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Enough to fascinate. Not so much as to bore.

Unlocked with Depth of Historical Study 4-5


And done!

You write a brief final chapter on [varies].

Description summary:
The topic of your conclusion varies with your value of Object of Historical Study.

[Find the rest of the story at]

100the nature of Parabola, and cats' role in defending dreams.
110the expulsion of Devils from Parabola, and the true origin of the Exile's Rose.
120the arrival of the Rosers in Arbor, and what they left behind on their journey.
130what the mirrors whispered to the rulers of the Fourth City, and how those whispers became action.
210the choices that led to London's campaign against Hell, and the consequences that followed.
220the intrigue and wonder of Port Carnelian.
230the Great Game as it is played on the Unterzee.
240the many tales of Zee-piracy: true, apocryphal, and poetic.
300the Khan's attempt to seize the Elder Continent, and the forces that repelled him.
310the Fourth City's war against Hell.
320the Great Khan's departure from the Fourth City, and the withering away that ensued.
400the outline of Nicator's life, and the many definitely-true stories about it.
500the causes and effects of Hell's Revolution, which confuse themselves in knots of scalding time.