Having Recurring Dreams: Death by Water

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Dreams of drowning and worse.

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Unlocked with

Dream cards[edit]

Dream Card Unlock level Max level Autofire?
A dream about whispers 0 2
A dream about descending into darkness 1 3
A dream about the hold of a ship in a storm 2 4
A dream about being lost at sea 3 5
A dream about a calm sea 4, 6 ? ✔ (Menace card)
A dream about a desert 1 4 6
A dream about a night flight 5 7
A dream about a dirigible 6 8
A dream about your home 7 9

Options on other dream cards[edit]

Level 6[edit]

Level 10[edit]


Level 1[edit]

Level 4[edit]

Level 5[edit]

Level 10[edit]