Hand over a multitude of scraps for Veils-Velvet

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From: The Coquettish Relicker and Mathilde are Making the Rounds

Your house is surrounded by relickers. Four carts, four rats, eight shovels. A great deal of shouting and several upset neighbours.

Unlocked with 3200 x Certifiable Scrap, Dangerous 200


What on earth...

"Now, if anyone finds out about this, then we've both had it. This stuff shouldn't even exist. [see table below]

Description summary:
Part of the description will vary based on whether or not you have completed Ambition: Bag a Legend!

Ambition: Bag a Legend!Description
<2000Old Mr Veils barely appears at his looms and factories. He's got other... hobbies, that keeps him away […] I used to run 'em for him before the..." She trails off to silence and will not be drawn. The fabric she hands you is like a tiger's mind.
2000+Mr Veils never comes to see us at all now. They say it's entirely gone now."

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