Find a Route to Parabola

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From: Begin a Scientific Investigation

The Silverers have their own ways into Parabola, via the Honey-Dens. For everyone else, the route is perilous and secret.

Game Instructions: The work begun here will take some time to complete. You may do this path even if you are a Silverer, if you wish, but the route via the Honey-Den will prove less costly.

Unlocked with 50 x Memory of Light, 1 x Uncanny Incunabulum, 1 x Antique Mystery

Locked with Experimental Object, Access to a Parabolan Base-Camp, Halfway through the Mirror


A still point in the dreaming land

It is difficult to find a way into Parabola. It is more difficult to come and go freely. It is most difficult of all to choose a place within Parabola and force it to remain, stable […] Parabolan ground is not accustomed to remaining still.

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Conclusion: Lay out a Plan and a Process