0 6.09 128.0 5.33
3 23.8 3.41 55.6 6.18 100.1 8.34 143.0 10.22 158.9 9.35 158.9 7.57 158.9 6.62
4 4.0 0.57 28.1 3.12 84.3 7.02 168.6 12.04 240.8 14.16 267.6 12.74 267.6 11.15
5 0.0 0.00 3.6 0.40 32.4 2.70 108.1 7.72 216.2 12.72 308.8 14.71 343.2 14.30
Take 200[1] 24.2 3.46 61.8 6.87 125.3 10.44 200.2 14.30 247.4 14.55 262.1 12.48 263.8 10.99
Take 300[2] 16.3 2.33 51.6 5.73 116.1 9.68 203.2 14.51 271.5 15.97 301.4 14.35 306.8 12.79
  1. Take the 200+ Favour Option, or dive deeper
  2. Take the 300+ Favour Option, or dive deeper

List of Treasures[edit]

For a full breakdown of items, see the Item comparison guide.

New Items[edit]

Each of the three corals can be found at any depth level (1-5). Once acquired, the coral can be traded for one of three possible items, that all have the same stats. All three items can be obtained if you collect three of the same coral.

Name Card Tradeable Item Effect
Pedestrian Polyp Old Wounds Riddlefisher's Footsteps Boots:
Scrimshaw Sabatons
Bright-Buckled Boots
Barnacled Headpiece Among the Deep-Fish Crab-Clawed Tricorne Hat:
Aria of Tranquillity
Peaceable Cowl
Grasping Coral A Reef of Wrecks Gossamer Palms Gloves:
Mournclimber's Wraps

Economy Treasures[edit]

Name Card Depth Effect Thalassic Favour
Sodden Mass Easy Pickings 1-5 100
Witch-Stone A Cabin-Fragment 1-5 10
Collection of Zee-Glass A Cabin-Fragment 4-5 20
Long-Lost Zee Trunk A Cabin-Fragment 4-5 200
Salt-Smoothed Shiv 1-5 50
Skull in Coral Unlucky Prisoner 4-5 Can be used on skeletons. 125

Items from Previous Years[edit]

Name Card Depth Effect Thalassic Favour
A Cured Jillyfleur Cloak Well-Disguised Trinkets 1-2 100
Wrecking Boots Tangled in the Rigging 2-3 100
Nuncian Pocket Watch A Shattered Prow 2-4 150
A Faceted Decanter of Drownie Effluvia Well-Disguised Trinkets 3-5 300
Semi-Automated Mary Lloyd Tangled in the Rigging 4-5 200
Scrimshander Carving Knife A Shattered Prow 5 400

Non-Stat Uses[edit]

Week 2 (Trading)[edit]

The main activity in the second week of is trading in your treasures to buy items.

First, you'll have to progress through the story for the Festival to properly begin in game. Once your A Fruitless Harvest quality is high enough, three storylets will initially unlock: The Fruits of the Zee Festival, Restored!, The Fruit Market, and Fruits for the Starved.

An Audience with the King-in-Coral[edit]

While attending the restored festival, you can Seek out the King-in-Coral to meet the Fathomking, unlocking an additional festival storylet. In An Audience with the King-in-Coral you can trade in the various corals available while diving, breaking them open to get a random variant of the corresponding item. If you visited the Pentamerous Bride, you can also get the Weeping Litter-Cyst, a new Transport item.

Here you can also spend FATE for the various items available at the Festival over the years. Many of these items are also available for free via diving, trading Thalassic Favour, or breaking open coral. Others, primarily older items with fewer uses, are only available here. See the Item Comparison page for item analysis.

The Fruit Market[edit]

In the Fruit Market, you can trade in your treasures gained from diving for Thalassic Favour with the locals. You can then spend the Thalassic Favour on a variety of equipment items. See the Item Comparison page for item analysis.


Trading treasures will give you Thalassic Favour, used to buy items from the other stalls. You cannot trade away your final piece of each equipment, but saving items is not recommended: Treasures and duplicate equipment items will vanish once the event ends.

The tables below show how much Favour each piece of treasure and equipment is worth.

Treasure Thalassic Favour
Witch-Stone 10
Collection of Zee-Glass 20
Salt-Smoothed Shiv 50
Sodden Mass 100
Skull in Coral 125
Long-Lost Zee Trunk 200
Equipment Thalassic Favour
A Cured Jillyfleur Cloak 100
Wrecking Boots 100
Nuncian Pocket Watch 150
Semi-Automated Mary Lloyd 200
A Faceted Decanter of Drownie Effluvia 300
Scrimshander Carving Knife 400

Perusing the Island Stalls[edit]

In the Island Stalls, you can buy various equipment from previous Fruits of the Zee years. You can also Claim a wrecked shipment for 95 Thalassic Favour to randomly receive a variety of saleable items.

Equipment Thalassic Favour Cost
A Cured Jillyfleur Cloak 50
Wrecking Boots 50
Nuncian Pocket Watch 75
A Submerged Rector 100
Semi-Automated Mary Lloyd 100
A Faceted Decanter of Drownie Effluvia 150
Keelgraspers 150
Sun-Seared Silken Gloves 150
Scrimshander Carving Knife 200
Inquisitive Lamp-cat 200
The Forsaken Crown of a Grand Devil 250
Corpulent Carriage 250

Wrecked Shipment[edit]

If you claim a wrecked shipment, you will get a random item based on below. As the Sights at the Festival changes upon purchasing, you cannot manipulate the results by doing other festival activities. Without considering rare successes, on average this should get you 9.4 E for 95 favour, or ~0.10E /Favour, double what you will get if you let them expire.

