Commission the manufacture of a kaleidoscopic device of your own

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From: The Inorganic Sciences Wing

Wouldn't it be a riot at a soiree?

Game Instructions: This will consume the boxes.

Unlocked with 1 x Peligin-filled Mirrorcatch Box, 1 x Violant-filled Mirrorcatch Box, 1 x Apocyan-filled Mirrorcatch Box, 1 x Viric-filled Mirrorcatch Box, 1 x Cosmogone-filled Mirrorcatch Box, 1 x Irrigo-filled Mirrorcatch Box, 1 x Gant-filled Mirrorcatch Box, 10000 x Curator's Gratitude

Locked with F.F. Gebrandt's Patent Neathoscope, Containing and Displaying All Seven Colours of Exotic Light


A marvel

The Museum's specialist in such matters is an Enthusiastic Mechanic, who is […] happy to show you […] the device: A contrivance of lenses, mirrors, shutters, and minute holes drilled into mirrorcatch boxes. She calibrates the device using boxed candles […]

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