"I bring the Bazaar."

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From: Gifts for the Feast

Not literally. But this throbbing chunk of altered amber could be the key to the Bazaar's defences. Deliver it to the Lorn-Flukes, and the Bazaar may be on borrowed time. So, too, perhaps, London. […]

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Into the abyss

[…] Too late to turn back. You push it into the recess below the hatch […] The nearest Fluke writhes all along its length, languorously, like a licentious mountain. […] "Go," you say. "Go!" […] the first of the Flukes uproots itself...

Description summary:
You deliver your "weapon" to the Fluke. It accepts it, coiling around it. You steer your zubmarine away as the Flukes begin to rise.

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