Kaleidoscopic Colour

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Which colour did you see?

Wiki note: This quality's image varies depending on its level.

This quality has no recorded uses.


Peliginsmall.png 1: Peligin
Violantpagesmall.png 2: Violant
Apocyanicsmall.png 3: Apocyan
Viricsmall.png 4: Viric
Cosmogonesmall.png 5: Cosmogone
Irrigosmall.png 6: Irrigo
Gantsmall.png 7: Gant

Level Increase Descriptions

1: Peligin, the colour of monsters and the deep zee.
2: Violant, the colour of unwanted yet necessary connections.
3: Apocyan, the colour of indelible memory.
4: Viric, the colour of shallow sleep.
5: Cosmogone, the colour of the Parabolan sun.
6: Irrigo, the colour of oblivion.
7: Gant, the colour that remains when all other colours are devoured.