Plan your last route, and set aside land for a tracklayers' city near Ealing Gardens

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From: Convene a Board Meeting of the Great Hellbound Railway

The tracklayers will not build the last track until they've been allotted a place for their future town. Your lackey suggests placing them very close to London, where they can easily be managed and observed.

Game Instructions: Fans of Rubbery Men will have some concerns about putting the two communities side by side.

Unlocked with Involved in a Railway Venture exactly 120, Total Board Membership (Aside From Yourself) 4, Leader of the Tracklayers is: A Lackey of Mr Fires or A Lackey of Yours, Formerly Aligned with Mr Fires

Locked with In Corporate Debt 6, Delay until the Next Board Meeting, Terrain Surveyed


Plans laid down

"Geography is destiny," quips the Board Secretary. Geography is a slippery thing in the Neath, but undoubtedly your choice of location will have a great impact on the future success of the town.

Conclusion: Take the vote and declare Victory in the matter of locating the TLU city (Ealing)

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