Be appointed Ambassador to Arbor

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From: An Embassy to London 2

Her Roseate Splendour speaks."You, clever one, shall be my link with London."

Unlocked with Et In Arbor Ego 100, 1 x A Clue from the Duchess, 1 x A Clue from the Princess, 1 x A Clue from the Widow



The Roseate Queen comments on the report on your investigation made by the Envoy. Your diligence, your focus, your hounding of the mystery […]

[…] she names you Ambassador of the Roses, pre-eminent among Londoners and First among the Fifth. […]

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Success Instructions: (During Hallowmas 1896) You are Ambassador to Arbor. This concludes the Mystery of the Rosers. but the story of Arbor and its Embassy will continue in the future.
(From the Waswood) You are Ambassador to Arbor – and perhaps you always were. This concludes the Mystery of the Rosers.

If accessed during Hallowmas 1896:

If accessed from the Waswood: