Kick out (Current Leader) and install Furnace as leader of the Tracklayers

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From: The Next Stretch of Track

In theory she's an ordinary Tracklayer now, but she's dropped by your lodgings twice to talk about 'possible problems ahead.' It's clear she wants her place back.

Game Instructions: The higher your Tracklayers' Displeasure, the more difficult it will be to persuade them.

Unlocked with Leader of the Tracklayers is: Cornelius, A Lackey of Mr Fires, A Lackey of Yours, Formerly Aligned with Mr Fires, or January, Furnace's Fate Revealed exactly 1

Locked with Furnace Ancona's Wounds, Hinterland City - Foundation

Wiki note: The title of this option changes depending on the current Leader of the Tracklayers.

Challenge information

Broad, Persuasive 200

  • 137 - very chancy (41%)
  • 170 - chancy (51%)
  • 204 - modest (61%)
  • 237 - very modest (71%)
  • 270 - low-risk (81%)
  • 304 - straightforward (91%)
  • 334 - straightforward (100%)

Each point of Tracklayers' Displeasure increases the base difficulty by 10 points.


An eager crowd

[…] Furnace's supporters are numerous, and they have not forgotten her. […]

Her speech is bracing, a reminder of why the Union should retain its allegiance to the person who led them so far. […]

After that, the vote is not even close.


Description summary:
A part of her speech varies with your Involved in a Railway Venture level.

Involved in a Railway VentureDescription
90"[…] not yet reached the hardest part of our journey. Burrow-infra-Mump –"

Someone giggles in the crowd.

"[…] The name may not strike fear. But it should: you don't know […] Are you ready to take on all those, with a leader who does not know them well?"

100"Moulin is in front of us, and all the battlefields of Hell. Do you want to walk that territory with someone who has never seen it before? Are you ready to take on that trial alone?"
110[…] The Hurlers. Some of you know what happened to me there. Few of you have seen it." […] Furnace […] pulls […] her helmet […] away.

"What lies ahead of us is Discordance territory," […] "Our best chance at darkness." […] "Our greatest opportunity to alter the Chain."

120[…] "We have passed the Hurlers. But what remains before us now is Marigold, the home of Hell's outcasts. Do you want to meet the devils of that place alone? Or would you rather be led by one who has seen all this before, and lived?"

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A failure of public relations

You put the case to the Union […] If they'd chosen someone half-competent, I wouldn't have minded."

"Untrue," says a second voice in her helmet. "We all would have minded. […]"

[…] "What am I meant to do now? […] The Union still needs a town of its own." […]

Description summary:
Furnace's initial reaction in the first paragraph depends on the current Leader of the Tracklayers.

Leader of the TracklayersDescription
CorneliusAfter the failed vote, Furnace paces in your sitting room. "They really prefer to follow Cornelius!
A Lackey of Mr Fires
Your Lackey
After the failed vote, Furnace curls up in your best armchair […] "They really prefer to follow Gerard!" Trust Furnace to know the man's name. No one else ever calls him that. "He was a tolerable short-term leader at best, but he has no strategy!
JanuaryAfter the failed vote, Furnace curls up in your best armchair and hugs a pillow to her chest. "They really prefer to follow January!

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