Find occasion to speak with Furnace's former partner Cornelius 2

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From: Confidantes and Advisors

Action Cost: 0

No point in putting the man in charge, but he doubtless has opinions on this.

Game Instructions: This allows you to speak to Cornelius without making him leader of the tracklayers.

Unlocked with Following up Rumours of Cornelius 9, Leader of the Tracklayers is: A Lackey of Mr Fires; A Lackey of Yours, Formerly Aligned with Mr Fires or January


Among the hills

Cornelius is working in a barrow above Evenlode. It may once have been concealed, but now there is a clear track leading from the train station to the site […]

[…] the whole area is scattered with broken tools, […] cages whose occupants have flown, […]

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