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This is how Christmas has developed over the years. If you have anything to fill in, please do =)

Christmas 2009 (1887)[edit]

In the old days, there was only one Mr Sacks, and it used to go a few rounds over Christmas...

There are a few tweets suggesting that the festival debuted in this year and Mr Sacks made its rounds, but very little information about how it worked. It appears it may have allowed players to change their Ambition.

Christmas 2010 (1888)[edit]


The Crimson Beast of Winter returned to take gifts from Londoners. Mr Sacks stalked the streets of Fallen London through the opportunity deck before it could eventually be found as a storylet at your lodgings. Starting from 23 December, it began its rounds and those who received a visit from Mr Sacks were recognised as a Veteran of Mr Sacks' Visits.

Those who chose to offer themselves to Mr Sacks during that visit would find themselves in a dark place, where they had to find a way to escape by playing opportunity cards. Curiously, the opportunity deck in this location could only hold two cards at a time.

Players could also send Queer Parcels to friends over the holidays for FATE. The Fallen City-themed items from the Parcel could be used as menace reduction, and collecting the full set allowed an exchange of those items for a Stone Tentacle-Key on The Duchess has a list opportunity card.

Christmas 2011 (1889)[edit]


There was little to no change in Christmas this year.

Mr Sacks stalks the streets of Fallen London became available as a storylet in all of Fallen London. The visits from Mr Sacks continued – according to the first Fallen London Mysteries, including visits from previous Christmas, this year Mr Sacks has taken 589 characters in total.

Christmas 2012 (1890)[edit]


Christmas was completely renovated. The first thing that could be observed was how especially thick the Neathy equivalent of snow this year was – people were snowed in and there were many volunteers about clearing the streets of snow. Whether you cleared the snow yourself or paid urchins to do the labour, the activity granted an Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow. Furthermore, once the path to your lodgings was cleared, you could help your friends to clear up theirs for even more of the strange stuff.

So what does one do with pails of Neath-snow? Various experiments, as it turned out. Most of the interactions with it would increase Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre, a mysterious new quality. One of the more interesting effects of the strange substance could be observed from feeding it to a Talkative Rattus-Faber or a Malevolent Monkey, which occasionally may transform them into a Dark-Carapaced Crustacean. Examining it through a Semiotic Monocle was one of the very few ways to increase A Scholar of the Correspondence above level 10.

In case you didn't have enough snow, you could obtain additional pails of it from the urchins by spending connection points.

Alternatively, during SNOWBOUND! you could welcome a Masterly volunteer for 20 FATE, forgoing the opportunity to collect a pail of Neath-snow in the process. Doing so would activate a living story which later resulted in a delivery of Incarnadine Fur Robe. The imposing garment allowed the wearer to choose a gift from the following set of special Home Comforts and – as it happened – a Transport:

On 24 December, Experiencing Strange Times: Twelve Days of Mr Sacks began. Mr Sacks this year was... were different. Their voices sounded different, for one. And these Mr Sacks came to visit not only once, but several times. On the fourth day, you could decide whether to investigate this new winter phenomenon alone, or with a faction at the cost of 10 FATE. The factions with interests were:

Players also received a little gift of what may be a cat or an angry sorrow-spider.

Christmas 2013 (1891)[edit]

Xmas holly.png

The first Fallen London Advent Calendar was released! Its gifts included unique items such as Rat of Glory, Meticulously Altered Stocking, and Magnificent Feast.

Players would receive seven Potential Christmas Cards every week in December via Time, the Healer, opening a new social action. Notably, the Second Chances received from these cards are not capped. Particularly generous people could also arrange for the Bazaar to send a special gift and other benefits alongside their Christmas card for 100 FATE. Spread the festive joy to your friends!

Starting from this year, Incarnadine Fur Robe cost 30 FATE. A new reward was also added to it:

Out and about in the Neath-snow has been retired; it's no longer possible to clear up snow for your friends.

