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From: A Return to Terra Firma

What have you seen? Where have you been?

Game Instructions: This will increase your Zeefaring.

Unlocked with (sum from 1 to ( Base Zeefaring + 1)) x Zee Legs, (sum from 1 to ( Base Zeefaring + 1)) x Zee-Ztory (see table below)

Locked with Zeefaring Base 5 + Zeefaring Ztudies, An Experienced Zailor: (hidden)

Base Zeefaring Zee Legs / Zee-Ztories Needed


Another log on the shelf


Description summary:

1You know something of the zee's mysteries: how zailors' knots encode signals to the worker who'll have to undo them on the next shift; how the currents of the zee swirl around lazily, spiralling towards its centre.
2You make a study of things you have sighted in your voyages: the morphology of zee-monsters; the silhouettes of other vessels; the varieties of unhelpful disposition of the dockhands at various ports.
3You sketch out the relative positions of a few ports, averaged out between different maps. You compile some zailors' shanties, noting the points where it is appropriate for a captain to join in.
4You write down detailed notes on your ship's engines and their functioning. You collect some thoughts on field repairs and useful substitutions of tools and parts.
5You write a study of crew morale: how to treat veteran zailors and how to treat novices; how to keep cohesion in times of crisis; how to project confidence when one doesn't know what one is doing.
6You make notes on distant ports and the vagaries of reaching Polythreme. You collect a few sketches of animate objects from the Sea of Voices. You write down your thoughts on the etiquette of hailing a live steamer.
7+You write about the edge of the known Zee, and speculate on what might be found further East. You compile a few sketches of Khaganian vessels. You embellish a few zailor's tales of the ports at Khan's Heart and Khan's Shadow.

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