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From: The Light-In-Exile

Will it... speak?

Locked with Discovered: the Lowest Floors of the Magistracy (hidden)


Alone, no longer

[…]The Light-in-Exile makes friends of outcasts[…]it rejects Constables, and sends them back up to their fraternity above.

You, it's not so sure about[…]It does not reject you, fully. But neither does it accept you.[…]

You wash out on the banks of the Evenlode[…]

Description summary:
You found the Light-In-Exile, a peligic being that receives outcasts - many of which are around it and basking in its light. Incidentally, many of these creatures have growths that emit light, or have somehow fused with light sources. It does not like the Constabulary. It is implied that it has been sending recruits from the Rite back up above the water. You, though, it is puzzled about. You did not have long to consider why, for you blacked out and woke up later at the riverbank.

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