The urchins, showing good entrepreneurship and business sense, started selling Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow first for the lowly cost of five Storm-Threnodies, and later in the season – as demands rose – for seven Storm-Threnodies and a Night-Whisper (the greedy rascals!). In an impressive coincidence, at the exact same time some devils were willing to buy one's soul for the very materials demanded by the urchins.

Three new options were introduced to Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow: write a monograph on it for Correspondents, feed it to a Wild Boar, and most notably the Oracle of the Lintel, which allowed one to gain a Destiny (or change theirs, should they wish so).

Three new factions were available on Day 4 of Twelve Days of Mr Sacks, costing 12 FATE:

Furthermore, investigation paths from last year only cost 8 FATE.

On Day 11: Mr Sacks, mutely, several options now required professions and gave new rewards. On Day 9: At your window, options related to Seeking Mr Eaten's Name appears to have been removed. More options were also released over the plate.

Penstock's Wicket opened for the first time in January for those who have met all Mr Sacks of the year. Here, players could trade Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre for cheap Lodgings upgrades and exclusive remote Lodgings.

In addition to housing-related rewards, the Taste of Lacre also could be traded for the Noman, a short-lived companion born from Lacre and blood (yours). It will, most likely, not survive the winter, but perhaps that is reason to make the most of its time. Perhaps one may even dare to extend that time...

Christmas 2014 (1892)[edit]


The first premium festive story was released for the cost of 30 FATE: The Gift.

The Advent Calendar was revamped, with some new and some old rewards. Potential Christmas Cards returned as well.

The urchins started selling Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow for the higher price they demanded at the end of last year. And right on cue, the sevils also renewed their offer for buying one's soul for the exact materials demanded by the Urchins.

Speaking of the devils, throw another soul on the fire was added to The Western Tower: a Guest Room at the Brass Embassy. Warm, isn't it?

Two new rewards were added to the Incarnadine Fur Robe:

Starting from this year, the Fur Robe would be delivered immediately after spending FATE instead of after three weeks. This made it possible to get a Fur Robe each week and immediately trade it for one of the unique rewards.

Unaccountably Peckish gain from Accept his heart and lights on Day 9: At your window was changed from 15 CP to 1 CP.

Soothe & Cooper Long-Boxes were added to Penstock's Wicket as a crossover from Sunless Sea.

As part of the countdown toward the release of Sunless Sea, De Gustibus showed up at the end of January, right before Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow would melt. Players took this chance to make a profit from their unused pails of Neath-snow.

This was the second and last time De Gustibus showed up in winter, to the surprise and disappointment of many players. The culinary gathering would eventually return in Whitsun in 2020, but they no longer accept Neath-snow for the simple fact that it would have melted away before the festival begins in May.

Christmas 2015 (1893)[edit]


The Advent Calendar received its own website. Players started with only seven Potential Christmas Card this year instead of eight. The number of Second Chances received from each card also has been reduced from five to three.

Two new rewards were added to the Incarnadine Fur Robe:

The price for keeping the Noman alive into February was much higher than in previous years. After protest from a lot of players, the price was reduced again to the level of previous years.

Christmas 2016 (1894)[edit]

Xmas jenny.png

A new festive story was released for the cost of 35 FATE: The Empress' Shadow.

The Advent Calendar returned with a new Cartography item: Sky-Story.

Sinning Jenny, the first Mayor of Fallen London, would be delighted to send a mayoral Christmas card to your acquaintance for 50 FATE. As befitting the lady of the Parlour of Virtue, she would deliver a hamper of expensive wines alongside your card.

The Urchins from the Regiment had stolen Mr Sacks' sack and would allow you to get an unpredictable gift from the sack for 12 FATE. For the same price, you could gift that action to an acquaintance. The sack contained various items that were rare for its time – notably it was the only way to obtain a Ratty Reliquary and meet the Fraught Research Assistant.

Two new rewards were added to the Incarnadine Fur Robe:

Christmas 2017 (1895)[edit]


A new festive story was released for the cost of 35 FATE: The Marriage of Feducci.

