A tactical opportunity: employ a rat-catcher

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From: A Bad Case of Rattus Faber

Rat-catchers prefer to avoid L.B.'s altogether, but here's a surly villain who'll take your money to deal with the creatures.

Game Instructions: This will reduce Troubled by Vermin more quickly.

Unlocked with Troubled by Vermin 6 - 49, The Airs of London 6 - 35, 50 x Piece of Rostygold

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 70%)


Effective up to a point

The rat-catcher's manner is offensively familiar and his odour is somewhere between rat and tramp. Nevertheless, he is an effective scourge of ratkind, and the rat-corpses mount up handily. One night, however, you find him guzzling your brandy […]

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[…]in the pantry playing poker with a number of the more affable watch-rats. There is a nasty scene which ends when you forcibly eject the miscreant from your[…] door. 'And don't come back!' you shout. Rats cheer drunkenly from an upstairs window.[…]

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