Offices of the Tracklayer's Union: Ealing Gardens Branch/Tables

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Tracklayers' DispleasureDescription
0When the statue is up, it attracts admirers from the local population. "We don't usually get statues out here."
2When the statue is up, the local population treats it to a little mocking humour. One night, someone puts a donkey mask over the face. But it's meant affectionately, no doubt.
3The night after it's put up, the statue is covered in an unidentifiable substance. At least, one wouldn't want to identify it. It does wash off, anyhow.
5-6The night after it's put up, insulting graffiti appears on the base. "Londoner," says one comment. And "Not Needed Here."
7-10The night after it's put up, protesters with hammers have a go at the base of the statue. They don't manage to take it down, and the damage can be repaired. But this is not a tranquil neighbourhood.