Pointedly indicate that you're not providing the payment

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From: The Efficient Commissioner's Ambition

Perhaps the sum will not be as vast as she once feared, but the Creditor will still want a substantial payment. She is mistaken if she wants the GHR to pay it.

Game Instructions: This will advance the story. Do this only when you have asked all the other questions you wish.

Unlocked with The Efficient Commissioner's Tale exactly 20, Seed of the Cedar, The Seal of the Bazaar



You lay out your view. You are not alone in it. […]

[…] there is a rapping on the door: two beats, then three, then two.

[…] "That will be Jervaise now," she says. "I told you to expect the signal knock."


"Open the door," says the Commissioner.

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Is HAL on the board?Second paragraph
NoSeveral other members of the board jump in as well, echoing this sentiment with even more emphasis. This is not a GHR matter: the Bazaar should be responsible.
Yes[…] [he] suggests this business must be left to the Bazaar and that it would even be insulting to all involved if the debt were assumed by a third party. […] His Amused Lordship is very often asked to give away his fortune, and has the knack of refusing.

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