Let him be

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From: Find the Source of the Uproar

He got himself into this quandary, he can get himself out. Besides – a sergeant is strolling over from the Magistracy. He might get here in time.


There in the nick of time...

The Sergeant[…] will, instead, provide commentary: "Ooh, there he goes![…]

When the Constable has been submerged for the final time, the Sergeant smiles […] "Drownie duty. Character building. Every Evenloder has to do it. Keep the b______s away from shore."

Description summary:
The hazing continues - even if it is fatal and at risk of inflicting a fate worse than death. The Sergeant also made a remark that implied that he knew about what turns a drowned person into a drownie (it's genuine Rubbery Lumps).

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