Furthermore, Mayor Feducci would be glad to send a mayoral Christmas card to your acquaintance for 50 FATE and – perhaps – further his agendas through festive cheer. In a move expected of him, he would also send an armoury of rifles with your card.

Three new rewards were added to the Incarnadine Fur Robe:

For the first time in several years, a new 12 FATE option was added to Day 4 of Twelve Days of Mr Sacks, allowing you to help a Rubbery Friend find the spirit of Christmas. If chosen, the continuation of this investigation can be found on Day 8 (no reward; only text), and the conclusion on Day 12, which provided a new companion:

Christmas 2018 (1896)[edit]


A new festive story was released for the cost of 35 FATE: The Ceremony.

Following the website redesign, the Advent Calendar has been moved to a new home.

The Jovial Contrarian couldn't decide whether he was for or against Christmas this year, but he didn't mind to continue the mayoral tradition of sending festive cards for the same price as previous years. He would also attach a trove of dubiously acquired information to your card.

The list of Masters of the Bazaar has been exhausted, therefore newly added rewards from the Incarnadine Fur Robe from this year and onward follow an extra requirement: these gifts can only be received if you have previously received a gift from the same Master. This effectively makes the new items double FATE-locked.

The two new rewards were:

Christmas 2019 (1897)[edit]


A new festive story was released for the cost of 35 FATE: The Brass Grail.

The Advent Calendar returned with unique new items:

It also brought the Plate of Scandalously-Buttered Scones back, previously only obtainable from a limited access code.

A trade-in for Sky-Story was added, accessible by clicking on the item in inventory. As part of this, the Starry-Eyed Scoundrel was also added to Redemptions in the Bazaar. This change made Sky-Story from a simple collectible into an economically powerful item.

Virginia is a deviless, and Christmas isn't the sort of thing that her kind would celebrate, but as the Lord Mayor she was still delighted to participate in the festivities by continuing the mayoral tradition of sending Christmas cards and perhaps a political message or several. She would also deliver a crate of brandy and an ornamental brass skull alongside your card, as is unsurprising from a citizen of Hell.

The options to send gifts of FATE were added to Explore the Festive Season. Notably, it allowed sending 20 FATE, while off-season only the options to send 50 FATE and 100 FATE are available. Also, your gift would be delivered by couriers full of festive spirits.

Two new rewards were added to the Incarnadine Fur Robe:

A new 12 FATE option was added to the Day 4 of Twelve Days of Mr Sacks, allowing you to conspire with the rats. If chosen, the continuation of this investigation can be found on Day 6 (giving a point of the Taste of Lacre) and the conclusion on Day 11, giving some rewards related to the Criminals faction as well as a new companion:

Christmas 2020 (1898)[edit]


The Advent Calendar once again returned with new items, two of them reflecting the latest palaeontological craze:

The mayoral tradition of sending festive cards continued: the Viscountess of Viric Jungle had given her approval, with the Shopkeeper in Viric by her side to help with the delicate issue of the pen. No seasonal greetings for serpents, however. She would deliver a crate of relics and a precious egg – if it can be called an egg – with your card.

Two new rewards were added to the Incarnadine Fur Robe:

Arrange for the Regiment to visit you and its social counterpart were retired, as it had overstayed its welcome. In its place, an option to meet the Fraught Research Assistant for 10 FATE was added, with no randomness involved. The Assistant was the last item to receive a new source since the sack's implementation.

A new 12 FATE option was added to the Day 4 of Twelve Days of Mr Sacks, allowing to discourse with a trio of devil poets. This investigation can be followed on Day 6 and Day 10, and concluded on Day 12. Its rewards included the Taste of Lacre, an Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow, and a new affiliation:

This affiliation would unlock a new poetic school: the Terpsichoreans, foolhardy few who learn an infernal language of dance.

For those with a railway and access to Ealing Gardens, it's now possible to take the Noman to Helicon House as a companion. It brings no benefits whatsoever, but perhaps it may become something memorable.