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Watch for the fall of a card - a page for all actions that test your luck.

  • Luck challenges technically have Narrow difficulty, ranging from -5 (guaranteed success) to 4 (100% success chance).
  • In practice, since no character can gain or lose Luck, only the success chance matters.
  • The difficulty of Luck challenges can sometimes be modified by other qualities, such as A Little Knifework.
  • Luck challenges may also have rare successes, as sometimes seen when upconverting items like Jade Fragments
Luck challenges
Challenge text Success %
A long shot...but you might win 10%
The odds are strongly against you here 20–30%
The odds are against you here 40%
It could go either way 50–60%
Pretty good odds 70–80%
How can you fail? 90%
A sure thing. Or is it? 100%