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From: The Mandolinist

The Mandolinist desires a chorus.

Unlocked with Hearing the Mandolin exactly 20


Hell's Horizons

The resinous scraping of the Mandolinist's bow […]

The Mandolinist ceases to play. Its eyes gaze upon you expectantly. He has provided locations. You must do the rest[…]Then the wing-eyes close, and in his own reverie, the Mandolist repeats his tune[…]

Description summary:
The clues are: "Anthems of the Edict of Towers, newly raised. Of the goat-demons ranging wild in the hills. Of the bubbling marshes of the Lilymire."

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  • Trebleclefsmall.png The Mandolinist requires the recovery of three relics of Hell, lost in the hinterlands. (Sets Hearing the Mandolin to 25)

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