Drive through Hilly Land

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From: The Next Stretch of Track

Furnace is gone. But those who work in her place still need supplies.

Unlocked with 3 x Railway Steel, Terrain Surveyed exactly 5, Involved in a Railway Venture 80-89

Locked with Tracklayers' Work Stoppage, Track Laid 3


Complicated ground

You deliver the steel. In exchange you receive maps of where it has gone.
Bridge TroublesThird Sentence
0 - 1Perhaps it is an improvement on Furnace's long-winded status reports and dubious, unsolicited gifts from the Tracklayers.
2The situation is tolerable, but you will replace these people with someone more reliable and more aligned to you just as soon as the opportunity comes.
3All is well, except that no one has heard a word from Furnace Ancona.