Wrecked Shipment
Storylet Reward Value Rare Reward Value
1-12 A waterlogged log book 6-10 Zee-Ztory 4E 3 x Partial Map 7.5E
13-23 A small jewellery box 5.2E 1 x Magnificent Diamond 12.5E
24-34 A trunk of soggy letters 8.05E 8.05E
35-45 A consignment of wines 7.8E 3-4 Muscaria Brandy 8.75E
46-56 A forgotten dossier 10E 15E
57-67 A crate of glorious fabrics 1-4 x Whisper-Satin Scrap 11.25 E 17.5E
68-78 An Uncanny Incunabulum 14E - -
79-89 Perusing the Island Stalls 17.26E - -
90-100 A Clay Man 7.5E - -

The Green-Gilled Shipwright's Lot[edit]

If you have a Ship, you can purchase any of the Festival Ships here in exchange for your current ship and Thalassic Favour. Players with The Cladery Heart must first store it in dock for their other ship.

The exact cost varies from 500 - 1920 Thalassic Favour, depending on what class of ship you owned before and what class of ship you are trying to purchase. The Rusty Tramp Steamer is least valuable and receives the smallest discount, while the Swift Zee-Clipper receives a moderate discount. The Zubmarine, Majestic Pleasure Yacht, and all Festival ships receive the highest discount, bringing every Festival ship's price down to 500 Favour.

The table below lists the ships available for purchase and their closest Non-Festival counterparts.

Festival Ship Effect Non Festival Ship Effect
Obstinate-class Cruiser Rusty Tramp Steamer
Ogedei-class Liner Swift Zee-Clipper
Nyx-class Zubmersible Zubmarine
Il-Altun-class Yacht Majestic Pleasure Yacht


As with most festivals, you have the opportunity to reset your current destiny for free. You can only do it for free once per festival, otherwise it will cost fate. The storylet for this is Accept an invitation from the Drownies: Reprise

Sights of the Festival[edit]

Outside of spending Thalassic Favour, you can also take the time to see the sights of the festival. The rewards of these items scale with your modified stats. This likely never exceeds 4 EPA.

Sights of the Festival
Storylet Cost/Chal Reward Alt Reward
1-25 Escape the attentions of the Mary Lloyd (Restored) - -
1-25 Listen to the Drownies' songs (Restored) -
26-50 Dance with a Drownie (Restored) -
26-50 Spy on a delivery for the Custodial Chef (Restored) Shadowy 40 Nightmares +1-2 CP
51-75 Accompany a passing crowd of drunken revellers (Restored) -
51-75 Follow them to the well (Restored) 1 x Deep-zee Catch
76-100 Drink with a Hooded Lady of Mysterious Provenance (Restored) -
76-100 Drink with a Hooded Lady of Mysterious Provenance (Restored) - -


While on Mutton Island, Wounds and Nightmares will not send you to a slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river, the Mirror-Marches, or A state of some confusion. These storylets will autofire as soon as you return to London. In the second week, Wounds 8 and Nightmares 8 instead trigger Over-Indulgence and An Unusual Interlude respectively. These drop your Dangerous + Shadowy and Watchful + Persuasive respectively, by CP equal to their base level, and send you back to London.

How much Thalassic Favour do I need?[edit]

Ships cost no more than 2000 x Thalassic Favour, less if you have a ship to trade in. Items previously available for free in previous years of the festival will not cost more than 2000 x Thalassic Favour in total.

Several new items do not require any Thalassic Favour. The three types of coral found while diving can be traded for unique items; each type trades for one of three equivalent equipment items. In addition, diving to the bottom and gaining the Accomplishment Discovered: the Pentamerous Bride unlocks a special item in the second week.

Alternative Source of Thalassic Favour[edit]

An alternative source of Favour is Jericho Locks, where you can cruise the canals (Guide) in order to get Skulls in Coral to trade in for Favour.

For 37.5E of items and 3.5 actions, you can visit the Persephone for an average of 1.5 x Skulls in Coral, plus 21.25E of Unprovenanced Artefacts and some Fin Bones, Collected and Moonlight Scales. As skulls are worth 125 Favour each, this yields a total of 53.57 Favour/Action, a return of 11.54 Favour/E .

Crooked-Crosses can also do this more cheaply at the cost of speed, spending 30E and 5 actions.

Notably, this grind can be combined with diving by using a specific option to raise Fivefold Devotion. Gather flotsam for the King-in-Coral gives Memories of Distant Shores, which can be turned in 40 at a time along with 2 x Sworn Statement. Alternatively, the memories can be converted into Collated Research and turned in 10 at a time.

End of the Festival[edit]

At the end of the festival, any Treasures you still have beyond one copy of each piece of equipment and your Skull in Coral will be be converted into Memory of Distant Shores at a rate of 10 Thalassic Favour to 1 Memory, giving Thalassic Favour a value of 0.5E .