Contemplate the challenge of advertising

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Unlocked with Advertising Profile: Campaign Focus

Storylet appears in A Trade in Reputations


Contemplate your objectives
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    Action Cost: 0



    Duration and Name Recognition

    Success Instructions: Your campaign has a limited Duration, which drops each time you work on it; it has Enterprise, which is set at the beginning of the campaign, though you can change it partway through; and it has Name Recognition.

    Higher Enterprise means the client has invested more in your campaign – and expects more in return. Ventures are riskier with a high Enterprise product, but the potential returns are high.

    The greater your Name Recognition at the end of the campaign, the greater your rewards for participating. Along the way, you may also have a chance of gaining extra points of Persuasion or Shadowy for rare successes on particular ventures, or second chance items in those areas.