Consider where clues might be found

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From: Developments in an Ongoing Investigation

Action Cost: 0

Where should you begin?


Success Instructions: There are clues throughout Fallen London. Some are in obvious places; others are in obscure or hard-to-reach places. Not all are accessible to all players.

A clue is only fully discovered when enough players have obtained it and returned to the museum to share it with the broader investigation. Some easier clues may require the activity of more players; harder clues might require fewer, or even only one player, to discover them.

Completing the mystery will not require discovering every single clue, but the more unique clues are found, the faster the investigation will progress.

Once enough clues have been found and enough time has elapsed, the investigation will begin moving towards its conclusion. You will still be able to find and hand in clues until the event ends entirely, no sooner than August 5th.